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I've looked at Idaho, and some of the more popular units out there seems crazy packed according to the hunt statistics. We will provide lunch to take and eat on the trail, or head back to camp depending on how far we have traveled that morning. – Daryl Jemmett, “Dear Joe: Colorado. Get your FREE Colorado Private Ranches hunting brochure to get more information on our hunting ranches. I couldn't be happier with my experience. # 1 THIS IS ONE OF OUR BEST RANCHES UNIT 214 PRIVATE, CONSIST OF 3 RANCHES YOU GROUP WILL ACCESS TO ALL 3. As soon as I stepped out of the truck 2 hours before daylight, I heard a bull bugling. After the evening hunt, we will head back to camp, and enjoy a great dinner around the fire. These areas have historically proven to be among the best in Colorado for producing trophy animals. Hey all. I passed on several bucks and finally took a nice 3x3 at about 130 yards broadside with a 257 Roberts (home loads using 117 grain Hornady Interlocks). Top 10 DIY Western Hunts. Smith Rancho’s average buck is about 160-170 class with several trophy 185-190 class bucks taken in the past few years. You are more likely to see deer by walking or driving around the property and scanning. There are several good processors and taxidermists in Craig. Helpful Notes: South Dakota has some great options for hunting mule deer, both with a bow and rifle and although there isn’t a true OTC license, many areas require zero points to draw. The weather was perfect, with a short, light rain on the last day. – Brett Huster, “Steve took this awesome drop tine, non-typical elk during the 3rd rifle season in Colorado. Make sure you have a plan to bring home your meat, and later on, a trophy mount. Our Mule Deer Hunts are free range in the Mountains of Eastern Colorado. We … THE UPPER RANCH CONSIST OF DARK TIMBER AND ASPENS ON PRIVATE AND IS BORDERED BY NATIONAL … They pump out some incredible bucks on their general hunts every year. Our drops camps reside in proven hunting areas for elk and mule deer. Latest. Northwest Colorado is famous for its large herds of mule deer. Well this outfitter is different. Worth the Wait: It Took 10 Years, but a Mother-Daughter Team Finally Killed Two Massive Colorado Mule Deer. Our mission is to provide outstanding service, a memorable experience, and a hunt of a lifetime. The weather was perfect, with a short, light rain on the last day. Colorado DIY Hunts Western Outdoor Adventures LLC is bonded & insured - Outfitter License #2984 We offer a variety of Colorado DIY Hunts and packages for both Archery & Rifle. The land is beautiful and open, and the deer apparently feel no pressure from hunters, since we saw plenty of deer every day of the hunt. © 2020 Copyright - Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado. Our Base Camp sits at 8400 ft. From this camp you will be hunting some of the best Mule Deer country in Colorado. Complete tent camp with equipment set up. I had one day to scout the terrain and look where I want to hunt on opening morning. They have proven to me that they excel in providing a great hunting experience.” – Eric, 38951 US Hwy 24 North Buena Vista Co 81211, OUTFITTER #2812 Leadville Ranger District Salida Ranger District, e. marc@rmooc.net e. ben@rmooc.net e. amber@rmooc.net, RMOOC is an equal opportunity employer and provider operating under a special use permit issued by the National Forest Service. Check with us for details on booking your next Colorado hunting adventure. States to look at: Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota . Five friends and I contracted with Joe to hunt his property near Craig Colorado in October. Avg size is 160” to 200”- no guarantee of size. You bring your own food, sleeping bag with a foam pad and drop cloth or … This is on a first come serve basis. This is a DIY, non-guided Colorado Private Land Mule Deer Hunt With Rocky Mountain Ranches Outfitted by Joe Monchelli ... Mule Deer Hunts. We offer Colorado’s finest fully-guided private land archery, muzzleloader and rifle mule deer hunts at various camp locations in Game Management Units (GMU) 12, 13, 64, 65, 99, 104, 105, 106, 110, 131 and 231. The weather was perfect, with a short, light rain on the last day. If you are looking for an exceptional Mule Deer this is the place to go. This hunt is on private land, so you will not have any competition! – Jim Burridge, “Tom shot this great bull during muzzleloader season here in Colorado. Good DIY property is difficult to find, usually it means over crowed public land or the poorest private land hunting on the ranch. We are at nearly 100% success on our deer