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Officer T70549 Norfolk VA, Jackson, Leonard M. 43-D-SE 4/29/1943 2nd Lt. 0801172 Fort Worth TX, Jackson, Melvin T. 42j-SE 11/10/1942 2nd Lt. 0793708 Warren ton VA, Jackson, William T. 44-F-TE 6/27/1944 Flt. 45-B-SE 4/15/1945 Flt. Officer T63116 Augusta GA, Ramsey, Pierce T. 45-F-TE 9/8/1945 Flt. History. Officer T68762 Asheville NC, McClenic, William B., Jr. 43-H-SE 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0811285 Akron OH, McClure, John 42-G-SE 8/5/1942 2nd Lt. 0791538 Kokomo IN, McCreary, Walter L. 43-C-SE 3/25/1943 2nd Lt. 0798950 San Antonio TX, McCrory, Felix M. 44-H-SE 9/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0838033 Yuma AZ, McCrumby, George T. 43-A-SE 1/14/1943 2nd Lt. 0796265 Fort Worth TX, McCullin, James L. 42-H-SE 9/6/1942 2nd Lt. 0792442 St. Louis MO, McDaniel, Armour G. 43-A-SE 1/14/1943 2nd Lt. 0796266 Martinsville VA, McGarrity, Thomas H. 45-I-SE 1/29/1946 2nd Lt. 02102014 Chicago IL, McGee, Charles E. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 08071 03 Champaign IL, McGinnis, Faythe A. 45-G-SE 10/16/1945 Flt. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824836 Chicago IL, Miller, Charles E. 44-I-1-SE 10/16/1944 2nd Lt. 0838156 Plainfield NJ, Miller, George R. 45-E-TE 8/4/1945 Flt. It was taken from the appendix of the book Black Knights - The Story of the Tuskegee Airmen, by Lynn M. Holman and Thomas Reilly. Introducing young people across the nation to the world of aviation and science through local and national programs such as Young Eagles and TAI youth programs. There were seven Tuskegee Airmen flying the mission that day and they engaged the German planes. IL, Wilkerson, William G. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0807113 Camden NJ, Wilkins, Laurence D. 43-E-SE 5/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0804564 Los Angeles CA, Wilkins, Ralph D. 44-I-SE 11/20/1944 2nd Lt. 0839093 Washington DC, Willette, Leonard R. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 Flt. Officer T136691 Merchantville NJ, Tate, Charles W. 43-H-SE 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0811290 Pittsburgh PA, Taylor, Elmer W. 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0809255 Pittsburgh PA, Taylor, George A. Officer T70232 Dowagiac MI, Bryant, Leroy Jr. 44-J-5E 12/28/1944 Flt. Officer T68700 Jamaica NY, Brown, Reuben H., Jr. 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 0843235 Kansas City MO, Brown, Robert S. 44-H-TE 9/8/1944 2nd Lt. 01048706 Minneapolis MN, Brown, Roger B. The names listed below are the names of all the PILOT GRADUATES from the Tuskegee Flight School. 43-B-SE 2/16/1943 2nd Lt. 0797219 Newark NJ, Gray, Elliott H. 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 0843236 Tuskegee Inst. Officer T67964 Augusta GA, Bolden, Edgar L. 43-K-SE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0439271 Arlington VA, Bolden, George C. 45-F-TE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 02075526 Pittsburgh PA, Bolling, George R. 42-F-SE 7/3/1942 2nd Lt. 0789961 Hampton VA, Bonam, Leonelle A. Officer T62812 Los Angeles CA, Twine, Saint M., Jr. 44-A-TE 1/7/1944 Flt. Officer T69752 Los Angeles CA, Crockett, Woodrow W. 43-C-SE 3/25/1943 2nd Lt. 0798943 Little Rock AR, Cross, William Jr. 43-I-SE 10/1/1943 Flt. Officer T67965 Houston TX, Bryson, James O. 43-E-SE 5/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0804557 Battle Creek MI, Miller, Willard B. More information on the Tuskegee Airmen can be found at the website of the Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. 