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Delivery; Select Page. 1A - Crispy Aromatic Duck 1/4 Quarter 香酥鴨1/4, 1B - Crispy Aromatic Duck 1/2 Half 香酥鴨1/2, 9 - Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crab with Salt & Pepper (Per Piece) 椒鹽軟殼蟹, 10 - Preserved Egg with Red Chilli Special Sauce (Legends' Specialities) (Spicy) 紅椒皮蛋, 11 - Tofu Cubes with Preserved Eggs & Spicy Sauce (Spicy) 皮蛋豆腐, 12 - Shaoxing Drunken Chicken, Served Chilled (Legends' Specialities) 紹興醉雞, 13 - Crispy Fried Chicken (Boneless) with Salt & Pepper (Legends' Specialities) 鹽酥雞, 14 - Marinated Chicken Slices in Spicy Sauce (Spicy) 口水雞, 15 - Peking Spare Ribs (Recommended) 京都小排, 16 - Hot & Fiery Marinated Beef Slices & Beef Tripe (Spicy) 夫妻肺片, 17 - Special Beef Tripe in Spicy Oil (Spicy) 紅油百葉, 18 - Sichuan-Style Spicy Wonton (Spicy) 龍抄手, 21 - Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup (Spicy) 素酸辣湯, 24 - Chicken (With Bone) Soup (Legends' Specialities) 原盅炖雞, 25 - Clear Beef Broth (Legends' Specialities) 清燉牛肉湯, 26 - Pickled Vegetable & Pork Ribs Stock Soup 酸菜炖排骨. Kreplach and kneidlach at B&K Salt Beef Bar. 31 - Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs (Recommended) 京都焗小排, 32 - Pork Ribs with Sichuan Chillies (Spicy) 川椒排骨, 33 - Dongpo Pork Belly, Red-Braised and Slowly-Stewed (Recommended) 東坡肉, 35 - Deep-Fried Battered Pork in Sweet & Sour Sauce (Legends' Specialities) 鍋包肉, 36 - Twice-Cooked Pork Belly Slices with Chilli & Onion 回鍋肉, 37 - Marinated Shredded Pork with Mixed Vegetables in Special Chilli Sauce (Legends' Specialities) (Spicy) 魚香肉絲, 38 - Villager's Stir-Fried Pork (Spicy) 農家小炒肉, 41 - Supreme Deep-Fried Pork Fillet in Delicious Creamy Sauce 一品豬扒, 43 - Flavoursome Salt & Pepper Pork Fillet 椒鹽焗豬扒, 45 - Steamed Pork Pie with Salted Fish 鹹魚蒸肉餅, 47 - Pan-Fried Pork Intestines with Fresh Chillies (Spicy) 鮮椒爆肥腸, 48 - Stir-Fried Pork Intestines with Dried Chillies (Spicy) 干煸大腸, 49 - Curry Braised Beef Brisket (Spicy) 咖哩牛腩, 51 - Beef Brisket & White Turnip Stew 蘿蔔炖牛腩, 52 - Boiled Tender Beef Slices in Spicy Soup 山寨水煮牛, 53 - Stir-Fried Beef with Sichuan Chillies 川椒炒牛肉, 54 - Stir-Fried Beef with Black Bean Sauce (Legends' Specialities) 豉椒炒牛肉, 55 - Sizzling Beef Ribs with Black Pepper Sauce 鐵板黑椒牛小排, 56 - Beef Ribs with Peking Sauce (Legends' Specialities) 西汁牛小排, 59 - Xinjiang-Style Stir-Fried Lamb with Chillies (Spicy) 新疆小炒羊, 60 - Black Pepper Lamb with Chillies (Spicy) 杭椒煸肥羊, 61 - Lamb Brisket with Chestnut and Bean Curd Sticks Stew 栗子枝竹炆羊腩, 61A - Lamb Chops with Spicy Herbal Sauce (Legends' Specialities) 孜然焗羊小排, 61B - Lamb Chops with Spicy Chilli 甘香煎羊小排, 62 - Taiwanese "3-Cup" Chicken (Boneless) (Legends' Specialities) 三杯雞, 63 - Sweet & Sour Chicken Fillet with Pineapple (Boneless) 菠蘿咕嚕雞, 65 - Stir-Fried Chicken Fillet with Seasonal Green 時菜炒雞柳, 66 - Sauteed Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts 腰果炒雞丁, 67 - Malaysian "Nyonya" Curry