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Story appearances You allowed your bitterness to distract you from following the code of the cobra. The baobab fruit ends up in Ushari's mouth, but Bunga quickly grabs it away, and Ushari is forced to duck as Kion leaps over him after his friend. Ushari was an adult male cobra who appears as a neutral character-turned-the tertiary antagonist in The Lion Guard. Despite Kion's best efforts, Ushari was frequently disturbed by his Lion Guard, usually without apology. Just then, Njano arrives and shouts right next to Ushari to get his attention. As one last act of spite he attempts to kill Kion, but is luckily stopped. Biographical information https://disneyvillains.fandom.com/wiki/Ushari?oldid=149482, Ushari was first thought to be a villain before the movie was released. He is the hidden secondary antagonist of The Lion Guard, a cameo character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, a major protagonist in the first season, and a supporting antagonist in the second season. However, when confronted, he can be quite fierce, cruel, savage, aggressive, unsympathetic, and bloodthirsty. Knowing that he has the Roar of the Elders the strange lion suggests that Scar should be the king of the Pride Lands. Ushari At sunset in Lake Matope, Ushari speaks with Kiburi privately before the match, explaining the plan. When Scar overhears, he starts to note how easy it will be to eliminate him, and Ushari gets excited, stating that it will weaken the Lion Guard. Once in the Outlands he encounters Janja and his clan and tells them how Kion is able to speak to Mufasa and if they want to stop the Guard they should also find a way to talk to one of the Greal Lions of the Past. Ushari is lying in the grass when Bunga jumps on him. The guard of the Outlands. It was released in August 2017. He aids Scar in attempting to destroy the pride lands and turn it into a wasteland. Ushari growled and hissed in annoyance as he slithered back to the Outlands. And you have no one but yourself to blame for your shame." Bites Kion in the eye, injecting him with venom that would slowly bring out Kion's darkest instincts and make him lose control of the roar. Ushari bites down with his fangs but falls regardless. Ushari is an adult male cobra. This is a draft of a project that I have in mind. Ushari was an adult male cobra who appears as a neutral character-turned-the tertiary antagonist in The Lion Guard. The reason he turned evil is because bad things happened to him when the lion guard was around. Hafifu assures him that he can and ignores Ushari's cries for him to stop, and throws Ushari into the fruit hanging on a tree. Kiburi: the strongest. Animal World. He was Helga's mate, Hista's father, Helgari's grandfather and Kisasi's older brother. Since Ushari help Mzingo and his Parliament to take over the Pride Lands for following Scar's Plan and take down the Lion Guard. Ushari, not wanting Scar to be destroyed, jumps on Kion, and tries to attack him, but is grabbed by Bunga away from Kion in time. You dishonored yourself, Ushari. The Lion Guard Ushari is annoyed at the loud call but becomes intrigued when he learns that Beshte is alone in the Outlands. Ushari then uncoils and slithers away. The Lion Guard (TV Series 2016– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. He watches as Scar appears, ultimately ordering Janja to get rid of her. Christian Slater is the voice of Ushari in The Lion Guard. I mean, it's implied that the lions and Fuli can eat prey (even though it's never shown), but the Lion Guard frequently save the prey from being eaten by others in … Male How to Draw Ushari from The Lion Guard step by step, learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults. Chula in An American Tale 2: Tod Goes West (Davidchannel's Version) Willie Gogan inBagheera's Chihuahua (1977) Sir Hiss in Twilight Hood (Zachary the Dino) Bulgy in Po/Thomas and Friends shorts Add a photo to this gallery Biography The Lion Guard "The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar" Kiburi can be seen being led into a hibernation cave by the Lion Guard. Pua's words struck home, echoing in Ushari's head: "You dishonored yourself, Ushari." TV Show: The Lion Guard Franchise: Lion King. She has a beige underbelly, a beige muzzle, a black nose, and green eyes. Second-in-Command of ScarLeader of the Skinks While cleaning up after the rain storm Kion, Fuli, and Beshte approach Ushari's hole when Kion asks who'll go in to she he and his cobra family are stuck in the mud. And he's not happy. Ushari is the overall secondary antagonist of Disney's The Lion Guard. The division would be this: Ushari: the bravest. However, he later became a villain during The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar. When he's hit by Bunga's baobab ball. Unlike the other followers of Scar, Ushari is the only one to live in the Outlands by choice, rather than being banished by Simba or the Lion Guard. Ushari is relaxed and persuades the crocodile to let him show him something very, very special. Serve Scar in order to get revenge Kion and his friends for getting him run over ever time they protect the Pride Lands.Avenge Scar's destruction by killing Kion (both failed). The idea is that Scar deside to grant them similar abilities to those of the guard of the lion to his secuases, replacing the tattoo of Kion by the mark of Scar. Wickedpedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. 10:01. In the Outlands Volcano, Ushari notices Cheezi and Chungu getting confused over something trivial, and rolls his eyes in annoyance. He was quiet most of the time to avoid trouble. Tired of having not getting respect Ushari decides to change that, upon hearing Kion talking with Makini on how he can speak to Mufasa Ushari decides to use it as an opportunity to take charge. 