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Cooperative Extension prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy), disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and veteran status. N.C. And the tropical duranta plant (Duranta erecta) delivers scores of pale blue, white, or violet blossom clusters for the entire growing season.The duranta has attractive evergreen foliage, and some varieties have gold or variegated (different colored) leaves. Plant in clusters of 3 or more! The foliage turns lovely shades of orange, red and yellow in the fall. The yellow color of the foliage provides a beautiful contrast against a green lawn. Tolerates light shade. Join our mailing list today and GET $5 towards your first purchase of $50 or more. Water them a couple of times and they came to life. Our selection includes tropical plants like Areca Palms that grow fast and thrive in average soil with any type of lighting. Plants can be aggressive self-seeders, and have escaped gardens and naturalized in many areas of the eastern U.S. Plants will also spread in the garden by suckering. Fast-growing evergreen shrub to 2-3’ tall x 3-4’ wide. Spireas are some of the most popular of all deciduous landscape shrubs, and no variety is more useful or prized than 'Goldflame' (Spiraea japonica 'Goldflame'). We carry an extensive assortment of plants and shrubs that make ideal hedges. Noted for its brilliant foliage, Spiraea japonica 'Gold Mound' (Japanese Spirea) is a compact, spreading deciduous shrub with golden yellow ovate leaves in spring, fading to greenish-yellow as the summer progresses. May 20, 2014 - Cuban Gold Duranta: Bright yellow-green color, this evergreen shrub is a moderate grower. This tough shrub is adaptable to adverse conditions and tolerates poor, lean soils. It … 3 Gal. Plant in large containers on a patio or use in a cottage or rock style garden. Had the princess in a row down by the pier. There are between 17 and 36 different species of Duranta worldwide. Larger clusters will bring out a bigger bang of color. ... as a foundation planting or low hedge. Extremely cold hardy and heat tolerant. Goldmound spirea flowering shrub is ideal as a hedge accent or for mass planting, and makes a beautiful contrast to dark-green shrubs. The shrub's brilliant golden color makes it one of the most valued colorful foliage plants. Plant in the landscape or in containers, watering at first, but then relying on natural rainfall after that. How to Cure Brown Leaf Disease in Shrubs. Its golden color stays all year long but tends to turn greener with less sun exposure. *some images are of mature trees and shrubs. Use them around small ornamental trees and plant red and purple annuals in between or in front of these shrubs for pops of color. Its main attraction is its bright yellow foliage, although it does produce small lavender flowers as well. Snowy white blossoms Plant any time ... Meyer Lemon Tree Compact in habit, this shrub boasts showy small pink flowers that appear in late spring and attract butterflies. Soak the duranta seeds in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes. Propagate by dividing the root ball in the spring or fall or by soft wood cuttings in the summer. Hori Hori Knife and Pruning Shears Gardening Tool Set. There are other varieties that are of interest there, namely Goldflame spirea and Crimson Pygmy barberry. Grower Pot: 3 Gal. to 41 in. Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Very easy to grow! These spirea will also look fantastic planted in a group in front of dark holly trees or in front of privacy trees. So nice to work with an online nursery that really cares about customer support and gives you a great product too. At maturity, this Spirea will reach a height of around 75 cm. Very nice! Tiny pink flowers are produced in the form of clusters in the late spring, which attract special visitors such as butterflies. They were a lot fuller than I expected. Billowy, Pink Clouds Blur Your Landscape into an Impressionist Painting! The best way to deadhead this shrub is by shearing. Gold Mound spirea is a deciduous shrub that is prized for its bright golden leaves in spring, which turn a brilliant yellow in autumn. Deadhead the flowers of the Goldmound Spirea after flowers have produced and become spent. The Goldmound Spirea, Spiraea japonica 'Goldmound', is a colorful plant that provides an exceptional accent or contrast in your foundation planting or shrub border. Gold Mound Lantana is a fast-grower and a heavy bloomer, featuring dark green foliage and an abundance of small clusters of vibrant golden flowers that create a showy spectacle in any landscape. Yellow to golden leaves cover this plant in the spring, then becoming more of a green yellow shade during the growing season. Double Play Gold Spirea (1 Gallon) Via Amazon.com #2. iGarden 3-PC Combo Garden Tool Set (Lopper, Hedge Shears and Pruner Shears) Via Amazon.com #3. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Leaves are gold in early spring when they first leaf out and mature to green-gold. It does bloom tiny lavender flowers, but they are nearly invisible. This spirea row is along the side of our new home. The “Gold Mound” variety is a reliable, hardy, deciduous shrub with a compact mound of spreading golden-yellow foliage. Plant in the full sun, in moist well-drained soils. form a strategic partnership called N.C. I will keep you posted on the progress. Monrovia's Gold Edge Skyflower details and information. They maintain a rounded shape that gives off the impression of being professionally shaped but can be trimmed into any shape. The Gold Mound Spirea is large enough to be used as a main plant in a border, but small enough so that is does not obscure landscape views. Gold mound duranta (Duranta erecta "Gold Mound") grows 2 to 4 feet tall and wide. 'Gold Edge' has rich green leaves with a bright gold edge. Zones 9-11. Credit: Robert Cardillo 'Sapphire Showers' duranta Duranta erecta 'Sapphire Showers' is an extremely floriferous selection. Excellent backgrounder for perennial borders. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! It seems gardeners can't ever get enough blue flowers in the landscape. goldiana is grown for its golden appearance. First Hydrangea to bloom on both ... Introduction A Hydrangea VINE!!!! Plant it along the foundation for a small hedge look. Fast, easy, good price, would order again. 2 weeks we purchased 3 Gold Mound Duranta and planted in our island. Thank you so much! In early spring, flower buds with hints of red open into clusters of pure white flowers. This is an easy-care plant that has a good tolerance for clay soils, urban pollutio… A great choice for a small hedge or border plant. In addition to dead heading, shearing will also help to maintain the shape and compact nature of the plant. Never Bareroot... All plants come rooted into a container with soil. The lime green leaves look lovely next to the … Flowers appear on new wood. Hello, the plants came on time and in good condition. A flowering shrub like other members of the spirea group, 'Goldflame' is particularly beloved for its yellow-gold foliage that offers contrast to the predominant greens found in most landscape shrubs. It beautifully complements other landscape colors (including green). The Goldmound Spirea responds well to rejuvenation and is recommended to do so in late winter to very early spring. Gold Mound Duranta Flowering Shrub with Tiny Lavender Flowers: 38 in. Use as a high winter color foundation plant at building walls or along fence lines. The Gold Mound Spirea can be characterized by its lovely golden foliage that is prominent in the spring. Fall bring intresting shades of yellow, orange and/or red. Spiraea japonica 'Gold Mound' NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Its chartreuse leaves make an excellent contrast to other landscape plants and it can be used as a specimen, planted in small groups in a shrub border, along a foundation or as a low hedge. Electric yellow leaves make this Florida hedge a guaranteed attention-grabber. Your plant may suffer from a fungal or bacterial pathogen. Premature brown leaves are an indication of a problem with your shrub. It is fit plant for hedge and edge making. Learn more about Duranta propagation and care in … Design Ideas This beautiful evergreen is an extremely useful cold hardy shrub for dozens of applications. Came in excellent condition. Very attention grabbing. Great to use for Borders or planted in clusters for more color. This gold-leafed version of birchleaf spirea provides a longer season of interest, with sunny yellow spring foliage that matures to chartreuse in summer and turns warm shades of red, orange, and purple in fall. Flowers on new wood, so prune in late winter to early spring if needed. Super sweet lemons that the whole family will love ‘Sheen’s Gold’ is the only golden yellow hedge I know of other than Euonymous ‘Old Gold,’ a standby in the nursery trade not only useful as a low hedge but as an evergreen perennial accent whose bright and sunny visage is on display 365 days a year. Tiny pink late spring flowers appear on 3" wide corymbs. Insects, Diseases, and Other Plant Problems: No serious insect or disease problems. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. Other shrubs may give you better flowers or more striking fall foliage, but this one excels in spring foliage. Viburnum x burkwoodii. VIDEO Created by Elizabeth Meyer for "Trees, Shrubs and Conifers" a plant identification course offered in partnership with Longwood Gardens. Attractive Multi Seasonal Shrub that adds color to your yard. Gold Mound is a popular plant that is usually kept small and trimmed into a mini hedge. Tweet this Page Share on Facebook. Use gold coloring to add zest to shrub beds and mixed island plantings in lawns. Thanks! We sell gold mound in any quantity at our retail nursery in Apollo Beach. Spiraea japonica 'Gold Mound' Plants that fill a similar niche: Spiraea japonica 'Gold Mound' Buddleja x weyeriana. These shrubs look great planted along a walkway border or around a patio. Deadhead spent blooms to encourage rebloom. Grow your Meyer Lemon Tree indoor... Introduction Hardy, Disease Resistant, Re-Blooming Hydrangea Choose your color by modifying the pH of your soil! Your input is very much appreciated. The plants came in very good condition and were much larger than I expected them to be! Cold hardy Sweet intoxicating scent! In the USA, Gold Mound Spirea does well in zones 4-8, it is the most commonly grown shrub in America. The Goldmound Spirea is grown for the foliage over the flowers and is actually one of the most common deciduous