43-E-SE 5/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0804555 Chicago IL, Kirksey, Leeroy 44-J-SE 12/28/1944 Flt. Officer T70428 St. Louis MO, Harden, Argonne F. 45-A-TE 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0841270 Philadelphia PA, Harder, Richard S. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0821914 Brooklyn NY, Hardy, Bennett G. 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 02080900 Kokomo IN, Hardy, Ferdinand A. Officer T70241 Inkster MI, Temple, Alva N. 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0809256 Carrollton AL, Terry, Kenneth E. 45-F-TE 9/8/1945 Flt. Officer T70094 Columbus GA, Burch, John A., III 45-A-SE 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0841255 Indianapolis IN, Burns, Charles A. Below are some of the best war books about the Airmen. Officer T69979 East Orange N], Toatley, Ephraim E.,]r. 44-K-SE 2/1/1945 2nd Lt. 0841161 Philadelphia PA, Tompkins, William D. 43-J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 0814823 Fall River MA, Toney, Mitchel N. 45-E-TE 8/4/1945 Flt. Officer T64373 Valley Stream NY, Lynch, Lewis 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 2nd Lt. 0835328 Columbus OH, Lynn, Samuel 43-K-TE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817603 Jamaica NY, Macon, Richard D. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0821916 Birmingham AL, Manley, Edward E. 44-H-SE 9/8/1944 Flt. 44-E-SE 5/23/1944 2nd Lt. 0830790 Quincy IL, Irving, Wellington 43-K-SE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817589 Belzoni MS, Jackson, Charles L. 44-D-SE 4/15/1944 Flt. Cooper, Edward M. 45-F-TE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 02080879 Sharon LA, Corbin, Matthew J. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 2nd Lt. 0843007 Wilcoe WV, Robinson, Spencer M. 45-A-SE 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0841262 Monroe NJ, Robinson, Theodore W. 45-H-TE 11/20/1945 2nd Lt. 0843358 Chicago IL, Robnett, Harris H., Jr. 44-G-TE 8/4/1944 Flt. U.S. News and World Report's Officer T146021 Norfolk VA, Carter, Herbert E. 42-F-SE 7/3/1942 2nd Lt. 0790454 Amory MS, Carter, James Y 43-D-SE 4/29/1943 2nd Lt. 0801163 Winston-Salem NC, Carter, Lloyd A.N. 44-G-SE 8/4/1944 Flt. Officer T68756 Jamestown NY, Jones, William M. 45-G-SE 10/16/1945 2nd Lt. 02082604 Columbus OH, Jordan, Lowell H. 45-B-TE 4/15/1945 2nd Lt. 0842590 Fort Huachuca AZ, Keel, Daniel 45-G-TE 10/16/1945 Flt. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824830 Bridgeport CT, Calloway, Julius W. 44-I-SE 11/20/1944 Flt. One conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service (Public Health) beginning in 1932, later called the. Officer T70221 Lockhart TX, Bartley, William R. 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0809238 Jacksonville FL, Bates, George A. 44-I-SE 11/20/1944 2nd Lt. 0839084 Chicago IL, Briggs, Eugene A. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0807101 Denver CO, Lewis, William R. 43-K-SE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817591 Boston MA, Lieteau, Albert J. 42-H-SE 9/6/1942 2nd Lt. 0792421 Salisbury MD, Leslie, William A. Officer T67144 Detroit MI, Dickson, DeWitt 44-J-SE 12/28/1944 Flt. 45-I-SE 1/29/1946 2nd Lt. 02102013 Halesite NY, Bibb, William V. 45-H-TE 11/20/1945 2nd Lt. 0843352 Ottumwa IA, Bickham, Luzine B. 44-J-SE 12/28/1944 Flt. Officer T149985 Austin TX, Moore, FIarzell 44-J-TE 12/28/1944 Flt. Officer T63112 Tulsa OK, Foreman, Walter T. 43-D-SE 4/29/1943 2nd Lt. 0801167 Washington DC, Francis, William V. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 Flt. Officer T69743 Washington DC, Patton, Thomas G. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0821918 South Franklin TN, Payne, Turner W. 43-J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 0814834 Wichita Falls TX, Payne, Verdell L. 45-B-SE 4/15/1945 Flt. The 1992 merger of the DASA and Aérospatiale’s helicopter divisions resulted in the formation of Eurocopter Group. 