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It is truly the metal of union, for it is always more contented when alloyed with another. Grasping, by his peculiar rapport with the inner planes of life, the relation of parts to the whole in the universal scheme, the spiritual alchemist perceives that likewise every immortal soul has its place and somewhat important function. To assist others to persist in idleness by unwise giving is as great an error as selfishly to withhold help from the deserving. It aspires to extend the helping hand to all mankind and lift them up through sheer nobility of purpose. It is very easy to mistake other elements for pure copper, and the spiritual alchemist must take unusual pains to secure it undefiled and in ample volume thoroughly to bind together the other metals. In addition to being receptive and a good conductor of heat and electricity, silver has a markedly pleasing resonance. The teeth and bony structure of the body come under the dominion of lead. Titanium Aura Quartz is also known as the Stone of Astral Journeys, which means it’s the perfect tool for out of body experiences. But even as on earth, where restrictions are greater, it there requires training to be able to get certain information and it requires training to understand the information contacted. Silver vibrates to the Moon. Your email address will not be published. It enhances physical endurance by drawing more energy into the auric field. Such appeals are made directly to the lead in man. The academic scientists who have carried out innumerable experiments with extrasensory perception hold that from this faculty apparently no secret of nature nor any information in the universe can be hidden. When tin is too largely present it brings an attitude of “I am better than thou”; a feeling of righteous pride and belief that good befalls through some inherent superiority. It thus exhibits an independence and force not possessed by other metals. The 9th most common element on Earth, it was named for the Titans of Greek Mythology by Martin Heinrich Klaproth. Why Is Titanium Used in Aircraft Wings? That is, when he loses sight of the practical, be becomes a romantic visionary, lacking teeth with which to attack the essential problems of everyday life. And Lead vibrates to Saturn. Iron, however, is a hard, severe metal capable of great resistance. Not, it should be clearly understood, that the spiritual alchemist believes wealth, business, political station, or other worldly affairs evil. Give him to understand that if he does good here on earth he will be rewarded by a soft berth in heaven, or that whatever acts he performs for or against others will be performed for or against him in a future incarnation, and he is shrewd enough to perceive the selfish advantage of doing good upon the earth. Thus also, the spiritual alchemist believes, the Universal Creator cherishes, supports and encourages those who assist His work, and takes pains that they shall not perish and that no real harms shall come to them. These seven metals, or groups of experiences, must be collected. It vibrates to the planet Mercury. Your email address will not be published. It thus entirely lacks that independence of character that distinguishes iron, and must ever have a stronger companion upon which to lean. And so prosperous a business as to keep the attention absorbed by worldly affairs to the exclusion of intellectual and spiritual interests, reveals to the alchemist a condition that excites pity rather than envy. They cannot properly be used in just any quantity, but only in certain proportions. Reflects incoming energies and makes the perfect base for magic mirrors. Fertility Titanium (#22 in the Periodic Table) exists in almost all living things, bodies of water, rocks, and soil. Let him think as is commonly taught, that if he is uncharitable here he will be dealt with harshly in the after life and he will loosen the strings of his purse. We may be sure, therefore, that like conditions exist in the cosmic man. He perceives that individual souls are evolving from lower to higher states, and entering into rapport with the whole cosmic scheme. The presence of titanium, silver, gold or platinum vapors in these crystals makes them look amazing and the properties from these metals make them mystical. The philosophical Mercury symbolizes the soul within, but the Mercury with which we are here concerned is somewhat more external. Learn more about the Rutilated Quartz meaning here! It is that such an unjust act reacts upon the character of the doer and impairs the vitality of his soul. Therefore, if they are combined in proper proportion, and properly acted upon alchemically, the product is transmuted gold. It can be used to make crystal energy devices. The rainbow of colors uplifts our spirits and brings a sense of joy and vitality into our lives. In spiritual alchemy also it is most important; for the sorrows it brings tend to chasten the soul and may effectively be used to eliminate the dross of sensuality. It is beneficial for people who have diabetes. Copper, in spiritual alchemy, represents experiences with love, sympathy and affection. It works in treating ear, eye and throat ailments. It is a living conscious cell within the body of Infinite Man. Not only does man need God, but stupendous thought though it be, there is need of God for man. It is a spiritual gold, that is, a gold like unto the ego in its spirituality and continuance. It can be used to make crystal energy devices. This kind of silver readily enters into the composition of transmuted gold. But iron has the distinction of itself, either permanently or temporarily, becoming magnetic. But because the restrictions of the physical body to exercising psychokinetic power are removed, its possibilities of accomplishment after physical death are infinitely expanded. All, according to type, fall into one of several natural divisions. There can be no complete and permanent