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Our third contender comes from Germany, produced by the paramount Wusthof brand. Top 10 Best Nakiri Knife Reviews. Also, nakiri knife has squared off tips and a blade with straight edge so chopping is no more a problem. Thank to this technology, the Wusthof Classic 7” nakiri knife is 20% sharpen then other nakiri knives, able to hold its 10 degrees cutting edge for prolonged time. Sharper than traditional European blades, this nakiri knife is also easy to maintain. A nakiri is namely a traditional Japanese vegetable knife. Now cut and slice with ease as you have Mercer nakiri knife that is designed with high carbon stainless German steel. In our opinion, the best nakiri knife doesn’t have to be expensive, as many times we’re basically paying for the brand name instead of the actually knife’s quality. Note that the nakiri knife shouldn’t be rocked like the Kanso 8” chef’s knife. This type of steel retains its sharpness for a long time. In our opinion, the Shun Cutlery Classic 6.5” Nakiri Knife is the best one on the list. VG-MAX core with 68 altering layers of stainless steel, Comfortable pakkawood handle that’s also moisture resistant, Precision Edge Technology ensures the sharpest edge with good edge retention, Beautiful and functional hollow ground design, High-quality VG-10 steel core protected by 16 layers of softer Damascus steel, High-quality VG-10 steel core and 73 layers of Damascus steel. 1. The price is affordable and is covered under lifetime warranty. Both nakiri knife and usuba knife are meant for cutting. A nakiri knife is typically used for chopping vegetables. As I have written down the best products, you can pick the one that suits you the most. To make it serve longer, never wash the knife in dishwasher as harsh detergents cause harm to the blade. Worry no more as this knife is engineered for incredible control and comfort while you chop the vegetables giving a natural grip over the handle. Kotobuki Teruhisa Nakiri Japanese Kitchen Knife, 7. In addition, it is highly durable. Apart from SHUN, the nakiri knife from Mercer and Dalstrong are also considerable but then again it depends on your choice. During the chopping process, finish is important to consider if you want to enjoy cutting. The triple-riveted handle is made of G10. It provides with superior control, agility, and comfort. Meet Mercer culinary genesis 7 inch nakiri knife and get surprised with the results it offers. The above list consists of the best Nakiri knives available in the market. It is versatile and makes cutting vegetables an easy and smooth experience. Although both the knives are lightweight, the blades have different shapes. For starters, the chromium content gives the Classic 7” nakiri knife its ability to be stain-resistant. Look for a curved handle which makes it easy for your hands to form a nice grip while you are using it. The cutlery from this brand is often used by many professional chefs and cooks. Wash with hand carefully and store in a cutlery block to avoid injuries due to its sharp edges. The Nakiri knife is a great knife if you are planning to cut vegetables that you use every day. Previous Previous post: Ranked List Of The Best Mixing Bowls. Well, it is special which is why we have decided to write this detailed review to let you understand the features of a nakiri knife properly. Simply read the review thoroughly and make a checklist of your requirements to settle down on the best nakiri knife from your point of view. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Nakiri Vegetable Knife, 9. 7 Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Nakiri Knife with Hollow Edge, 4193/17 – Best German Nakiri Knife If you thought that a Nakiri knife had to hail from Japan, it is time to think again. I am really glad that I am reviewing Dalstrong nakiri vegetable knives. A joy to wield, the Kyoku Daimyo series 6” nakiri knife doubles as vegetable and meat cleaver. However, don’t mistake it for a meat cleaver as you can’t really chop with it. A nakiri knife must be made of a high carbon stainless steel material to ensure longevity. On the other hand, the santoku knife is used for dicing, slicing and mincing. It is no doubt a good choice for cooking as the preparation is commendably done including slicing, dicing and mincing. Also, this knife features wood grain pattern that further adds beauty to the appearance as well as make it durable and stain resistance. But if we want to cook different continental cuisines we need to have some specific knives in our collection. This nakiri vegetable knife is a powerhouse of awesome features like elegance, balance, sharpness and exceptional performance. We