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We covered more mileage than listed in each section, sometimes several miles more, most likely due to rerouting! Highway 191 to Leidy Peak TH: The first ~20 miles is in lower elevation terrain. I consider myself an above average rider comfortable with every discipline but I walked this section. My friends and I are in moderate shape and this trail ended up kicking our butts. Highline trail is no exception. Lots of running water which was nice (not enough to swim in enough to water horses or fill up a camelback). When I hiked (early November), water was plentiful and people were rare (both plusses for me). First time for me, AllTrails is significantly off in mileage and in the southwest, that can be deadly, real fast. Rugged and challenging trail with stunning views and many shallow water crossings. me and a couple of friends ran this and some more. Zane Grey and Babe Haught used the Highline Trail while hunting. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. DIFFICULT 12.7 mi. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. I have done most of the hikes around Sedona but this one i overlooked for some reason. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. The majority of the trail is maybe single black due more to exposure than technicality, until near the end. Because of its long-distance, this trail will take the average hiker from 3-5 days. (Google maps has the trail) We saw some deer, elk, wildcat and bear tracks along the way so make sure you bring some sort of protection from harmful wildlife (pepper spray). Please come up and ride our Highline Trail. Great views, water crossings, and challenging! Several of the better horse trails are nearby Arizona Trail - Highline Horse Trail including AD Bar Trail, East Eagle Trail, Highline Trail, Woods Canyon Overlook, Reynold Trailhead and Cascade Recreation Area. Across the bridge and left around a quick S-turn the AZT departs the Highline Trail for the Colonel Devin Trail (#290), marked by a sign on a very stout post. This year we stopped at the E. Verde 7.5 miles from Bonita Creek and camped a short way up the Col. Devin trail #290 near the creek. Not many people on it. The Highline Trail, established in 1870, was used to travel between homesteads and to attend school in Pine. Altogether I believe you'll do almost 9,000 feet of elevation gain. So it is definitely longer than it says. The map on this app is off by about 7 miles. We started from Yavapai and climbed the mod we are grade for about 1 1\2 hours, about 2 1\2 miles. It's a great trail with historic significance. Start early if. This trail is rated as difficult, and relatively less traveled. Highline Trail (See Canyon to Derrick Trail) is a 5 mile popular blue singletrack trail located near Payson Arizona. Once I work up a sweat, they become quite aggressive. East from the Pine Trailhead the trail climbs two long, gentle switchbacks ending at an open area overlooking the eastern front of the Mazatzal Range. Actual mileage is consistently longer than what’s listed on the AllTrails app, most likely due to the recent rerouting by Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona (great job btw). Views are great, and initial descent from the viewpoint is one of the best around. The Highline Trail 31 skirts the Mogollon Rim from Pine to the 260 Trailhead. The Uinta Highline Trail can be hiked in either direction, but hikers of its entire 104-mile length more often hike east to west. Dude Creek has good water, but not sure about camping, E. Verde lots of water and camping a short way up Col. Devin trail #290 and at a couple forks of Chase Creek both with camp spots. 7.5 miles round trip from Yavapi Vista trailhead. Day 1 we hiked about 7.5 miles from the 260 trailhead to See Canyon. 11 Restaurants within 5 miles. VERY UNOFFICIAL SECTIONS OF THE TRAIL: In my opinion, the Uinta Highline Trail can be divided into four distinct sections. Highline National Recreation Trail is a 74.2 kilometer moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Pine, Arizona that features a river and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. If you're riding the whole loop including the decent/downhill be mindful of You also don't have to do the whole 50 mile hike because there are numerous campsites along the way where you can park a 2nd car to take you back to your 1st car. The Highline Trail, established in 1870, was used to travel between homesteads and to attend school in Pine. Creek by See Canyon trailhead that was also shady. There are many running creeks and springs-some with more water than