union on any plane unless copper is present as the binding material. The mind, likewise, has the power of reflecting, mirroring on its surface the image of all it perceives in its contact with the world. He is a willing laborer under the direction of the Universal Mind and his loss would be keenly felt by the progressive legions. This depends upon the person. To apply properly the heat of the reverberatory furnace he must have the spiritual discernment to foresee the result of his action upon the character of the individual before he extends his hand in help. Other entities within the scope of man’s dominion there are that on almost every occasion stir up dissension and strife. Both lead and tin are soft metals, yielding readily to pressure from the outside. If any are missing, or if they are present but attempt to do the work of others, or fail to do the work assigned to them, the man, as well as the cells, suffers. The Moon acts as a mirror reflecting the light from the Sun and a mirror is just glass with a thin layer of silver. This means that from the alchemical standpoint selfishness always defeats its own ends; for as we strive to aggrandize self at the expense of society the power of the soul dwindles and we attain less in spirituality. Iron is valuable alike for destruction and construction. The more complete law takes recognition of the interdependence of all life and the effect of mental attitudes on character. It balances the third eye energy chakra that ultimately helps in improving cognition. Thus do the experiments in our universities relative to extrasensory perception and psychokinesis indicate that after physical dissolution the possibilities of gaining knowledge, and the possibilities of accomplishment, are infinitely increased; and that, therefore, if the soul so desires, and will put forth the effort, it can move forward continuously to become a more effective workman in the realization of God’s Great Plan. The paris green of luxury and licentiousness ate into her vitals and poisoned her soul, and she fell through weakness, her vitality so sapped by this noxious impure copper that she was left an easy prey to outside foes. The gemstone is used for healing the heartsick and is a natural remedy that can treat any issue that needs emotional healing.For example, rose quartz: Now within the physical body of man, due to his life processes, there are secretions that to avoid disease must be eliminated. It's a good metal to use for a magic wand because of this. Aluminium- The magician's "invisibility metal". 1918, enrolled Naval Reserve: Mercury semisquare Mars r. 1923, became newspaper reporter: Mercury sextile Pluto r. 1925, married: Mercury semisextile Venus p. 1928, wrote his first aviation column: Mercury sextile Mars r. 1934, much success, became roving reporter: Sun sextile Moon r. 1940, reported bombing of London: Mercury conjunction Sun p. 1942, reported fire bombing of London: Mercury sextile Mars p. 1943, published first book: Sun sextile Mars p. 1944, received Pulitzer Prize: Sun sextile Mars p. 1945, April 18, fatally wounded by Jap gunner: Mercury square Neptune r, Mercury square Saturn p, Mars sesquisquare Uranus p, Sun semisquare Venus p. 2020 Calendar, Mercury is a volatile, changeable, fickle, persuasive metal. Without it any combination of other metals is weak and vacillating and altogether too pliable to serve purposes other than to be molded by such objects as they contact. Aiding you on your spiritual journey, clearing blockages around the throat, thyroid and thymus area and promoting strength and confidence in yourself. It has strong metaphysical properties that make it one of the most powerful crystals to have. It is common to speak of a man as highly successful when he has obtained eminence in the political field. Without copper the world would be the scene of perpetual conflict, of strife without surcease; for it is the metal of peace. Pink Aura Quartz: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits, Introduction to the Meaning and Uses of Aura Quartz. The spiritual alchemist also operates upon this mental lead, but in a different fashion. Without this lead in his constitution man would be destitute of caution; would act without considering the result, would buy without thought of the cost, and would make no provision for the future. To make gold not only must all the materials of which it is composed be present, but before the transmutation is perfected all must be there in proper proportions. It is helpful in the treatment of Hormonal Dysfunction. Brotherhood of Light Lessons: Course Books on Astrology, Alchemy and Tarot, Subheadings:   View of the Spiritual Alchemist    The Cosmic Man    The Soul Has Infinite Possibilities    The Components of Gold    Lead    Tin    Iron     Copper    Mercury    Silver    Gold, Birth Charts:  Hedda Hopper Chart    Ernie Pyle Chart. In this impure state it is a rank poison which may be used as a paint on boats to destroy barnacles, as the diseases it engenders spread in the dissolution of the barnacles of society. It is harsh and gray, with a forceful character; but turns to an angry red when exposed to the attacking influence of the elements. To lower their fusing point they must be properly combined, or fluxed, one against another. To give well requires as great sagacity as to acquire the wealth to give. He carefully studies himself, and assays all his qualities and opportunities, to the end that he may find just where in the cosmic work he can be of greatest service.

Transition Words Practice, Olia Hair Dye Instructions, How To Cut Down A Eucalyptus Tree, Best B2b Franchises, Plantuml Network Diagram, Kwin Script Examples, Average Home Price Denver Suburbs, Qc Lab Technician Job Description, What Does An Office Concierge Do, Simple Real Estate Purchase Agreement Pdf, Plain Chocolate Digestives, Best Crappie Jig Colors For Muddy Water, The Fool Moderat Lyrics,

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