assure you that the handle is extremely comfortable, but it’s a bit heftier than what you may be expecting. We previously talked about another knife from the Kanso line – the Shun Kanso 8” chef’s knife – in our Shun vs. Miyabi comparison article. However, while shortlisting any knife, make sure to check the length. This stainless steel nakiri knife is designed precisely and beautifully to uplift the appearance of your kitchen. But high carbon don’t need much maintenance and also easier to sharp as well resulting in a greater lifespan. DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife Shogun Series X - VG10; 5. The Mercer Culinary Millennia 7-Inch Nakiri Knife has a comfortable and durable handle with textured finger points for added safety. In addition, it eliminates friction and prevents food from sticking to the blade. Since the pakkawood handle is made of resin impregnated hardwood, it is an ideal choice for commercial kitchens given the ease it provides to the user. With a wide variety of tools and high quality cutlery, this brand leaves no stone unturned in delivering exceptional items at affordable prices. The added cobalt gives the blade better strength, while more chromium is responsible for better wear and corrosion resistance. But if you look further you will surely see a lot of brands which offer such knives both online and in physical shops. It extends to the full tang of the knife, and is therefore highly unlikely to break under added hand pressure. After, precision robots sharpen the blade on a whetstone and it is then given a final polish using a special disc. Similar to the above mentioned model, this nakiri knife by Bigsun features a VG-10 steel core. What’s so special in a nakiri knife, many of us think, don’t you? Do your hands pain while holding a knife? Designed to perfection, this sharp scalpel like edge is finished to a mirror polish and to add corrosion resistance, it is made with cool nitrogen. The Yoshihiro VG-10 16-layer hammered Damascus 6.5” nakiri knife is complimented with a beautifully designed, triple-riveted mahogany handle. The AUS10A is very similar to VG-10 steel which we talked about above in this article. Aside from looking sleek, the outer layer prevents the knife from staining. Next, due to its slim appearance and convenience to hold, this knife is absolutely a right choice for all the kitchen people. This synthetic material resists fading and discoloration, and it feels natural in the hand as well. With flatter cutting edge, this knife delivers good consistent chopped vegetables to make nice meals. The one-piece blade is crafted from high-carbon steel for long-lasting sharpness. How To Use And Properly Maintain Your Nakiri Knife? In addition, it further enhances the blade’s corrosion resistant properties. Made in Germany the Wüsthof Classic Nakiri Vegetable Knife with Hollow Edge has no comparison. Shun Classic Nakiri Knife ; Sunnecko Nakiri Knife ; Paudin Nakiri Knife ; Wusthof Classic Nakiri Knife ; Mac Vegetable Cleaver ; Our Final Thoughts The razor-sharp blade is easy to maintain and can be sharpened without much time or effort. The material goes through special treatment so that it can provide with heat, cold, and moisture resistance. Sharpened at 15-18 degrees, the edge is sharp, handling all kinds of vegetables with utmost ease. It is lightweight overall and has a slender blade that moves through onions and herbs with ease. Go for Kai as this product has the potential to chop vegetables thoroughly and quickly. An all-around knife. Kanso’s heritage finish gives the knife a unique, rustic look. Best Nakiri Knives 2020 – Buying Guide. So, while the nakiri knife could quite easily butter bread or chop up some tasty steak, perhaps it is best used for its intended purpose. However, to get that quality knife, get ready to spend somewhere between $100 and $200. A nakiri knife is used to cut and chop vegetables, whereas a chef knife is more flexible and can be used on meat, fruit, and vegetables. A nakiri knife is traditionally used to chop and slice vegetables in Japanese cuisine as its straight, symmetrical blade can cut through large pieces without rocking back and forth like many other knives with round edges. Made of ultra-sharp AUS-10V steel at 62+ Rockwell hardness, it meets and exceeds our high expectations. We use knives for our various … Read more How to choose Nakiri Knife | Best Buying Guide for 2020 Wouldn’t you like to add this smart nakiri knife to your cutlery collection? (interlink to Shun vs. Miyabi) Today, we’re testing the Shun Kanso 6.5” nakiri knife. Note that you shouldn’t rock the knife as chef’s knives are normally rocked. What other experts liked Shun TDM0742 Premier Nakiri