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Transfer Credit Services (TCS) is a division of the Office of the Registrar at University of Maryland. This information is always current. Please see the admissions website for guidelines. Select the course(s) that you would like equivalency information for. Take a slice out of your monthly data allowance and help them stay in touch. Undergraduate Transfer Credit Equivalent Database. Credit Transfer Service This Credit Transfer Service will help you see how your courses from another college or university will transfer into an Indiana University campus. Transfer Credit Database To identify how evaluated coursework transfers to WVU, please reference the transfer credit database (downloading and installing the launcher is required). At the end of each row is a Row button to clear all choices within the row. This process allows you to view equivalencies here at the University of Maryland for Institutions across the globe. The Transfer Equivalency Data Base reflects courses evaluated previously for transfer credit. If you make a change to an early field, you will have to re-enter the data in the subsequent fields. Transfer Credit Policies: Only those transfer credit courses that carry a grade of "C" or better can be accepted. The “Transfer Credit Practices” report published by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers will be the reference used for the evaluation of such credits. Search the Transfer Equivalencies Database. The eligibility of your transfer credits will depend on the subject matter of each course and the accreditation of the college that awarded the credit. For a quick tutorial on how to read the database, click here. If you are having difficulties opening the database, you may access the established equivalencies in the following Excel spreadsheet. Transferring Course Credit (course equivalency database, guides, and articulations) Transferring Other Credit (e.g., AP, IB, CLEP and Military) Frequently Asked Questions It is in no way an official determination nor a guarantee of successful credit transfer. Accordingly, the information provided in the Office of Admissions' Credit Transfer Service is subject to change. UConn Early College Experience has constructed the largest transfer credit database in the country which details transfer credit policies of about 950 major universities. Current University of Illinois undergraduate students should contact their college office for information on transfer credit restrictions prior to enrolling in courses at other institutions.. Students may use Transferology to view what coursework will transfer to the university. While it is not an official credit evaluation, this resource can serve in determining the transferability of courses from an accredited college or university. Meet with a Walsh advisor at a Transfer Day or attend an admission event virtually or in person to learn more about transfer credits and explore online, hybrid, and in person options. Please contact the Office of Transfer Admission at 603.645.9687 with specific transfer credit questions or to verify your personal transfer credit situation - our team of dedicated counselors is always able to help! Credit Transfer Database The UConn ECE Credit Transfer Database is designed to be a resource to identify potential credit transfer. Important: Effective Spring 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters - Transfer equivalency policy - Students wanting to transfer a course from another institution into MSU that did not offer S/NS grading or its equivalence during the Spring 2020, Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 terms may be allowed to transfer that course if they received a 1.0 or higher as a satisfactory (S) grade. Transfer Equivalency Database (TED) The Transfer Equivalency Database, or TED, is designed to assist students and staff in determining UWM transfer course equivalencies. Some credits (especially upper division and out-of-state credit) may be transferred as general elective credit or elective credit within a subject area. Transfer Course Database Welcome to the Transfer Course Database. Transfer Credit Transfer Course Equivalency Database Linfield University will transfer courses as indicated below unless a transfer credit policy would be violated (refer to transfer credit pages or the Linfield University Course Catalog for more information). New Transfer Students: Applicants with 12 or more college or university credit hours post high school graduation are defined as transfer students. Transfer of Credit. These listings are not comprehensive and may be subject to change without notice. Classes must have a Northeastern course or elective equivalent in order to be eligible for credit toward graduation requirements. You may type the school name or scroll to find the school. There are four ways to search the database, find detailed instructions below. It is designed to be used as an unofficial guide to potential credit award. ⧁ Read More Purdue Transfer Credit Course Equivalency Guide Important Information . Course Equivalency Database. Welcome to the UC Transfer Equivalency Database. When reviewing our guide, you will find a great deal of information, including data on the Virginia State Policy on Transfer and current articulation agreement, course equivalencies, and general information about being a student at Virginia Tech. Your award of credit can be viewed on your Unofficial Transcript or the Transfer Credit Report available from myGriffith.. Use the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) it to see how the courses at the institution you are transferring from will transfer to the University of North Dakota. Check