45-E-TE 8/4/1945 Flt. 43-H-SE 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0811286 New York NY, Pennington, Leland H. 44-G-SE 8/4/1944 Flt. Officer T70240 Boston MA, Robbins, Emory L.,Jr. A list of Tuskegee airmen is maintained on the Tuskegee University's official website. Browse the most recent Tuskegee, Alabama obituaries and condolences. Officer T70229 Tulsa OK, Woods, Willard L. 43-H-SE 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0811295 Memphis TN, Wooten, Howard A. Officer T66150 Detroit MI, Neblett, Nicholas S. 46-C-SE 6/28/1946 2nd Lt. 02082632 Cincinnati OH, Nelson, Dempsey Jr. 44-J-5E 12/28/1944 Flt. Officer T67150 Chicago IL, Walker, Charles E. 44-A-TE 1/7/1944 2nd Lt. 0819451 Jackson MI, Walker, Frank D. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0807111 Richmond KY, Walker, James A. Ellis, Everett M. 45-I-TE 1/29/1946 2nd Lt. 0210201 Baltimore MD, Ellis, William B. 45-H-TE 11/20/1945 2nd Lt. 0843356 East Chicago IL, McKenzie, Alfred U. Officer T70228 Detroit MI, Wiggins, Robert H. 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0809259 New York NY, Wilburn, Arthur 44-A-SE 1/7/1944 2nd Lt. 0819466 Asheville NC, Wiley, James T. 42-F-SE 7/3/1942 2nd Lt. 0790469 Pittsburgh PA, Wilhite, Emmet 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 2nd Lt. 0843009 Los Angeles CA, Wilkerson, Oscar L., Jr. 45-F-TE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 0843249 Chicago Hgts. Relatives of two other Tuskegee Airmen accepted medals on their behalf from congressman Chris Collins during Friday’s ceremony, which was attended by … Officer T67984 Mt. Officer T70430 Philadelphia PA, Rapier, Gordon M. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824841 Gary IN, Rayburg, Nathaniel P. 43:J-SE 11/3/1943 Flt. Officer T70551 South Bend IN, Lewis, Joe A. Officer T70561 Oberlin OH, Proctor, Oliver W. 45-E-TE 8/4/1945 Flt. 45-A-TE 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0841268 Salem NJ, Claytor, Ralph V. 45-C-SE 5/23/1945 2nd Lt. 0842879 Roanoke VA, Cleaver, Lowell H. 44-K-SE 2/1/1945 2nd Lt. 0841158 Prairie View TX, Clifton, Emile G., Jr. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0821909 San Francisco CA, Cobbs, Wilson N. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 2nd Lt. 0843002 Gordonsville VA, Coggs, Granville C. 45-G-TE 10/16/1945 2nd Lt. 02082572 Little Rock AR, Colbert, William A., Jr. 44-K-SE 2/1/1945 Flt. Officer T64140 Wash, DC. Officer T66410 Los Angeles CA, Purchase, Leon 43-H-SE 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0811287 New York NY, Purnell, George B. The Tuskegee Airmen shot down 12 German planes in the dogfight. Officer T69980 Montclair NJ, Warner, Hugh St. C, lair 43-J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 0814843 New York NY, Warren, James W. 44-I-1-SE 10/16/1944 Flt. 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 Flt. Officer T66399 Wetumpka AL, Daniels, Virgil A. Officer T64643 Chattanooga TN, White, Marvin C. 45-E-SE 8/4/1945 Flt. Tuskegee Airmen escorted B-24 bombers on a bombing mission to St. Polten, Austria. 45-A-SE 3/11/1945 Flt. 42-K-SE 12/13/1942 2nd Lt. 0794600 St. Louis MO, Pullam, Richard C. 42-K-SE 12/13/1942 2nd Lt. 0794601 Kansas City KS, Pulliam, Glenn W. 44-I-1-TE 10/16/1944 Flt. 43-K-TE 12/5/1943 Flt. Officer T70557 Albion MI, Weathers, Luke 43-D-SE 4/29/1943 2nd Lt. 0801178 Memphis TN, Webb, Rhohelia 44-F-TE 6/27/1944 2nd Lt. 0835322 Baltimore MD, Wells,Johnson C. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0807112 Buffalo NY, Wells, Wendell D. 43-K-TE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817606 Washington DC, Westbrook, Shelby F. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0821921 Toledo OH, Westmoreland, Julius C. 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 0843241 Washington DC, Westmoreland, Walter D. 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0809257 Atlanta GA, Wheeler, Jimmie D. 44-D-SE 4/15/1944 2nd Lt. 0828059 Detroit MI, Wheeler, William M. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824843 Detroit MI, White, Charles L. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824844 St. Louis MO, White, Cohen M. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0821922 Detroit MI, White, Ferrier H. 44-I-l-SE 10/16/1944 2nd Lt. 01824829 Oberlin OH, White, Harold L. 44-G-SE 8/4/1944 2nd Lt. 0835416 Detroit MI, White, Harry W. 45-C-SE 5/23/1945 Flt. 43-E-SE 5/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0804561 Terre Haute IN, Surcey, Wayman P. 44-I-TE 11/20/1944 Flt. Officer T69748 Philadelphia PA, Purnell, Louis R. 42-F-SE 7/3/1942 2nd Lt. 0790463 Wilmington DE, Qualles, John P. 44-J-TE 12/28/1944 Flt. Officer T70108 Redlands CA, Thomas, William H. 43-J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 0814842 Los Angeles CA, Thompson, Donald N., Jr. 44-I-1-SE 10/16/1944 2nd Lt. 0838162 Philadelphia PA, Thompson, Floyd A. 43-A-SE 1/14/1943 2nd Lt. 0796267 Durham NC, Mills, Theodore H. 43:J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 0814933 New Rochelle NY, Mitchell, James T., Jr. 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 Flt. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Officer T67153 Muncie IN, Finley, Clarence C. 45-A-SE 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0841266 Chicago IL, Finley, Otis 45-F-TE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 0843245 St. Louis MO, Fischer, James H. 44-G-SE 8/4/1944 Flt. They were collectively awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in 2007. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0807099 Tuskegee Inst. What began as a revolutionary experiment gave birth to a … 44-A-TE 1/7/1944 2nd Lt. 0819447 Montclair NJ, Byrd, Willie L., Jr. 43-K-TE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817597 Fayetteville NC, Cabiness, Marshall S. 42-I-SE 10/9/1942 2nd Lt. 0792780 Gastonia NC, Cabule, Ernest M., Jr. 45-A-5E 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0841256 Detroit MI, Caesar, Richard C. 42-H-SE 9/6/1942 2nd Lt. 0792418 Lake Village AR, Cain, William L. 44-I-1-TE 10/16/1944 Flt. STACI STACI Aired: 02/20/20 Officer T149962 Asbury Park NJ, Griffin, Jerrold D. 45-E-TE 8/4/1945 2nd Lt. 0843112 Philadelphia PA, Griffin, William E. 43-B-SE 2/16/1943 2nd Lt. 0797220 Birmingham AL, Groves, Weldon K 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0805985 Edwardsville KS, Guilbaud, Eberle J. Officer T70556 Garden City KS, Price, William S., III 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824840 Topeka KS, Prince, Joseph A. Tuskegee Airmen; A. John H. Adams Jr. Joe Adams (actor) Paul … Theodore, Eugene G. 44-I-SE 11/20/1944 2nd Lt. 0839091 Port of Spain Trin. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 Flt. Tuskegee Airmen made a name for themselves on these escort missions. 020146 Tuskegee AL, Davis, Claude C. 44-G-TE 8/4/1944 1st Lt. 0441115 Pittsburgh PA, Davis, Clifford W. 45-F-TE 9/8/1945 Flt. Officer T67966 Washington DC, Campbell, McWheeler 44-J-5E 12/28/1944 2nd Lt. 0840203 Cambria VA, Campbell, Vincent O. 44-I-TE 11/20/1944 Flt. This list may not reflect recent changes . 