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2015-07-28 by Jason Tannahill Leave a Comment. After all, he has been one of the Indian entertainment PR industry’s most significant agent of change. New Delhi: PR Pundit. Bollywood has seen an unrest like no other in the last few months. After Sushant Singh Rajput‘s tragic death some major dark secrets of Bollywood have been ... people started calling Kangana’s video a PR stunt. Bollywood News Facebook Twitter Pinterest Feedback ... PR. The use of smartphones is increasing and gen Z wants everything easy and fast. Though at that time, not many would have predicted his rise,” says senior journalist and eminent author Chaitanya Padukone, who has been in entertainment journalism for over three decades. Though journalists snarl at such PR censorship, Dale’s clients seem to love the hand-holding and big-daddy approach. This kind of manipulative PR control hardly happened before he came in prominence,” reveals Parasara. Taran Adarsh who has shifted to digital media, sums it up. We didn’t do very elaborate things. Kangana mocks Sonam Kapoor's sympathy. What more can one ask for.”, Dear Black Creatives, Stop Doing the #VogueChallenge, What People Are Saying About The Vox Media-New York Magazine Merger, Media, politics, and truth in the struggle for dominance in the marketplace of ideas. “We had Bunny Reuben and Gopal Pandey as PRs in the early days. Pankaj Tripathi will be seen as PR Man Singh in Kabir Khan’s cricket drama, 83. Our team of over 90 executives have in-depth knowledge of PR and digital practices, local market needs and creativity to implement winning programmes. There are prominent agencies like Prabhat Choudhary’s Spice PR, Rohini Iyer’s Raindrop Media, Parag Desai’s Universal Communications, Anusha Srinivasan Iyer’s Naarad PR & Image Strategists, Nilufer Qureshi’s Hype, Parul Chawla’s Picture N Kraft, Himanshu Jhunjhunwala’s Dwapar, Dolly Bhattar’s Brand N Buzz, Neelam Guupta’s NR2 — The Image Engineers, Vipul Sipani’s Media Monster, well-known names including Parull Gossain, Prashant Golecha and Pritam Sharma, and digital PR agency Everymedia. At the same time he explains how Radhika Apte is a completely different person but is as confident as Sara. Download the Pinkvilla App for latest Bollywood & Entertainment news, hot celebrity photos, lifestyle articles, fashion & beauty news,Hollywood, K-Drama etc . But it seems PRs take a call on what stories to be pitched and to which paper. Currently, apart from Dale, there are some great individual PRs and independent PR agencies doing amazing work in the entertainment media. Fenil Seta, an accomplished journalist and upcoming filmmaker feels, “The workload for PRs has definitely increased. Rohit Kumar - September 26, 2018. Labels: agency, best Bollywood PR, Bollywood PR guru, branding, crisis management, Dale Bhagwagar, India, List, Mumbai, public relations, publicist, publicity Monday, January 20, 2014 When Bollywood publicist Dale Bhagwagar applied the power of persuasion on Amitabh Bachchan Once an actor has become a part of Bollywood, all they need is a manager. After wrapping up his meetings for the day, Prabhat met me at a popular cafe in Mumbai’s Bandra suburb. Parasara points out that though Dale was the first publicist to target web media, he has been taking too many risks. PR Pundit has offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bengaluru and representatives in major commercial hubs across the country. The main point is that the sources of information should be authentic and reliable. Srk is used the formula of excessive promotion and he made sure his films will reach … The media boom has created a situation where there is so much to do, and we are falling short.”. While admitting to the devilishly mischievous manipulative ways of PR specialists, Dale knew exactly what he was talking about. He goes on to give examples of Ranveer Singh visiting a naval ship during the marketing of Simmba, and the promotions of Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero which took place at a venue that was made to resemble Meerut, replete with a paan shop, jalebi stall etc. There were local police and security people around, no phones with guests while in the ceremony because it would have become very very difficult to manage. Nobody ducked it, in whatever capacity, in whatever authority they were equipped with, everybody responded to those questions.”. ... More From Bollywood. PR practices he brought to the profession then, have now become the norm. Compared to the traditional print media, many publicists have begun focusing more on web media as they are giving more and more importance to the archive value of news,” says Vipul Sipani. To quote Mumbai’s leading social media specialist Sampath Iyenger, “It’s important for an entertainment industry person to have a website, a Twitter account, an Instagram account and also a Facebook account and Page, all managed professionally, with posts at regular intervals.”, Digital PR expert and founder director of Sarvashreshtha Solutions, Mayura Amarkant has some interesting insight. Industry people should also have a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team in place to manage web content.”, Whenever one talks about changes in media, we often gets to hear the line ‘Print media is dying’. In Prabhat’s words, they are just “consultants and can only give advice.”