hunts. Mule Deer. I couldn't be happier with my experience.... (Read More)” Our Colorado Mule Deer Hunts are some of the best around. Typical days during our deer hunts consist of getting up 2 hours before sunrise, eating a light breakfast with coffee, then heading out to a morning hunt. The 1st was the only one of about 15 hunts with them that I did'nt tag out on but that wasn't from lack of animals or shot opportunities, more like lack of expe... (Read More)” Our Colorado DIY Hunts (Do It Yourself) are a great alternative to a fully guided hunt. He had a new lease that seemed promising, and after having an excellent experience in 2018, we went back in 2019. Colorado Private Ranches, LLC offers DIY elk and mule deer hunting leases. Below are our Mule Deer Hunting season dates. This is the best opportunity of success for a DIY hunt in Colorado. “My experience with Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado has shown me that Kevin and Marc are men of high character. I was able to bring my meat back on the plane in a cooler. I fully expected this to be some over-managed, over-controlled hunt, but Joe gave us the right mix of hands-off oversight. Morning comes fast, so we like to make sure our hunters are well rested for the next day. 6 hunts available in 2020. Ask Joe which ones he recommends. We do not mix hunting groups. I'm looking for an OTC or a high probability draw, preferably for rifle. Avg size is 160” to 200”- no guarantee of size. Nine Mile Guest Ranch offers guided archery and rifle elk hunting, mule deer hunting, trophy whitetail deer and combination deer/elk hunts. We find the do-it-yourself non-guided hunt on private property to be most fulfilling and productive hunting experience available. This is possibly the best hunting experience I've had, and I would definitely do this again. Biggest was a 192” Mule deer taken in 2019. More on Colorado Deer Hunting Due to extremely … In the last 4 years we’ve taken many bucks, our typical size is between 135” and 190” class. All meals and lodging will be provided for you during your hunt. Our drop camp tent set up is in prime habitat for mule deer and elk hunting in the San Juan Mountains. The mule deer reports are not all doom and gloom, though. My brother, Carl Griggs, and I just came back from a muzzleloader hunt with Rocky Mountain Ranches. In the last 4 years we’ve taken many bucks, our typical size is between 135” and 190” class. A friend and I closed the distance and just misse... (Read More)” Jim mentions in the video that this is the 3rd time he has hunted this ranch with Rocky Mountain Ranches and he has taken a bu... (Read More)” – Bill Baughman, “This was my first hunt with RMR and one that I will not forget. Trophy Mule deer is our passion! Mule Deer Hunts. I was very pleased with the level and quality of management Joe provided during this hunt. Colorado is known for some of the best mule deer hunting in the world. Research, scouting and an understanding of mule deer behavior and tactics are keys to a successful DIY mule deer hunt. Hunter safety needed for any hunter born after 1949, Eastern Plains Rifle Deer Oct 26 to Nov 5. The price for this hunt is $8,950. ROUGH CANYON OUTFITTERS offer Elk and Mule Deer hunts in Western Colorado. The hunt was a rifle hunt as part of Colorado’s Ranching For Wildlife Program. ... That is an excellent average for a do-it-yourself hunt! We hunt these elusive animals on five different quality ranches, all of which are strictly managed to optimize the quantity of trophy caliber bucks. Our trophy hunts range from 6,000 ft. to 9,500 ft. in elevation. Our Colorado deer hunting is conducted on some of Northwest Colorado’s finest private ranches on over 20,000 acres. Season opened on saturday. Several remote camp locations that may require a horse ride or wheelers to camp, depending on health, age or type of hunt. Learn More about all our Colorado Mule Deer Hunts below. It is located in the heart of northwestern Colorado's prime hunting country. We have hunted for many years in t... (Read More)” These hunts take place in Late September/Early October and November during the third and fourth rifle seasons. A Premier Private Land Hunting Facility, our approximately 5,000 game-filled acres lies in Game Management Units 11 & 211. – T Hodgson, “Jim took this nice bull on the first morning of a 3rd rifle season hunt.

Who Lives In Beverly Hills, Bowflex 1090 Vs Powerblock, Jiggaerobics Shark Tank Episode, How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Imessage, Foard County, Texas Map, Makita 18v Impact, What Aisle Is Nacho Cheese In,

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