Knife ; 4. By picking a good nakiri knife for your kitchen, you can be unique and special from others. DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife: Best Japanese Nakiri Knife, 2. The Yoshihiro VG-10 gets the job done. However, its core is made of VG-10 at 60 HRC which exceeds the hardness of most other stainless steel cutlery. I put links to each Best Nakiri Knives at Amazon page in the description, So you can check out the other at Amazon. Also, it glides smoothly through vegetables and meat as well to give you tasty food. Best Nakiri Knife Reviews. Due to the increased carbon level in the steel, the Shun Classic 6.5” nakiri knife comes with improved strength and durability. Whereas a usaba knife is a bit more sharper which is used for cutting vegetables more precisely. It’s among the sharpest knives we’ve had the pleasure to test, cutting through vegetables and fruits with ease. Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Nakiri Vegetable Knife. The minimum length of a nakiri knife is 5 inches so chopping becomes easy. Featuring a distinct mosaic pin of copper and brass add a luxurious touch to your kitchen as the knife looks stunning on the countertop. It is an ideal choice for everyone who is looking for a quality knife at an affordable price. For added stability and long lasting sharpness, Mercer nakiri knife has a tapered ground edge. Additionally, its full tang design ensures complete control over the knife. If you already have a good chef knife (see our guide for the best chef knives under $100) then you will wonder if you need a nakiri knife. T he Nakiri Knife - written in Japanese as 菜切り包丁 (なきり) and pronounced as Nakiri bōchō.It's a Western Style Japanese kitchen knife, typically measuring 120-240mm in length. This nakiri knife is laser-measured before sharpening, and computers calculate the precise cutting angle for the blade. However, choosing a right finish will make sure this thing will not happen again. VG-10 is also known for its ability to hold and edge and is among the most durable steels out there. Simply put, once you enter the world of cuisines and start discovering amazing dishes and flavors that you have not felt before, there is no going back. Synonymous with professional culinary creations, Mercer is a top-notch brand in the food industry. Featuring an ergonomic santoprene handle, it delivers extreme comfort to your palms while chopping. Both the VG-10 core and the outer Damascus layers are highly stain resistant. The Shun Classic 6.5” nakiri knife features a VG-MAX super steel core. Welcome to my blog Using the 3-step Honbazuke method, Dalstrong creates a staggeringly acute 10 degrees cutting angle per side. This nakiri knife has received an excellent rating and review from across the world. To provide comfortable grip to your palms, the handle is crafted of pakkawood in nice walnut finish that looks simple yet elegant. The blade core is extremely hard and durable, protected by 66 layers of high-carbon stainless steel. To chop tomatoes, this knife is perfect as the blade is so sharp that you don’t have to worry about the damage of its soft skin. The Wusthof nakiri knife may be more expensive than your average Japanese knife, but it will last you a long time and it will do the cutting job just right. My pick for best nakiri knife is the Yoshihiro Vegetable Chef Knife. Since it’s primarily used for preparing fruits and vegetables, a simple push cut would suffice. As Nakiri knives usually measure between 6-inch to 7-inch, they come with double beveled edges that are as thin as rectangular and straight. Coming to the today’s topic, a nakiri knife can be found in household kitchens all over the world. Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Crafted to perfection, this nakiri knife has an outstanding shape and innovative designing. Never miss on this firm and safe nakiri knife which will give you good manoeuvrability while chopping. To allow the knife to chop evenly, the curved toe comes in scene that rock against the cutting board. The Zelite Infinity nakiri blade is made up of Japanese steel, which is quite durable. Clean the knife with soap and water. Of course, chopping can be done efficiently with a normal knife but a good nakiri knife differentiates chef-like meals and your meals. With its thin and ultra sharp blade, slicing veggies and fruits is easy like never before. Due to the fact that this is a high-carbon steel, you’ll find the blade easy to sharpen, able to hold its edge for prolonged time. Made for easy chopping and slicing, this knife has been featured with a granton edge blade angled on each side. It is because a low carbon stainless steel gets dull and wears out really fast