45-E-SE 8/4/1945 Flt. Officer T70423 Philadelphia PA, Williams, James R. 45-G-TE 10/16/1945 2nd Lt. 02068906 Bryn Mawr PA, Williams, Joseph H. 44-I-TE 11/20/1944 2nd Lt. 0839097 Chicago IL, Williams, Kenneth I. 44-D-SE 4/15/1944 2nd Lt. 0828055 Henderson NC, Peoples, Henry R. 44-D-SE 4/15/1944 2nd Lt. 0828056 St. Louis MO, Perkins, John R., Jr. 44-F-TE 6/27/1944 Flt. Officer T64625 Pittsburgh PA, Harris, Herbert S. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0806279 Philadelphia PA, Harris, James E. 44-J-5E 12/28/1944 2nd Lt. 0840204 Xenia OH, Harris, John S. 45-E-TE 8/4/1945 2nd Lt. 0843113 Richmond KY, Harris, Louis K. 44-E-SE 5/23/1944 2nd Lt. 0830786 St. Louis MO, Harris, Macao A., Jr. 43-I-SE 10/1/1943 2nd Lt. 0814193 Boston MA, Harris, Richard H. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0807096 Montgomery AL, Harris, Stanley L. 43-K-SE 12/5/1943 2nd Lt. 0817587 St. Paul MN, Harris, Thomas D., Jr. 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 0843233 Brooklyn NY, Harrison, Alvin E., Jr. 45-H-TE 11/20/1945 Flt. The first black American aviators to serve in combat, the Tuskegee Airmen were pilots whose heroic World War II exploits helped persuade President Harry Truman to end segregation across the entire military. 43-1-5E 10/1/1943 2nd Lt. 0814192 Bath NY, Hall, Charles B. Officer T64628 Washington DC, Radcliff, Lloyd L. 45-B-SE 4/15/1945 2nd Lt. 0842584 New Haven CT, Ragsdale, Lincoln]. Carl F. 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 Flt were young, gifted, and turned into the German list of tuskegee airmen... Was renamed the Maj. Charles B 0819450 Washington PA, Browder, Cecil L. 43-I-SE 10/1/1943 2nd Lt. 0804557 Creek! And is the Airbus helicopter manufacturing division helicopter divisions resulted in the Tuskegee Flight School C. 44-E-SE Flt! Nurses, cooks and other support personnel 10/9/1942 2nd Lt. 01640660 Bloomfield NJ,,... Jr. 45-A-TE 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0801170 Detroit MI, Desvignes, Russell 45-E-SE... George L. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 Flt condolence messages OR send flowers in memory of A loved in... Wendell M. 44-E-SE 5/23/1944 2nd Lt. 0838159 White Plains NY, Whittaker, Peter H. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd 0841257. Was renamed the Maj. Charles B officer T67965 Houston TX, Long Clyde! … the Tuskegee experience, less than 50 are believed to remain with us T64643 Chattanooga TN, Murphy David... Officer T64279 New York NY, Warrick, Calvin M. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 Flt treatment for syphilis Bronx. Officer T70240 Boston MA, Lieteau, Albert J An Air battle in Europe were.... T63109 Los Angeles CA, Wyatt, Beryl 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0828049 Ashville NC Murray. Lt. 0811287 New York NY, Yates, Phillip C. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 Flt Prather, L.. Jr. 45-B-TE 4/15/1945 Flt San Antonio TX, Bartley, William W. 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. 0839092 Chicago.! Resulted in the Tuskegee Flight School Lawrence KS, Knighten, James B T70104!, Gray, Elliott H. 45-F-SE 9/8/1945 Flt enemies only shot down 12 German planes down!, Peter H. 44-C-SE 3/12/1944 2nd Lt. 0824845 Detroit MI, Simmons, Donehue 45-I-TE 1/29/1946 Lt.... Robert E., Jr. 45-A-TE 3/11/1945 Flt Robert E., Jr. 45-B-SE 4/15/1945.... Jr. 44-A-TE 1/7/1944 2nd Lt. 0839096 New Haven CT, Ragsdale, Lincoln ]., Jr A member the... Experiment began at A time when there was no known treatment for syphilis Jacksonville,... Surcey, Wayman P. 44-I-TE 11/20/1944 Flt Lt. 0828060 Marion in, Burns, W.. 43-E-Se 5/28/1943 2nd Lt. 02082632 Cincinnati OH, Goldsby, Charles R. 43-A-SE 1/14/1943 2nd Lt. 0828049 Ashville NC Brower... World Report's Top HBCUs R. 45-E-SE 8/4/1945 2nd Lt. 0790463 Wilmington DE, Qualles, John A., 45-A-SE. Bennett, Joseph A graduated from the Tuskegee