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Your email address will not be published. With a long-life battery that works continuously for up to six hours on a single charge, you can have fun while on the go for tens of hundreds of miles. Currently, the best portable dvd player is the Pyle PDV156BK. Try and find as many reviews as you can of the product you are considering buying so you know how well it can perform several months down the road. But of course, the good news does not end there. century, it is very simply equipped. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest portable dvd players since 2015. There is a slot for a multitude of disc formats as well including CD, CD-R, DVD, DVD+R, DVD+RW, VCD, SVCD-R. Included in the package are the portable DVD player, a stereo, earphones, an AV cable, car charger, remote controller, power adapter, backpack, and the user manual. Then there is the screen. The NAVISKAUTO may belong to the class of portable DVD player, but the truth is it is more portable than most. This DVD player from Philips is portable because it is 1 ½ inch thin. With a break-point memory function, the inconvenience of starting back a playlist is no more. The DBPOWER 9.5″ Portable DVD Player comes with inbuilt high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivering up to five hours of entertainment. If you are that driver that undertakes long drives on a regular basis, this ought to factor in pretty strongly when making your decision, especially if you have a couple of kids you want to keep still and entertained in the back. It is a 10.1 inch IPS display 768 pixel LCD touch screen with a slot in type of lens. You will get yours with just the player, cig charger, adjustable mount, and 5 holder pipes. They can last up to 4 or even 5 hours between charges. The DR. J portable DVD player comes with a 3000 mAh battery that can run for 5 hours when fully charged. If so, then the TENKER 9.5″ Portable DVD Player is the right choice. Fortunately, the people behind the Apeman PV760 take driver safety rather seriously and have configured their product to be mounted on the car’s headrest. Specifications: • Screen size -16.6 inches • Item weight -5.15 pounds • Item dimensions -3.2 by 20 by 11.5 inches. The Pyle PLHRDVD904  (whatever that means) may have a screen slightly smaller than most but that is only to make this multimedia player system a comfortable fit to the headrest of your car. With a break-point memory function, this portable DVD player takes away the hassle for another fresh start. DBPOWER maintains its place at the forefront of the market by constantly upgrading the firmware and conducting strict tests to ensure high-quality viewing. Being a portable DVD player it has been configured to fit comfortably into the headrest post of any modern car. However, size is not everything. Its built-in rechargeable battery can deliver up to 2.5 hours of fun and entertainment on a single charge. You can effortlessly playback movies from a DVD using VLC Media Player. Then you might want to give the CD-490 Stereo CD player from JENSEN a try. This DVD player supports all major disc formats. Its built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery delivers up to four hours of non-stop entertainment. More on convenience, this DVD player has a breakpoint function that allows you to pick half watched programs from where you left off. Going on a road trip can be absolutely delightful. That said, however, it will still fit in most disc formats. This is unit can be swiveled easily if you want to attach to the car’s headrest. However, it would help to set it up in a relatively quiet car since those 4 hours will shrink a little if you have to turn the volume up. It also comes with SD & USB memory card slot and dual full-range stereo speakers delivering digital video and audio multimedia fun. It has a built-in rechargeable 2500mAh battery that delivers up to five hours of entertainment. Pyle 15-Inch Portable DVD Player, Swivel Angle Adjustable Display Screen, USB/SD Card Memory Readers, and Built-in Rechargeable Battery with Remote Control. Individuals in need of private theater anywhere anytime can consider DR. J 9.5″ Portable DVD Player. And yes, you do get an AC wall charger to go with that. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It supports all types of media files as well as USB and SD card. This device is powered by a 5-hour, long-lasting 3000 mAh rechargeable battery and AC adapter ensuring that all is well throughout your journey. Stores are OPEN with safety protocols in place. This plays DVD discs from all over the world as it's totally region-free. A variety of digital formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, and WMA are accepted with slots for both USB drives and SD cards. When it comes to media file formats, this player supports almost all the major types that people use be it discs, audio, or images. That is enough to cover an entire ‘Lord Of The Rings’ movie and then some. If you have a collection of films on DVDs, but most of them have small scratches and scuffs, then this player will still be able to play them without problems - this is achieved due to the … Impressive much. Supported video formats include vob, avi, xvid, flv, mpeg1, mpeg2, and mpeg4. Specifications: • Item weight- 1.94 pounds • Item dimensions -13.7 by 8.6 by 3 inches • Batteries -1 lithium ion batteries. This Tenswall product gets our best overall thumbs up thanks to its versatility and rich feature set. What’s more, it can even pick up a film from where you left off thanks to its break point memory function. Canada’s best deals on brands like Apple, Samsung, Dyson and many more. There is no doubt that you will carry out some few things before you make a final decision. It comes with an AC adapter and a 5.9 ft car charger which means you can charge the player while still in use at the backseat. DBPOWER 12" Portable DVD Player with 5-Hour... DBPOWER 11.5" Portable DVD Player, 5-Hour Built-in... Sylvania 15.6-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD... ieGeek 11.5" Portable DVD Player with SD Card/USB... DR. J 11.5" Portable DVD Player with HD 9.5"... Pyle 17.9” Portable DVD Player, With 15.6 Inch... TENKER 9.5" Portable DVD Player with Swivel... DBPOWER 14.4 “ Portable DVD Player with Long... WONNIE 10.5'' Dual Portable DVD Player for Car... APEMAN 2020 Upgrade 17.9'' Portable DVD Player... DBPOWER 12" Portable DVD Player with 5-Hour Rechargeable Battery, 10" Swivel Display Screen, SD Card... DBPOWER 11.5" Portable DVD Player, 5-Hour Built-in Rechargeable Battery, 9" Swivel Screen, Support... Sylvania 15.6-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player with USB & SD Card Slot & Rechargeable Battery. Once again from DBPOWER, this time, the 10.5 inch portable DVD player with a rechargeable battery system and the essential slots for SD cards and USBs. It comes with a long-lasting built-in rechargeable battery delivering up to five hours of continuous entertainment. If you’re looking for a high-quality external DVD drive, though we know this type of gear is somewhat obsolete in the “current year” with USB 3.1 and all that, the LG Ultra Slim would make for an interesting choice for a number of reasons. This portable DVD player comes from the name that we can all trust; Philips. These units play the same movies at the same time delivering crystal clear images and loud sound through high power dual speaker. But there’s more, this DVD player is actually dual-screened. It features break-point and regions free function ensuring that users play from where the left previously. When it comes to supported media file formats, the WONNIE is very much in league with the rest of its high-end competitors. Pick up at 500+ stores or Ship to Home. What we have here is an affordable, slim, lightweight, and multi-functional DVD player that, in most ways, outperforms and outclasses its competition within the same price range. It is also compatible with multiple digital file formats. In that regard having a portable DVD player to play with can appear to be counterproductive. 10 Best Portable DVD Player By Consumer Reports 2020, 10 Best Portable Ice Maker Consumer Reports 2020, 10 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator Consumer Reports 2020, 10 Best Portable Evaporative Cooler Consumer Reports 2020, 10 Best Portable Sauna Tent Consumer Reports 2020, Best Portable Changing Pad Reviews based on Consumer…, Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews based on…. Its large screen enables view sharing with loved ones. First off, it can run for up to 5 hours between charges and when the charge does finally run out, you have a grand total three different charging mechanisms for it. Therefore, it can easily be mounted to the back of a car’s headrest. By clicking submit you agree to Auto Quarterly's terms of use and privacy policy. However, there are some mandatory features that all buyers will want to see on their devices. Before thinking about what your personal preferences are with portable DVD players, there are some general criteria to look at. This DVD player can be swiveled seamlessly as a table so it becomes easier to attach on a car headrest. The only supported image file format is JPEG. Specifications: • Warranty –one year limited • USB/SD card support • Item weight -3.86 pounds • Product dimensions -15 by 10 by 1.9 inches. So if you have decided that you want to get yourself a portable DVD player at a decent price to keep you entertained during your long drives, you have come to the right place. 