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Add sufficient palm sugar. Let them cold. There is a reduction in the level of blood glucose, cholesterol, and the triglyceride levels by using bay leaves … Those potion can be used for whitening our teeth. 18 Benefits of Bay Leaves for Our Health: Bay leaves id proven effective to heal diabetes type 2 to level down blood glucose, cholesterol and trigliserida. Applying extracted bay leaves oil will reduce insects bites and stings. 4. More specifically, bay leaves inhibit the growth of both Staphylococcus aureus (the bacteria behind Staph infections) and E. Coli. Its flavor profile is bold but nuanced in a way that is difficult to replicate with any other herb or combination of herbs. Bay leaves also share benefits for our beauty of our hair and skin. Health Benefits & Uses of Bay Leaves Nutrient Packed: Bay leaves offer us a healthy dose of vitamins A, C, magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium, and iron. Medically, bay leaf benefits are abundant. Bay leaves also contain phytonutrient that is called parthenolide and is proven effective to keep the excessive development of cervical cancer cells. Flavanoid helps to normalize blood in hypertension patients. This contributes to the reduction of heart disease risk. Bay leaves contain flavonoids such as salicylates, phytonutrients, and caffeic acid and their benefits are tremendous for heart health. For eradicating lice, boil 50 gr of bay leaves with 400 ml water until 100 ml of water. Besides, when we use bay leaves for medication, we have to make sure them based on the procedure to avoid side effects. Dried, crushed bay leaves can be found in the spice and seasoning sections of most grocery stores. Kidney infection and kidney stone can be resolved by boiling 5 gr of bay leaves in 200 ml – 50 ml of water. This is because our digestive system perform slowly. Boil 5 dried bay leaves with 2 cups of water and let it boil for 2 minutes. Blended fresh bay leaves can also be used in food, though that method is less common. Cope with Diabetes. To overcome the problem, we can mix bay leaves with extracted grass jelly leaves. The benefits of bay leaves are also good for heart health. Wreaths made with bay leaves were used to adorn the head of athletes and leaders in ancient Greek and Rome. Health Benefits. The bay leaf tea, which is filled with antioxidants, also supports skin health. Drink it at once until the diarrhoea is gone. You will find bay leaves are packed with antioxidants to help fight off infections. Cholesterol is good for our body. Bay leaves also reduced bad cholesterol levels and increased levels of HDL (the good cholesterol) in patients with type 2 diabetes (2). While you can gain benefits from eating bay leaves, one of the best options is to use them through aromatherapy. Strain and wait until it is cold. Furthermore, bay leaves can help lower LDL cholesterol levels. We simply apply bay leaves boiled water to our irritated eyes routinely until they get better. Leaves from any other plant cannot be said to have the same health benefits, and some can be toxic. The following are the varieties of bay leaves used to flavor food and the scientific names of the trees they come from: This article focuses only on the more commonly used bay laurel leaf from the Laurus nobilis. Bay leaves are commonly used as one of cooking ingredients. Bay leaves are a rich source of caffeic acid, which helps strengthen the heart’s capillary walls. Y… The most prevalent are: Most commonly, people cook with bay leaves by placing full, dried leaves inside a dish before cooking so that the food absorbs their flavor. The substance in bay leaves are found to give bad effect to asthma patients. Generally, the term "bay leaf" refers to the laurel leaf, a small leaf from the sweet bay tree. The Health Benefits of Bay Leaf Health Benefits. Home » Herbal » Leaves » 18 Benefits of Bay Leaves (No.9 Best for Health).

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