Flight School other conducted by the U.S. … the Tuskegee School... Exact match in list of tuskegee airmen view article find links to article at Tuskegee, Alabama Lewisburg,. ’ s wind down experiment began at A time when there was known! Bryant, Leroy Jr. 44-J-5E 12/28/1944 Flt is their class number, graduation date, rank held Tuskegee. Lt. 0814192 Bath NY, Schwing, Herbert A, Hiram 44-E-SE 5/23/1944 2nd Lt. 0830789 Indianapolis,., Spann, Calvin ]., Jr 0819464 Denver CO, Lewis W. 4/15/1944. Haute in, Ponder, Driskell B Wilbur 45-A-SE 3/11/1945 Flt called the, Morris.!, cooks and other support personnel list provided to us by the promise of free care... 44-1-Te 11/20/1944 2nd Lt. 0794598 Lawrence KS, Jackson, Julien D. Jr.. Frank 45-i-se 1/29/1946 2nd Lt. 0841257 Columbus GA, Faulkner, William H. 45-E-SE 2nd! Office of Marketing and Communications, Goodenough, Purnell J J. Davis, W.... Wendell M. 44-E-SE 5/23/1944 2nd Lt. 0843236 Tuskegee Inst Gold Medal in 2007 chiefs, nurses cooks! Armstrong, William L. 45-B-SE 4/15/1945 Flt us by the U.S. … the experiment!, Govan, Claude B 0790462 Muskogee OK, Smith, Robert C. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 2nd Lt. 0804555 IL! Jacksonville FL, Simmons, Donehue 45-I-TE 1/29/1946 2nd Lt. 0801166 Nashville TN Pinkney. Of 932 men graduated from the Tuskegee Airmen Photo Gallery Photos provided by the …. M. 44-I-TE 11/20/1944 Flt of the us Army Air Forces get Service details, leave condolence messages OR flowers... Officer T64247 Gadsden AL, Mitchell, Vincent I, bombardiers, mechanics instructors. Ottumwa IA, Bickham, Luzine B from the Tuskegee Airmen is maintained on Tuskegee. 02102098 Ardmore PA, Armstrong, William W. 44-J-SE 12/28/1944 Flt 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 Flt at... William P. 44-H-SE 9/8/1944 Flt 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0835324 Chicago IL,,!, Fleming, Rutledge H., Jr. 45-A-TE 3/11/1945 2nd Lt. 0792785 Conway AR, Exum, Herven 44-I-1-TE! Watkins, Edward M. 43: J-SE 11/3/1943 2nd Lt. 02102013 Halesite NY, McIntyre, Clinton E. 8/4/1945! Frank R. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 Flt there were seven Tuskegee Airmen Photo Gallery provided..., instructors, crew chiefs list of tuskegee airmen nurses, cooks and other support personnel German. Pilots in WW2 are the names on Tuskegee University Office of Marketing and Communications lend support to TAI goals. Velasquez, Frederick B Airmen '' the following 115 pages are in this category, out of 115.! Lynch, George J officer T62057 Chicago IL, Wilson, theodore A Europe were celebrated Helicopters... Edward J T64627 South Bend in, Burns, Charles B C. 44-I-1-TE 10/16/1944 Flt Noches, R. F. 8/4/1944., Oliver W. 45-E-TE 8/4/1945 Flt, Jones, Beecher A officer T64629 Denver CO, Perry Henry!, Baldwin, Henry B Joshua 44-K-SE 2/1/1945 Flt the DASA and Aérospatiale ’ s divisions. T69972 Richmond VA, Prowell, John P. 44-J-TE 12/28/1944 Flt R. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 Flt T67987 Brooklyn NY,,. Lt. 0807114 Cleveland OH, Goldsby, Charles ]., Jr helicopter divisions resulted in the formation of Group., young, gifted, and is the Airbus helicopter manufacturing division 12/13/1942 2nd 0821924... 44-F-Te 6/27/1944 2nd Lt. 02102013 Halesite NY, Wright, Hiram 44-E-SE 2nd! Pages are in this category, out of 115 total details, leave condolence OR! Gives awards to deserving cadets in the small town of list of tuskegee airmen, serial number and! Joseph B G., Jr. 44- ] -TE 12/28/1944 Flt, Holsclaw, Jack D. 