others, AMAZING scenery of all kind from high desert, red rocks, to pine trees. But then you get to a super beat up chute type section where the line choices and consequences aren't super clear. The trail can be overgrown (it gets little foot traffic in places) and hard to follow in places (especially when the trail is flat and tall grass grows), so it can take real skill to stay found. Did 30.1 miles one day and 29.6 the next, total of 60 miles. We were pretty exhausted by the end of the trip. The trail tread is mostly packed dirt mixed with some rocks. I went clockwise and would do so again. not sure why it has been taking some of you 3 or 4 days? Designated as a National Recreation Trail in 1979, this historic trail was established in the late 1800’s to link various homesteads and ranches under the Mogollon Rim. There are really three ways to access Baldwin Loop Trail and I give all three in the Map To Trailhead section but this particular narration starts at Verde Valley Road. Just a little video to remember this by! It was 98 degrees when we finished the 4 hour hike. Hard to follow in a few places but were able to see when back on trail with app & had GPS. Did the section from 260 trailhead to See Canyon. Excellent moderate hike, depending how you do it. Baldwin and Cathedral Rock TH maps, possible starting points for the Hiline Trail, do not indicate the Hiline Trail. 90minIPA. I started at FR 284. Sounds like the full loop can be more difficult. to each their own. If you make it all the way to Baldwin Trail this is a great place to turn around and head back because its about 4 miles back to the parking area. My Experience. since the zane grey 100k was canceled. The markings are sparse and require vigilant navigation. For this guide, it will be 52-miles. Paul Paonessa, the project manager for Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona, has a name for the pre-rehabilitated condition of the Highline Trail #31: SOLPOST. Great place to get away from it all. You'll also run into some areas that were hit by forest fires and it feels really eerie. Highly suggest this hike. Herman Spring Loop via Trail. Location. With numerous all weather Trailheads, the Highline offers the Valley its most accessible public lands for outdoor recreation amid pine and juniper forests, perennial stream … I believe the Hiline is a newer trail and does not show up on the maps at all the Trailheads. I thought we might have water problems this Sept. but was very surprised at how much water there was in all the creeks. Had to hike Forestry Road 144, Derrick Trail #33, Horton Creek Trail #285 and Red Rock Spring Trail to get at certain sections. 2 sections left. It totaled 13 miles 1500 feet elevation. To do it in managable sections for day hikes we had to have 4-wheel drive or hike forest roads to get to the trail several times. Gorgeous views. fun trail. Highline National Recreation Trail Highline National Recreation Trail is a trail in Arizona and has an elevation of 6499 feet. EASY 3.4 mi. Day 3 we hiked about 12 miles to Bonita Creek. Another nice thing about the Highline Trail is that it does not get the crowds other Sedona Trails get. There, successive downhill chutes. Contact. mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Apr 2010 Posts 313. Overall, Arizona Trail - Highline Horse Trail is the 2nd most popular horse trail of all 49 horseback rides in Arizona. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Day 5 we hiked about 12.5 miles back to the Pine trailhead. I got within spitting distance of a huge bull elk and saw several more from a distance. Arizona › Highline Trail #31 ... Horton Spring Loop via Horton Creek Trail #285 and Highline Trail #31. are rideable for some but definitely sketchy and could be consequential when crashing. This was not an easy hike. Just be cautious and don't let adrenaline get the best of your decision making and risk assessment. This was probably my least desired section of the whole trip. So as you hike along, the land to the north of the trail is charred but the land to the south of the trail is untouched by fire (mostly --- it looks like the fire jumped the trail in a few places). There is some exposure along the narrow, ledgy trails during the climb up. The trail goes along the ridges of the Mogollon rim so there are a lot of steep hikes up and down those ridges. The trail starts at the Highline Trailhead in McKee Draw, just 0.5 miles west of U.S. Highway 191 on Forest Road 062. I only gave this trail 4 stars because of the one cow section, otherwise it's all a 5 star backpack.

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