The fact that you have decided on an affordable ‘little home’ does not mean that you can’t also be big on style. The decision you have made to live in a compact space, to keep things simple and to keep your mortgage affordable, is not only practical thinking; it means you have probably also had to get creative about furnishing and decorate small home. It really doesn’t matter what your style – minimalist, traditional or outrageously chic; you have to be quite discerning about how many items you place around the home, and what purpose they serve. Of course, those of us who are particularly savvy will find ways to choose furniture and objets d’art that serve more than one purpose; thereby giving you a little extra value for money and more room for more of what you love!

decorating your tiny space
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We recently came across some delightful little items that tick all of the above boxes. These gorgeous essential Oil Diffusers are not only lovely to look at; they beautify your home with all the wonderful properties that Aromatherapy has to offer. There are so many different styles and colors and the range includes wood grain finish, glass, and ceramic or a combination of these. So no matter what your style or color preference, there will be something to catch your eye and complement your decor. There are also essential oil diffusers which have LEDs to light your lamp, in a choice of seven different colors; that’s perfect for creating a specific mood or to match your color scheme.

decorating tiny space
Image by: Pixabay

Some of our favorites include the exquisite the wood grain finish USB Diffusers which are USB operated, have a capacity of 130 millimeters and also include the LED light. Now that’s a clever option! These little darlings come in a contemporary spherical shape or you can choose a more traditional look with a flute shaped top and of course, there are many other shapes as well. We just loved these and what a wonderful way to add a beautiful aroma to your home. Essential oils can be used to cleanse, relax, invigorate or just to be plain sensuous – the options are limitless! So when you are looking to create that special mood in your home, these essential oil diffusers are hard to go past for beauty and value and let’s not forget the added benefits of Aromatherapy essential oils for the mind and body.

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