due to softness. Wusthof is one of the most famous and popular knife creators in the whole of Germany. This best selling knife is very popular among chefs. Let us now try to determine the best among the list. The reason is its 58 Rockwell hardness. DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife Shogun Series X - VG10, 5. If you are interested to read more of our articles you can check our Shun vs Miyabi comparison or how to sharpen Shun knives guide. Laser-cut from a single piece of high-carbon no-stain steel; full tang, the Granton edged blade is angled on … Being part of Shun’s Classic line, the 6.5” nakiri knife boasts the amazing properties as other knives from the same line. Lastly, it is essential to check the finish of the blade because food pieces stick to a low quality blade. Wait no more and grab this knife as it is made of 66 layers of high carbon quality material with razor sharp blade. The blade shape and comfortable handle gives proper control over the chopping, dicing, mincing, and cutting fresh fruits or vegetables. As for people’s questions let me tell you about how to choose Nakiri knife. Wusthof’s proprietary Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) plays its part at the overall performance of the knife. Also, it has a curved blade which is not only good for chopping vegetables but also for meat cutting. Price of any product is a considerable factor so when it comes to a knife, there is no exception to that as well. Since it is the handle from where you hold the knife, it should be of premium quality to offer complete comfort. When you are looking to purchase a nakiri knife, these things are must to pay attention on. The vegetable knife has a beautiful wooden handle, making this the perfect pick for any home. The nakiri knife has a straight blade to chop the food even and clean. Plus, the handle is quite robust and sturdy to keep your hands at comfort while you chop the vegetables or fruits. If you want to land on the right product, there are many brands offering good nakiri knives which you can choose from. As compared to a traditional western knife, this nakiri Japanese knife has a very little upward curve at the tip. DALSTRONG is a brand that enhances your kitchen decor with innovative design and improvements. Aside from giving the knife an attractive look, the Damascus pattern prevents food from sticking to the blade. Plus, your budget, your personal preferences and usage frequency are the deciding factors when it comes to choosing the best nakiri knife for you. This means more evenly sliced pieces than other types of knives. You can slice up any vegetables you want with ease and make paper thin slices that are even. Both of these knives are similar and found in Japanese kitchens. If you want to compliment your kitchen tools, Wusthof Classic nakiri knife is a solid choice. Thanks to this, the Kyoku Daimyo 6” nakiri knife provides more consistent sharpening and better edge. Kyocera Revolution Series 6-Inch Nakiri Vegetable Cleaver; 4. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Last, but not least, we present you a knife that features high-end knife design, minus the high price-tag. Although originally a nakiri knife made for vegetable preparation, we often reach for it when slicing boneless meat as well. Other than above, the blade length is also an essential thing. Most of these knives will look shiny and sharp. Although thinner edge also means that the blade is a bit weaker, it slices perfectly. The purpose of this blog is make an archive and share my ideas and knowledge with my followers. This 7 inch nakiri knife with hollow edge is considered as the market leader because of the characteristics you can expect from this product. Shun Classic Stainless-Steel Nakiri Knife, 10. Able to cut with precision through fresh produce as well as fish or chicken, this knife is becoming our favorite. Each side is handcrafted by seasoned artisans to a mirror polish at 8-12 degrees. Its hand hammered finish and layered Damascus steel for strength, the knife makes sure that no vegetables get stuck while chopping. Over here I regularly post daily life kitchen oriented things like kitchen hacks, kitchen tools, utensils and related articles. It is extremely durable, dense, and a treat to look at. The VG-MAX core is clad with 34 layers of stainless steel on each side. Since nakiri knife can cut thinner than others, it is easy to give your veggies a consistent size. How To Insulate Under a Kitchen Sink: 4 Easy DIY Solutions, 10 Best Carbon Steel Woks – Perfect Utensils For Asian & Handmade Recipes, 10 Best Meat Injectors Review 2020: Top 10 Recommended. It became more popular because of its performance and well-structured materials. Thanks to the full-tang construction, the knife is also more balanced and easy to control. There are some knives that we always have in our kitchens for regular use. Best Tea Kettle For Gas Stove Review 2020 – Best For Tea Aficionado. Enjoy lifetime warranty when you own this nakiri knife and don’t forget, washing it in a dishwasher will reduce the performance because of the harsh detergents. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When compared to the 440C steel though, it shows lower chromium content, meaning it also has lower corrosion and wear resistance. The Shun Classic 6.5” nakiri knife features a … Anyway, the end to all your knife dilemmas, you can use a Nakiri knife. Hello, I’m Kristy Warren. To make chopping an enjoyable experience, this knife is extremely sharp which is designed by experts. What’s more, it is made of high carbon material at 58+ Rockwell hardness, with rich black Spanish pakkawood handle for added appearance. Also, don’t soak it in water for long or else it will cause discoloration. In my personal life I’m a nutritionist studied from Bakersfield College, California. Crafted from German High-carbon forged steel, the knife … Our Choices For The Best Nakiri Knives In 2020. The hollow ground indentations also help food release from the blade with ease. This way, Dalstrong increases the steel’s crystalline structure, ultimately increasing its strength, flexibility, and hardness. Dalstrong Shogun Series 6” nakiri knife is hand-finished to a mirror polished. To preserve your nakiri knife for it to last longer you need to clean it and store it properly. Featuring 7 inch length, this nakiri knife is a blend of cutter, slicer and cleaver. The triple-riveted handle is made of Polyoxymethylene, better known as POM. DALSTRONG Nakiri Vegetable Knife: Best Japanese Nakiri Knife; 2. As a result, they can slice vegetables and fruits with ease. As an added bonus, the blade features a hammered tsuchime finish that further increases the knife’s striking appearance. For anyone that loves making sushi, do you have a knife that is reliable and capable of cutting vegetables super thin? Comparison on 10 Best Nakiri Knife in 2020, 10 Best Nakiri Knife in 2020 - Unbiased Review, Handle is not much comfortable for some people, Premium pakkawood handle to offer control, Things to Consider Before Buying a Nakiri Knife, Knives you need in your kitchen for making the best cuisines, What is the difference nakiri between usuba knife, 1. If you are a fan of western-style handles, this knife combines the best of a razor-sharp nakiri with a grip one might find on a chef's knife. It sports a very attractive design, and you can tell that it’s clad with Damascus layers just by looking at the knife. Since it comes with hollow ground, it’s incredibly thin. Designed to perfection, it is made of high carbon steel material. Since this is a nakiri knife, it comes with a wider blade with flat cutting edge. Designed with ease of use at mind, this knife delivers precise cuts regardless of the size or texture of the vegetable or fruit you have at hand. Dry it with a towel and store it in a dry place or hang it in a magnetic knife holder. Now we have finished discussing all about the nakiri knives and the product list that you can consider. Vegetables that require a single downward cut rather than a rocking motion are perfect with this nakiri knife from Kotobuki. The handle also looks beautiful, accented with a mosaic pin. But the nakiri knife is totally flat which goes well to chop thin slices of your food. The D-shaped ebony pakkawood handle feels like an extension to your arm. Also, the blade delivers superior edge retention to cut vegetables with utmost precision. However, this list contains what we believe are the best nakiri knives available today, and there’s a knife to fit everyone’s budget. It is because your food will have totally accurate chopped vegetables with each piece in same shape and size. Chopping vegetables can be a cumbersome task when you are in short of time. The best Nakiri knife depends on your personal preferences, and what you intend to use it for. VIEW MORE PRICES ON HEAVEN As every knife from the Kanso series, this nakiri knife is made of the same AUS10A highly refined, high-carbon, vanadium stainless steel. It boasts great non-slip properties, while offering secure grip and comfort. However, I think they’d be far happier if you just had some veggies. Happy nakiri shopping! Each of the knives is distinct in their own way so it depends on your requirements which one suit you best. Due to this hardness, the cutting edge can be constructed thinner and sharper, allowing for easy cuts. To handle more types of cutting