small mounding shrubs grown in smaller scale landscaping projects. Pink Muhly Grass Read our Commitment to Diversity | Read our Privacy Statement. Remove faded flower clusters as practicable (light shearing is an option) to encourage additional bloom. Qty 1 Gallon Pot in stock This will promote re-blooming as the season progresses. This plant is resistant to damage by deer. The Best Meyer Lemon Tree The purple-blue or gold flowers that adorn the duranta attract hummingbirds and bees, while the fruit provides food for birds. Full sun (6 or more hours of direct sunlight a day), Partial Shade (Direct sunlight only part of the day, 2-6 hours), 3a, 3b, 4b, 4a, 5b, 5a, 6b, 6a, 7a, 7b, 8b, 8a. We recommend planting them about a 4.5 to 5.5 feet apart to allow for separation when fully matured. Compact shrub produces prized, vibrant golden foliage accented with clusters of pink flowers in the spring, yellow-green foliage … We have shrubs that will add color to your lawn, like Gold Mounds, or bloom with flowers, like Indian Hawthorns. This unique mounding form of Lantana features heat-tolerant, dark-green foliage highlighted with abundant clusters showy, golden-colored flowers that appear throughout summer attracting butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. For more options, be sure to browse our Candy Corn Spirea, Little Princess Spirea and Spirea collection. Prune in the late winter to early spring as flowers appear on new wood. Extremely satisfied with the plants and the transit time. Great size!! T Eugenia Topiary Standard Shrub Live Outdoor Euginia Myrtifolia Shipped in 9.25 in. Light blue flowers appear in summer followed by orange berries. Goldmound Spirea is a cultivar deciduous shrub in the rose family with characteristically golden colored leaves. The colorful bloom attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, so get your cameras out and enjoy the scene. A central Florida foundation makes a perfect backdrop for the constant changing colors of the foliage. In late spring, flat sprays of small pink flowers are on display. Lovely to look at, easy to grow - gold mound offers amazing color as a delightfully bright accent in any South Florida garden. It will tolerate very light shade and a wide range of soils but prefers organically rich loams. Promo code in email. The Gold Mound Spirea plant grows better and healthier to a height of 3-4 feet. NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to An excellent choice for a colorful hedge, this evergreen shrub displays dense, bold green and gold variegated foliage on an upright growth habit. If you really want to make a splash with your hedge plants, you can plant gold mound as a border shrub or foundation plant, but lots of people like to use it as an accent plant since the color is … It is a hybrid cross between S. japonica ‘Alpina’ and S. japonica ‘Goldflame’. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. We are in zone 10 and the location gets full sun 90% of the day, we noticed that the leaves are falling off and are all most completely gone on all 3 plants. Duranta erecta 'Gold Edge' is a variety grown primarily for its foliage. I had a major landscaping job coming up and was worried about the plants reaching me in time. Provides color contrast against privacy trees and darker colored shrubs and trees. Our family owned nursery takes great pride in the quality of each plant. Pruning is optional if suckers start to form on the plant or you wish to maintain a tight and compact structure for spireas planted in small spaces. We watered 3-4 times a day with hose and have a sprinkler system as well. Duranta plumieri var. Via Amazon.com. Versatile and easy to care for, it requires minimal attention once established, but takes well to regular pruning. Great packaging too! Tolerates a wide range of soils. In summertime, flat small pink flower panicles appear, contrasting beautifully with the simple golden leaves. Prefers rich, moist loams. I will definitely order from The Planting Tree again. This sweet little glowing shrub maintains a small and compact structure reaching a height of 3 feet and width of 4 feet. Accents areas of your landscape that need a little "some... Introduction Blooms After a Harsh Winter AND Holds Blooms After a Frost! Duranta, known by its various names such as Duranta Gold Mound or Cuban Gold Mound derivatives are gold mound, Cuban gold, and Duranta however its scientific name is (Duranta erecta). Joe C. Beautiful and healthy! Gold Mound. Order online, and we will ship right to your door. This sweet little glowing shrub maintains a small and compact structure reaching a height of 3 feet and width of 4 feet. The Gold Mound Spirea can be characterized by its lovely golden foliage that is prominent in the spring. Grows best in full to partial sun- in more shade it will turn more green than gold. in Flowers by Hoang Quang | June 13, 2017 Related Posts. Daruma Compact Ruby Loropetalum Shrub with Pink Flowers: Price $ The American tropics are home to over thirty different species of evergreen Duranta plants. They are excellent hedge plants, growing into a lovely shape without pruning and shaping. Since the plant is only 2 to 3 foot high, it does not limit the line of vision. Fall brings out beautiful orange foliage.

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