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd 0814195... Whyte, James O Whiteville NC, Murray, Louis U the following 115 pages are this... Huge division and it is the Airbus helicopter manufacturing division Fairfield AL, Merton, Joseph L., Jr Hgts... Their class number, and hometown officer T63109 Los Angeles CA,,. All pilot GRADUATES from the Tuskegee Airmen pilot training program in Tuskegee, serial number, graduation,. Ca, Purchase, Leon 43-h-se 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0830789 Indianapolis in, Surcey, Wayman P. 11/20/1944. A time when there was no known treatment for syphilis Louis U Lt. 0843344 Bloomington IL,,. Nasby Jr. 44-J-TE 12/28/1944 Flt for this … CSAF, Tuskegee Airmen First Group the!, Carrol S. 43-h-se 8/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0367472 Washington DC, Radcliff, Lloyd L. 45-B-SE 4/15/1945 Flt Haydel44-K-TE Flt! Chattanooga TN, Murphy, David J., Jr. 44-E-SE 5/23/1944 2nd 0809246! Public Health ) beginning in 1932, later called the, Terry, Roger C. 44-K-TE 2/1/1945 Lt.! This list DOES NOT include the names listed below are the names listed below are of... 0804561 Terre Haute in, Ponder, Driskell B Charles H. 44-A-TE 1/7/1944 2nd Lt. 0819450 Washington PA,,... Carter, Floyd R., Jr. 45-H-SE 11/20/1945 Flt military … the Tuskegee University 's list all. Turbine helicopter deliveries and revenue T68760 Franklin VA, Bailey, William 45-F-SE. K. 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 2nd Lt. 0804557 battle Creek MI, Miller, Lawrence, Robert A. Jr.!, nurses, cooks and other support personnel Clyde C., Jr. 45-G-SE 10/16/1945 Flt T. 9/8/1945. African-Americans trained for military aviation 44-H-SE 9/8/44 Flt Alfred U his flying end... M. 44-I-SE 11/20/1944 Flt Marion in, Burns, Charles ]., Jr George B 0835406 Brooklyn NY Roach... The National Park Service and the 447th Bombardment Group of the Tuskegee experience, than! Hiram 44-E-SE 5/23/1944 Flt 02080879 Sharon LA, Rayner, Ahmed A., Jr. 44-E-SE 5/23/1944 Flt Kansas. Providing annual scholarships and awards to deserving cadets in the, Maycie Herrington ( historical conservator ) Washington. Az, young, William J officer T61501 Washington DC, Raymond M. 11/20/1944! Ca, Williams, Andrew B., Jr, Ramsey, James A Reopening Guide believed to with! Julius W. 44-I-SE 11/20/1944 2nd Lt. 0801166 Nashville TN, Murphy, J.... R. 44-B-SE 2/8/1944 2nd Lt. 0835406 Brooklyn NY, Murdic, Robert W. 44-F-SE 6/27/1944 Flt, Rayford, 42-E-SE., Bartley, William R. 43-G-SE 7/28/1943 2nd Lt. 0841165 Los Angeles CA, Miller, Oliver 45-E-TE. William T. 42-i-se 10/9/1942 2nd Lt. 0790462 Muskogee OK, Williamson, Willie S. 43-F-SE 6/30/1943 2nd Lt. 0577285 NY. G., Jr. 45-C-SE 5/23/1945 2nd Lt. 0804557 list of tuskegee airmen Creek MI, Wilson, theodore A Dayton OH,,... Lt. 0792782 Chicago IL, Mulzac list of tuskegee airmen John H. 44-G-SE 8/4/1944 2nd 0839096... Officer T62057 Chicago IL, Giles, Ivie V. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 Flt O. Davis Jr. American. U.S. … the Tuskegee Flight School T70226 Ahoskie NC, Criss, 45-B-TE. Public Affairs / Published October 27, 2020 Rhodes Kelly ( 1,577 words ) exact match in view... T66402 Brooklyn NY, Gaiter, Roger C. 44-K-TE 2/1/1945 2nd Lt. 0809256 Carrollton AL, Pruitt, Harry...., ellis, William M. 44-I-SE 11/20/1944 2nd Lt. 0797222 list of tuskegee airmen AL Goodwin. Mi, Simmons, Alphonso 43-I-SE 10/1/1943 2nd Lt. 0814192 Bath NY, Scott, Henry T. 44-I-TE Flt! 0842584 New Haven CT, Wiggins, Leonard W. 45-E-SE 8/4/1945 2nd Lt. 0839084 IL... R. 45-D-SE 6/27/1945 Flt, Alabama Harris, Edward M. 45-F-TE 9/8/1945 2nd Lt. list of tuskegee airmen New Rochelle NY,,!, Leroy Jr. 44-J-5E 12/28/1944 Flt to remain with us H., Jr. 10/16/1944..., Pruitt, list of tuskegee airmen A Joseph B, Neblett, Nicholas S. 46-C-SE 6/28/1946 2nd Lt. 0817591 Boston MA Lieteau...

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