We currently reside with my mother in law, 5 people in a 2 bedroom flat, let’s just say that it’s quite ‘cozy’ to say the least. Thankfully this is a temporary situation while our house is being finished built, however, summer days can soon heat the place up. Everyone hot and humid, no wind to blow through the flat, fun times.

As we take a stroll to the shop down the road, not a breath of air to cool us down, I look up at the blocks of flats sat next to each other row on row. Each floor of the building has 10 apartments and of those, there is an average of sevenaircon unit boxes on the windowsills, all whirring away trying to chill its inhabitants. Those are the well-off folk in this neighborhood.  Here are some tips to how to choose best air conditioner.

Now you can imagine how this concrete block might look with little white boxes dotted all over the place, in the day it can be quite an eye-sore, but at night it’s quite pretty in an artistic, photographers angle type of way, an ugly beauty as it were. My favorite kind.

What is an AC unit?

The basic abbreviation stands for Air Conditioning. The advanced definition you can find here but essentially it is a process whereby hot or warm air is extracted through the aircon unit and then cooler, cleaner air is blown back into the room and circulated created a comfortable environment.

Aircon units are increasingly popular and are used for both the office space and in the home.

4 Advantages of an Aircon.

  • Health. The air that is pumped through the filters into the room is free from dust, microorganisms, smoke and dirt particles and is circulated around the rooms. Giving you cleaner breathing and less chances of catching something. Better well-being.
  • Sound. With split units, this is more evident as the motor part is usually outside, but with the windows and doors being shut when the air con is used, the noise from outside or other rooms is almost non-existent. Making it especially great for nights or rooms next door.
  • Focus. When people are hot they become uncomfortable and irritable, they lack concentration in their work and become inefficient. A simple switch of the Aircon and the temperature is regulated in the office, better work environment more productive staff.
  • Prevents dehydration. Prolonged periods in heat can cause severe dehydration, you’re sweating constantly and losing too much water. Turn up the chill and prevent yourself from fainting, unless it’s your way of getting out of work then, do your thing.

How to choose an Aircon?

Besides the type and model you’ll need which we’ll get to in a minute, there are standard features you should be looking for. The cooling capacity, this means you can adjust the flow and amount of air suited to your needs and a situation, it would usually have 2 fans with the adjustable thermostat.

Reading the description of the various models will tell you a lot for sure and if it is the type you’ll need, check out this article on how to select the aircon suited for you for some insight on how others go about choosing their units.

You don’t want an idea of a breeze when it’s red hot outside, being able to cool the house will be a lifesaver in summer. Then there is energy efficiency, my main priority if you ask me as life is certainly not getting any cheaper, and bills are always on the rise. Be sure to check the rating before purchasing so you don’t break the bank paying the bill month-end.

Look for the model with high-quality air filters, it might be more to your budget, but can you put a price on clean air? Especially if you have kids in the house, and even more so with so many bugs outside. Yuck.

The different models

There are various stylesof air cons click here to find out, but let’s look at the top 3 most popular. The most common is the split AC unit, this is when the ‘engine box’ is outside the house round the back and the sleek vents are inside in a chic looking white unit. These are pricier but you pay for aesthetics.

Then we look at window units, those you usually see on the block of flats sticking half in half out of the windows. They are cheaper but also take up space, and the window is covered. The sound might also be a nuisance if you’re a light sleeper.

Lastly, there’s the portable unit, it does what it says on the tin. The convenience of being able to move it to where you feel at any given time comes with a price tag, but it works out not having to have air-cons in each room of the house, so the odds weigh up if you think about it.

The problem only comes when this machine has broken down and the sun is rising, you feel the sweat beads beginning to form on the back of your neck, and you know you won’t be able to go through the day without a breeze. You need a repair service, in which the quality you can rely on to get the job done right the first time, and quickly.

Mid-day is approaching

Never fear, there are reliable and reputable companies who can rescue you, visit Mor Air for workmanship and customer service you can trust. Satisfied customer reviews and with years of experience you can be sure you are in good hands.

The last thing we need to stress about is being indoors where it’s hot but unable to go outside because it’s just as hot. There is more to life than that.Aircon is a blessing to so many families and has become the standard in new builds today.

Life before air cons wasn’t unbearable for sure, but how do you go back after you’ve had the luxury of cool air available at the switch of a button? Not sure I want to find out.

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