. The source explains, “Dale does not have any dearth of new PR people willing to toe his line, as he has guided and mentored many of them through his lectures at colleges. ... Everything-PR News is a leading Public Relations news website founded in 2009. It used to be a long process back then. PR agencies know how to create content, so the logical step is for PR teams to offer social media and search services. Even in Bollywood, which is usually slow on the uptake when it comes to global pop culture moments, I mean wasn’t it like 2016 when they all got that silliness out of their system? Many newspapers did not have dedicated sections or supplements for Bollywood news. He is also accused of ‘prioritizing’ media to ‘selectively’ release photo-shoot images of his clients. Turns out, he is not only known for positive developments in the media, but also notoriously famous for beginning the practice of PRs cutting off their clients’ direct access to journalists. However, this does not mean that an actor’s PR has the last say about what to post on social media, or what statement to give to the press or what steps need to be taken for an image makeover. So is that really true? The lawyer released an official media statement which read, 'Mr. Abhijeet is not at all performing the tasks but he is getting saved from every elimination with a major share of votes every week. He also introduced the practice of monthly advance payments to the profession, in order to safeguard himself and others. It’s like saying restaurants have become irrelevant, because online delivery apps have entered our market.”. 760, Udyog Vihar, Phase V, Gurgaon – 122016 “Not at all,” says Fenil Seta. “The role of PR machinery is to facilitate communication between journalists and corporates. Shahrukh Khan donated 5 crores for Kerala flood victims- silently. We always see them at their fashionable best, stepping out of luxurious cars or inside their picturesque homes, living perfect lives when they aren’t shooting for films or endorsing brands. ‘Badshah’ - Shahrukh Khan. While Vipul Sipani and Prashen Kyawal agree with Seta, they feel that print media may not survive beyond 15–20 years. He will be seen sharing screen space with Ranveer Singh, Ammy Virk, Harrdy Sandhu, Tahir Raj … Sudhir Chaudhary has called him “a very good publicist,” while Prabhu Chawla has termed him “one of the most efficient PRs in Bollywood.” The most controversial publicist of the world Max Clifford, has described him as “the best PR to go to in India,” while Shobhaa De has called him “an on-the-ball (well-informed) publicist.” What’s more! If you have committed a mental mistake or you are being lazy, she will be the first one to find out. The entire idea of you which essentially has dignity, integrity that defines you, that is your brand. We just got lucky. Discuss Rumors, chinese whispers and everything else related to Bollywood celebs and movies. The media was not so widespread, and only 20–30 journalists would be there at press screenings.”. He began writing PR columns in film trade magazines. She comes across as someone who is real. We are intangible wealth managers of these celebs. I remember that Navbharat Times used to carry film news only on Fridays, while The Times Of India waited to carry the film reviews on Sundays.”. “In the olden times, there were PRs like Bunny Reuben who used to handle the publicity for actors like Raj Kapoor. There is an image of Deepika Padukone, an image of Hrithik Roshan. PRs are also changing tactics in the emerging scenario. He is said to have even added restrictive clauses in his PR agreements, stating that he would be a ‘one-stop contact point’ between actors and media. When you meet Radhika, she is not like Sara but she has a different kind of confidence. “The time saved due to digitalization should have been used more in quality writing and editing, but that’s not happening! We caught up with Prabhat Choudhary, founder of Bollywood’s most influential PR firm Spice, to understand the rules of this game. The latest buzz on social media doing the rounds that Abhijeet has hired a strong PR team that’s why he is able to get save from every elimination. PR agency: Dale Bhagwagar Media Group Mini intro: Bollywood PR consultant Dale Bhagwagar tops the list of best celebrity publicists.He leads the entertainment PR agency Dale Bhagwagar Media Group in Mumbai, India. Research reveals, a little before the 90s there were some PR greats who ruled the roost in Indian film industry. Pinterest. Facebook. Veteran journalist-cum-publicist Indermohan Pannu echoes, “In the 90s, we had no emails or WhatsApp and sometimes press releases would be accompanied by handwritten request notes from PRs. And how did Deepika and Ranveer pull off that perfect wedding at Lake Como in Italy, with no pictures or videos getting leaked? She takes her own decisions just like whether to announce the wedding or not. We caught up with Prabhat Choudhary, founder of Bollywood’s most influential PR firm Spice, to understand the rules of this game. This is a Community to crack Bollywood Blind items published on popular portals. Why not? She is also a National Award Winner as Woman Business Leader in Digital Marketing and PR. I would not like to go into names, but they are young and bright minds, who know how to use technology really well,” adds Adarsh, who is one of the greatest forces to reckon with in Bollywood journalism since decades. Just as scribes have right to refuse, PRs can decide whom to pitch.” Woah! Authors: Shefali Saxena (Editorial Team) Follow; We really mean it when we say that Deepika Padukone has the best PR team in the film industry. Yes, this is where Bollywood’s booming PR industry comes in. Prabhat explains how they decided to handle a serious movement like #MeToo: “My suggestion to my clientele always was ‘Do not duck a #MeToo question’ because it’s a very important and pertinent stand, where a certain kind of attitude needs to be shown. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. So, how does the PR team cultivate and maintain the brand of a “mainstream” actor like Sara Ali Khan and a more “art house” actor like Radhika Apte, who are poles apart in the perception space. Updated on : Monday, October 26, 2020, 9:12 AM IST ‘This is how PR team works’: Why Sonu Sood is being called out over an excel sheet . A kickass manager is the backbone of an actor's image. Nov 13, 2020. How relevant they still are to the changing times in journalism and PR. We wanted a little bit of calmness. The strange part is, this PR does a balancing act between morality and spin. Public relations agency protect, enhance or build their reputations through the media. It used to be a relation-based industry and artistes used to keep PRs on retainer with fixed salaries for long. ... the Rashmi Rocket team … Box-office collections from across the country used to be sent via telegrams. So he began convincing his PR clients for agreements on his agency letterheads, and then moved on to legal agreements. Its … And inspite of his PR maneuvers, no one has doubted his moral values and integrity. Now, with round-the-clock attention on celebrities from the paparazzi, the increasing influence of social media and controversial talk shows every now and then, the demand for an effective PR works almost like an insurance cover. Luviena Lodh's laywers allege Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt, Amyra Dastur's PR team 'spreading rumour' about actress Actress Luviena Lodh and Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt are fighting a case in Bombay High Court since some time Luviena Lodh's laywers accuse Mahesh, Mukesh, Amyra of defamation. True! “After Dale began handling scandals and controversies for his clients, he asked them not to speak directly to journalists and editors. A little more probing and internet research about the changes Dale has brought to the profession, and a clearer picture emerges. In fact, he has even pompously admitted to such guerrilla PR tactics on his Facebook and blog.”, But how is that even possible? Talk of Bollywood and the first thing that comes to your mind is the glitz, the glamour and the swanky lifestyle of Bollywood stars. It used to be a tedious job. He is one of the longest surviving PRs in Bollywood, and still sets the agenda on how PR evolves in the industry, by talking about it on PR websites, television channels, social media, in various colleges, PR forums, blogs, etc,” points out public affairs consultant Rahul Jain, who has worked in corporate PR agencies Perfect Relations, Edelman and Avian Media. On probing more, we find out a dark side of Dale. But the industry scenario was very different in the nineties compared to how it is now. We took basic precautions. They often manage their relationships and egos as well. But no one had understood the need for future generations of publicists like Dale has. His reasoning was that journalists could create written content without his support, but they would have to come to him if he choked the supply of photographic content. Which is why, it is impossible to sum up how Bollywood PR has evolved in the last 25 years, without understanding the phenomenon he created for the profession. Subscribe To Our Daily Newsletter And Get News Delivered Straight To Your Inbox. Primary reason for not having phones was also that people are more participative in the ceremony rather than taking pictures.”. A celebrity's publicist doesn't just Google for their quotes. But PRs have become more creative. Sidharth wants his persona to be on high key in front of the media whereas his PR Team wants him to keep a low key. There is a constant fight for eyeballs among apps, social media platforms, and independent entertainment avenues. There was no online media back then. Now we have a new breed of publicists who know how to create a buzz. At a time when all content, including images, was sent on paper, he was the first publicist in the industry to adopt to email. Twitter. Now they bring ideas and strategies which are customized for specific projects.”. “There has been one more change in the approach of PRs. We are in an age where ‘information drives business’. They don’t want a film to have the usual formula kind of promotions. RSVP Movies' upcoming film Rashmi Rocket, starring Taapsee Pannu got on tracks earlier this month. The source exposes the publicist further, stating, “he also has stealth means of news distribution, and even has some journalist friends double up as his spies in media. Photo: File Photo. Some of his students even work in other PR agencies, but stay in touch with him and respect him for training them. Here’s how the film industry’s PR machinery works to keep the Bollywood stars shining. Moving on from Me Too, we shift to another headline grabbing event of 2018 - Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding. India’s №1 Bollywood trade analyst, Taran Adarsh reminisces, “I remember when I used to work in Trade Guide in the 80s, PRs used to send the news handwritten on paper or on a typewriter. Researchers Asked 1,000 Americans Who’s Really the Enemy of the People. Sad!” she wrote. Spice handles Deepika Padukone, who is easily among actors with the highest brand value in Bollywood. With such a network in place, Dale may have enough influence to plug and plant stories or even spread rumours in the film industry to benefit his PR clients. Spice handles some of the biggest names in the industry, like Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan. “His worst arm-twisting tactics for journalists were when he would sometimes insist on copy approvals (going through journalist’s stories before they appeared in print) and even the practice of offering new controversies to journalists in return for killing certain stories on his PR clients,” discloses the source. !, apart from various contestants of India’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss. “Every individual has two kinds of wealth, one is tangible wealth and the other is intangible wealth. Prabhat says that they never actually try to completely change a person’s personality. With 11 years of experience in journalism, followed by 23 years of expertise in entertainment PR, he leads the Bollywood PR agency Dale Bhagwagar Media Group in Mumbai. Bollywood PR machinery at its top best. Apart from his PR press releases and handouts to journalists being in impeccable English, Dale also insisted that all his clients sign legal agreements. We don't post original Blinds. As publicist Rahul Jain puts it, “Dale has always talked about journalistic and PR ethics in most of his interviews. On condition of anonymity, a veteran journalist divulges that “a decade ago, Dale began giving access to photographic content only to his friends in media and only those publications and websites who would let him have control over their stories.

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