out our How to Transfer Credit guide for more information about the credit evaluation process. Students must still complete the transfer credit evaluation process and provide syllabi for those classes not listed in Northeastern’s transfer credit database. Transfer Course Database. Transfer Credit Petition . Your previously earned credit will be officially reviewed only after you are admitted to the university and you submit a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) request. Select the name of the institution that you would like to transfer credits from. Credit Transfer Database This database only holds the course equivalence information of successful credit transfer applications in the past. The results are unofficial. This database contains courses that have been assessed through the university's transfer credit review process. Want to know how your previous college coursework will transfer to BU? The transfer credit equivalency database is to act as a guide only. Advanced standing credit posted on transcripts from institutions in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education will transfer to the University subject to the same conditions as resident credit from these campuses. Students who previously earned course credit from a non-regionally accredited institution may petition for recognition of that credit. Course Transfer System The Course Transfer System is a valuable resource for transfer students! The NH Transfer Credit Database allows students to plan and assess how the courses they've taken or plan to take will transfer from the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) institutions to any of the NH Transfer partner institutions. Transfer Credit and Prior Learning Articulation Agreements Transferring to Norwich Limits on Transfer Credits After You've Been Accepted Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Guide Studying Abroad Studying at Other U.S. Walsh is excited to share our transfer equivalency database for business and information technology courses. Departments may accept equivalent course work at other institutions for grade only to satisfy departmental requirements, but no credit will be awarded. The database is intended to be a helpful starting point to give you a general idea of the credits that may transfer to SNHU. The Transfer Credit Database is an interactive application that allows students to view how courses at other institutions have transferred into the University of New Hampshire. Data Balance Transfer International Credit Transfer Local Credit Transfer Request for Credit. As the course content may differs throughout the years, there is no guarantee that the courses will be transferred as listed at … Students may choose to complete an Undergraduate Transfer Credit Petition, once they have reviewed their Transfer Credit Summary on their myUH account. << Back to top _____ Limitations of Database: We include the articulations of over 30,000 courses from more than 300 schools. If credit is received for a UNH course, and an equivalent course is taken at another institution, no transfer credit will be allowed. Transferology is a tool that allows students to plan ahead and see what courses will transfer before applying! Transfer Credit Database Mason Admissions Transfer Credit Matrix. Students have up to one semester after matriculation to reconcile transfer credit. Transcripts and Transfer Credit. Click into a topic for transfer credit information specific to UWM. All students wishing to transfer credit must have an official credit transfer evaluation performed by the receiving post-secondar… Data Balance Transfer. No failed business requirements taken at Paul College may be repeated from another school. We have structured this transfer guide to be as easy to use as possible. If your college is accredited by one of the regional agencies recognized by the American Council on Education, then your credits probably will be eligible for transfer. Search our extensive database with thousands of undergraduate courses from around the country. You may select multiple courses. The link below will take you directly to the Mason Admission's Transfer Credit matrix site. Once your application has been processed you will be notified via your Griffith student email address. The goal of TCS is to provide accurate and timely information about undergraduate transfer policies and procedures to transfer advisors and students. Through Transferology you can: All transfer coursework is subject to review and equivalency … Individual assessments will be completed if you have accepted your offer of admission. Course evaluation reports are provided once an application for admissions is completed and all required official transcripts for … This tool is intended to provide a preview of how courses from other institutions may transfer to UC. Colleges and Universities FAQs Credit Through Examination (AP/CLEP/DSST) All Pages Credit awarded. Home › Transfer Students › Transfer Credit › Transfer Course Database. Quick and easy data sharing service which allows you to send data to anyone with an Etisalat number whether prepaid or postpaid. This database contains courses that have been evaluated to offer transfer equivalency at the University, including all courses from the Virginia Community College System. Data & Credit Transfer. Below is a quick guide for using the tool. This database houses thousands of transfer credit equivalencies from accredited universities. The Owl Transfer Credit Database lists courses from other institutions and the KSU equivalents. Transfer is a dynamic process so be sure to read the disclaimer below and the FAQ’s before you start.

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