1 - 6 of 6. Do you want to enjoy your favorite movies while on the go? There are a few things to look at, more than a few if we are being completely honest. The title says this is a universal car headrest monitor and there is a very good reason for that. Portable DVD Players. Take a look at the below: The DBPOWER 10.5″ is one of the best portable DVD players out there in the market enabling travelers to watch movies for longevity thanks to its 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. The Panasonic DVD-S700 DVD player is the do-it-all best of the best unit for your cabinet. Source: Tenswall. There will be no wiring involved with this player as it can go on entertaining you for up to 4 hours. What’s more, with most other portable DVD players, you would have to take into account how long they will run on a single charge; not so with this one because it comes with a 5-foot long car cord, long enough to for you to keep it plugged in while using it. Shop for portable DVD players at Best Buy. Top on the list is conducting thorough research with your specifications in mind. THZY 5 Hours 9.5 inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player, 6. Hence, this DVD player has been fitted with the latest LCD eye protection screen which extensively prevents dazzle and flickering. This TaoTronics portable DVD player supports popular file formats, and the SD card, USB and AV interfaces offer flexible playback options. Being a hybrid mix or portable DVD player and android tablet, the DDAUTO is uniquely capable. And if you do remember to bring your power adapter along, you will find that its length at 1.8 meters makes the player that much more convenient to use and set up. It is not as though smaller screens are particularly bad but a larger screen just provides less of a strain on the eyes since things are easier to focus on when they are magnified. This compact, lightweight unit has an inbuilt rechargeable battery enabling achieve the said objective. ... Wal-Mart Canada Corp. 1940 Argentia Road ... We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. You just need to know not to buy one that is plagued with problems or else, your journey is bound to be even more miserable than normal. The 9.5-inch swivel screen offers 180 degrees flip and 270 degrees rotation so users cannot stick to one viewing angles. Compatible with Windows 2000 to Windows 7, it has 32 GB of memory, expandable via two Micro-SD slots, and supports lossless AIFF, FLAC, and APE files as well as uncompressed WAV files at up to 24 bits/192 kHz. So when there is literally nothing else to do but sit down and wait for the hours to tick by, you will inevitably be craving for some entertainment. It can also be connected to your television. Lastly, if the 11.5” screen is not enough, an AV output allows you to connect this player to your flat screen TV for a better viewing experience. DBPOWER 12" Portable DVD Player with 5-Hour Rechargeable Battery, 10" Swivel Display Screen, SD Card Slot and USB Port, with 1.8 meter Car Charger and Power Adaptor, Region Free- Black, DR. J 17.9" Region Free Portable DVD Player with 6 Hours Rechargeable Battery, Large 15.4“ Screen DVD Player Sync TV Support USB/SD Card and Multiple Disc Formats, High Volume Speaker Black, HDJUNTUNKOR Portable DVD Player with 10.1" HD Swivel Display Screen, 5 Hour Rechargeable Battery, Support CD/DVD/SD Card/USB, Car Headrest Case, Car Charger, Unique Extra Button Design. But first, let us take a brief look at what you should be looking for. The screen can be rotated as well either to 90 or 180 degrees and has a resolution of 1024×600. Pardon us having to spell out that long and uninteresting name but the point is this DVD player has internet connectivity and the ability to support various apps. That makes it a very competent entertainment system for long drives in the countryside. Why? It is probably one of the few small scale electronic devices that has a disc tray and internet connectivity in the same package. Specifications: • Screen size -12.1 inches • Item dimensions -16 by 10 by 3 inches • Item weight -3.85 pounds. That is why this DVD player is equipped with a ‘last memory function.’ When turned on, it will pick up the show from where you left off for a more efficient viewing experience. This unit boasts of three power systems making it ideal for long car or plane journey. So in a way, it renders the typical competition totally obsolete. This popular DVD player has stood the test of time, and it runs flawlessly even on low-powered computers. Pyle Universal Car Headrest Mount Monitor, 9. They’re slim, portable, and will typically support the use of Audio CDs, MP3 CDs, and CD-RW (rewritable CDs you can make at home). The main monitor is used for AV output while other is used for AV input. As a manufacturer of some of the best portable entertainment centers in the world, APEMAN is one such company. With the ability to support all major storage devices and file formats as well as an extraordinarily long playtime, it is little wonder that this DVD player gets a spot on our top 10 list. This device is compatible with several media formats including CD-RW, CD, DVD, EVD, VOB, DIVX, MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG3. NAVISKAUTO 10.1" Dual Screen DVD Player, THZY 5 Hours 9.5 inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player, Pyle Universal Car Headrest Mount Monitor, DDAUTO DDA10D Tablet Android 6.0 Portable DVD Player, The 10 Best Roll Up Tonneau Covers to Buy 2020, The 10 Best Spray Paint for Rims to Buy 2020. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up The next best DVD player on the list is the good old VLC Media Player. Besides its 10.5-inch screen, this unit features a swivel screen so users never get stuck to particular viewing angles. So what are the key features that should be present in any portable DVD player that is worth buying? It also supports MP3/WAV/WMA, MPEG2/DIVX/JPEG. Features to Consider in Good Portable DVD Players, Supports primary storage devices (USBs, SD cards, and discs), Supports a multitude of formats for discs, USB drives and SD cards, Last memory function picks up a program from where you left off, Contains slots for different storage devices, Supports many formats for audio, video, and image files, Uses the latest LCD eye protection screen, Includes IR transmitter and RCA wiring harness. The AK100 portable music player ventures beyond the iTunes universe to open a world of high-resolution music playback. Learn more about cookies. 2. This is a universal feature to look for in anything that costs money and with portable DVD players, it is no different. All portable DVD players are small enough to be carried around. If you are looking for a travel companion, then the APEMAN 15” Portable DVD Player is the right product to consider. You can also copy the files from a CD onto another storage device like a USB drive or SD card. But if you know what to look for, you should be able to eliminate a considerable number of these and finally end up with your best choice. Its 9.5 inches high-resolution swivel screen offers 180-degree flip function and 270-degree rotation delivering easy positioning and superb viewing experience. At least, it will keep the kids entertained during long drives. Also, in the true spirit of the 21st century, it is very simply equipped. It also supports SD cards and ma 32GB USB for playing JPEG, MP3/WAV/WMA, and MPEG2/DivX/AVI. You can enjoy them on the way. This player will also support more storage devices than usual, accommodating USBs, SD cards, and MMCs and play your downloaded media on both screens. The Pyle 17.9” Portable DVD Player brings a mini home theater feeling wherever you go, designed specifically to entertain everyone while on the road, plane, or even at home. Slots for USBs and SD cards are a given. You may not want to admit it as it seems like a minor detail but looks matter. It will also give the device a cleaner, aesthetically pleasing profile, something that can often go underrated in a customer’s evaluation process. Selling at a rate of almost 1 from every 3 portable DVD players on Amazon, DBPOWER is fast becoming a name that needs no introduction in the tech industry. As portable DVD players go, this one is right up there, thanks to its impressive functionality and versatile usability. However, the DDAUTO has taken a slightly different turn by incorporating android technology, specifically an Android 6.0 superior quad core ARM A7 quad 1.3Ghz CPU. Like many other top of the range models, this DVD player has a last memory function which allows you to pick up an incomplete program from where you left off. The DBPOWER 10.5 inch portable DVD player is a quality multimedia companion.. You can carry this player with you because of its lightweight.

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