tasks, the santoku knife is an ideal choice because of its curved shape and pointed edge. Additionally, the blades are bead blasted to lend an impressive finish. To buy a quality knife, you need to pay more so set your requirements accordingly. It also hides scratches and scuffs. Featuring an outstanding designing and cutting-edge breakthrough technology, this knife is a must have to ramp up the decor of your kitchen. You can work on all vegetable, fruit, and herb related meal prep. Featuring amazing features, this nakiri is one of its kinds with a beautiful hammered finish, curved toe and a pakkawood handle. In this top 5 we have listed the five most popular nakiri knives. These indentations prevent ingredients from sticking to the blade. Also, the air pockets are lined up on each side of the blade to make sure that food doesn’t stick while chopping. Plus, the 5.5 inch blade glides through perfectly to cut the food without damaging your skin. 1. Do you know what? At 6” long, the blade is capable and versatile. Its razor-sharp, 16 degrees blade holds an edge that lasts long time. Although Yoshihiro has been producing knives for more than 100 years, they were introduced to customers outside of Japan in 2008. Talking about a good nakiri knife, it would be from the house of SHUN as it offers professional chopping and slicing alike. To get a perfect nakiri knife, Kai can be considered the choicest product. Mercer is known for paper thin slicing as its comfortable non slip Santoprene handles are balanced to keep control over slicing and cutting. Talking about the handle, it is crafted of solid and identical Pakkawood to ensure durability and moisture protection. Investing in a Nakiri knife can help you pull off very thin cuts. Vanadium is the one to blame for the blade’s impact resistance and cutting performance. So, why is it so special? The handle is highly heat, cold, and moisture resistant. Since the logo is embossed on the end cap, the knife looks really beautiful boasting its sharp blades and stylish detailing. Plus, the knife looks beautiful since the blade is equipped with hand polished spine and ergonomic bolster shape. It’s so good that it didn’t fail to slice meat paper-thin either! Not only does it offer an exceptional performance, but it will blend right into your kitchen’s décor. VG-MAX is Shun’s patented steel, meaning you can’t find another nakiri knife with the same quality. Let’s start by stating the obvious; the Shun Classic 6.5” nakiri knife is beautifully designed, showcasing the extraordinary craftsmanship tradition of ancient Japanese sword making. Comparison on 10 Best Nakiri Knife in 2020; 10 Best Nakiri Knife in 2020 - Unbiased Review. Although this is a nakiri knife, the shape resembles a santoku knife. This knife is best … There’s an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to the best nakiri knife. Say goodbye to those poor quality low carbon stainless steel knives when you have this vegetable Japanese chef knife. As most of the vegetables knives, this model comes with a wider blade. For your knowledge, most nakiri knives have hammered finish which doesn’t let food stick to the blade while cutting. These knives are a Japanese gift to the world, they are made with extreme care, sincerity, and precision. As any other knife from the Classic line, the 7” nakiri knife is made of special X50CrMo14 steel. However, we have compiled this list to enlighten you on to different nakiri knife models from various brands. Best Nakiri Knife Buying Guide – 2018 Reviews – The Blade Guru The Ultimate Guide – Best Nakiri Knife Guide – The Blade Guru Food, Home Lists, Kitchen, Living / Dining, Product Lists; Post navigation. Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Inch Forged Nakiri Vegetable Knife; 3. Preparing a meal after coming back home from a long tiring day feels like hell but a nakiri knife can make easier to prepare your meal. Also, it ensures efficiency and efficacy when cutting and chopping vegetables to prepare luscious meals to invite friends over for a small get together. Crafted for minimal push and pull, this blade cuts precisely as it boasts strength, durability and edge retention. Regardless of your experience as a chef, it’s crafted to serve both amateur and professional chefs. This is, without a doubt, the knife you use to finely cut carrots, cucumber, cabbage and any other types of vegetables. You will love this nakiri knife in your kitchen owing to the Japanese styling it is featured with! Yet another incredible nakiri knife from the house of Shun! This nakiri knife has a blunt tip, making it perfect for chopping and slicing fruits and vegetables.

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