4. Instead, the cub follows the advice that his grandfather told him, and calls the Great Lions of the Past with his blow causing rain, it destroys Scar. Their struggle causes them both to fall into the lava, and, while Ono saves Bunga (albeit at the cost of losing much of his vision), Ushari falls into the lava and burns to death, ending the cobra's life forever, ending the threat of Scar's legacy through his followers onto the Pride Lands, and freeing the Outlands from his tyranny once and for all, putting the Outlands back into its role in the Circle of Life, now under the rule of Jasiri. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Later, when Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu fail their mission, Ushari tracks them down and informs them that Scar wishes to speak with them. While trying to calm down a herd of stampeding water buffalo, Bunga tries to pull one out of the mud but ends up flying into a bush where Ushari bites him for landing on his head then slithers away. KH. TV shows The Reveal: It is revealed at the end that the cub Bunga saw falling from the tree branch in Rafiki's painting was actually Kion's maternal grandfather, and he was saved by the Lion Guard that was active in that day. Later, having successfully stung Simba, Sumu returns with news of the success to Scar, who orders Ushari to get the other animals ready for a battle. But he invalidates this excuse by taking his revenge too far. Just then, Njano arrives and shouts right next to Ushari to get his attention. In a flashback, an adolescent Scar is patrolling the Pride Lands when a Strange Lion walks up to him. He also appears as the main antagonist in The Rise of Scar. Scar explains his next to plan to Janja which is to enter the Pride Lands, enter the riverbank above Hakuna Matata Falls at night, and push the rocks into the river until it stops the water from flowing. Despite initially helping out with resurrecting Scar under the threat of being eaten by Janja, he continues to willingly aid in Scar's plans and proves to be extremely sadistic. 1. The other leaders are frightened by the presence of such a dangerous creature, but Ushari knows that his venom is reserved for Simba. Kion was born to Simba and Nala sometime after the birth of his sister Kiara.At some point in his early childhood, Kion befriended a young honey badger named Bunga (who was in the care of Simba's friends and childhood guardians Timon and Pumbaa).One time, Kion and Bunga went out to play in the Pride Lands, despite Simba telling Kion to stay put. When he reaches the floor he spits the fruit out, muttering "Every time I get near the Lion Guard". With his hood closed Ushari closely resembles a red spitting cobra except for the \"eye\" markings on his hood when extended (a trait the species lacks). At first it doesn't work like they hoped, after Janja scolds ushari and kicks the staff into the volcano Scar's spirit appears in fire like Rafiki said, much to Janja's dismay. When the hyenas get confused, Ushari commands them to listen to Scar, who has a plan. StealthPowerful jawsVenomManipulationCunning. Earlier, he belonged to the Helga’s Group and was her mate. He serves as a cameo character in the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, a neutral villain in the first season, the main antagonist in the special Rise of Scar, the overall secondary antagonist of the second season and the posthumous overarching antagonist in the third season. When he learns about Scar's plans to have Kion erupt the volcano, which would turn the pride lands to a wasteland, Ushari still goes along with it and he even seems to enjoy the idea. He shows a dislike for Bunga in particular, though did not appear to harbor any ill feelings towards the rest of the Lion Guard for a very long time, though remained cautious of their presence. Though Janja exclaims that no Great Lion would help the hyenas but Ushari reminds of Scar and how if Kion can talk to Mufasa then they might be able to speak Scar. Despite Bunga's best efforts, Ushari's attack leaves a scar on Kion's left eye. Despite Ushari's ultimate demise, his venom would remain inside of Kion, altering his mind and morality, and stripping him of his control of the roar, prompting him to a journey to the Tree of Life to heal his wounds. 4. the lion guard the rise of scar part 1 | | Ushari and hyenas planing to bring back scar. Bunga reacts immediately after the fact and pushes the cobra away from Kion. 2. In the episode "Rise of Makuu" he attempts to eat the hyrax that just got rescued by Lion Guard… Meanwhile, Ushari and the hyenas team up to seek the help of the Pride Lands' greatest villain, Scar. Ushari is a red cobra with a creamy-tan underside and narrow purple markings. As Ushari sleeps in the volcano, Janja, Cheezi and Chungu return, having failed a mission to find the jackals. | All Rights Reserved. © 2019 The Walt Disney Company. Occupation Near Pure Evil Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Set after the original film and in the middle of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Kion continues serving as leader of the Lion Guard and also continues protecting the Pride Lands' animals mainly by making sure no predators overeat, especially outside of their own territory. His final appearance was in Battle for the Pride Lands. Scar orders Ushari to bite Kion and give him the mark of evil Lion Guard Battle for the Pride Lands.

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