Chicken (On the Bone) (Legends' Specialities) (Spicy) 娘惹咖哩雞, 68 - Sizzling Chicken Fillet in Black Bean 鐵板豉汁雞球, 69 - Kongbao Chicken with Dried Chilli & Cashew Nuts (Spicy) 宮保雞丁, 71 - Sichuan-Style Stir-Fried Spicy Chicken with Chilli & Peanut (Spicy) (Recommended) 格樂山辣子雞, 73 - Southwestern-Style Chicken Cooked with Beer (Legends' Specialities) (Spicy) 黔西啤酒雞, 74 - 'Big Plate' Chicken (Legends' Specialities) (Spicy) 大盤雞, 75 - Deep-Fried Duck (Boneless) with Orange Sauce 酥炸橙花鴨, 76 - Stir-Fried Duck (Boneless) Slices with Pineapple 鳳梨炒鴨片, 81 - Deep-Fried King Prawn with Chilli & Sichuan Pepper (Spicy) 麻辣明蝦球, 82 - Sweet & Sour Prawn with Seasonal Fruit 鮮果咕嚕蝦球, 83 - Kongbao King Prawn with Dried Chilli & Cashew Nuts (Spicy) 宮保蝦球, 84 - Golden King Prawn (With Shell) Fried with Salted Egg Yolk (Legends' Specialities) 黃金炸明蝦, 85 - 'Bang Bang' King Prawn (With Shell) with Dried Chillies (Legends' Specialities) (Spicy) 香辣棒棒蝦, 87 - Steamed Sea Bass Fillet with Black Bean Sauce 豉汁蒸鱸魚, 88 - Traditional Chaozhou-Style Steamed Sea Bass 傳統潮州蒸鱸魚, 89 - Sea Bass Fillet Steamed with Soya Sauce 清蒸鱸魚排, 89A - Deep-fried Seabass (Whole) with Soy Sauce (Legends' Specialities) (Spicy) 煎封海鱸魚, 90 - Sea Bass Grilled with Mixed Chillies, Lotus Roots & Potatoes (Legends' Specialities) (Spicy) 農夫烤鱸魚, 91 - Boiled Tender Sea Bass Slices in Spicy Soup (Spicy) 山城水煮魚, 92 - Tender Sea Bass Slices with pickled Cabbage & Glass Noodles in Fragrant Soup (Spicy) 天府酸菜魚, 95 - Deep-Fried Octopus with Dried Chilli (Spicy) 飄香八爪魚, 96 - Deep-Fried Octopus with Salt & Pepper 椒鹽八爪魚, 97 - Fresh Crab (With Shell) Congee 生滾螃蟹粥, 98 - Aromatic Chilli Crab (With Shell) (Spicy) 香辣蟹, 99 - Fresh Crab (With Shell) Stir-Fried with Black Pepper Sauce (Recommended) 黑胡椒炒螃蟹, 100 - Fresh Crab (With Shell) Steamed with Shaoxing Rice Wine 紹興老酒蒸螃蟹, 101 - Fried Scallops with Vegetables 時菜炒帶子, 102 - Boiled Frog Legs in Hot Soup (Spicy) 水煮田雞腿, 103 - Kongbao Frog with Dried Chilli & Cashew Nuts (Spicy) 宮保田雞, 104 - Deep-Fried Frog Legs with Salt & Pepper (Spicy) 椒鹽田雞, 104A - Boiled Frog Legs with Chilli & Sichuan Pepper 麻辣酸菜煮田雞, 111 - Hand-Sliced Chinese Cabbage with Chilli Sauce (Spicy) 干鍋手撕包菜, 112 - Spicy Lotus Root Slices with Chilli (Spicy) 干鍋藕片, 113 - Fragrant Tender Chicken (With Bone) with Dried Chilli (Spicy) 干鍋仔雞, 114 - Double-Cooked Pork Belly Slices with Chilli, Onion & Tofu (Spicy) 干鍋回鍋肉, 115 - Succulent Pork Intestines with Chilli (Spicy) 干鍋肥腸, 116 - Shell-on King Prawn with Chilli (Spicy) 干鍋大蝦, 117 - Frog with Chilli & Pepper (Spicy) 干鍋田雞, 118 - Beef Omasum with Chilli (Spicy) 干鍋百葉, 119 - Beef Tripe with Chilli (Spicy) 干鍋牛肚, 120 - Sliced Lamb with Chilli (Spicy) 干鍋肥羊, 121 - Taiwanese Omelette with Chopped Salted Radish 菜圃煎蛋, 122 - Steamed Eggs with Preserved Egg & Salted Duck Egg 三色蒸水蛋, 123 - Mapo Tofu with Minced Pork in Spicy Sauce (Spicy) 麻婆豆腐, 124 - Grilled Tofu Filled with Mashed Prawn 百花煎豆腐, 126 - Minced Pork & Pickled Vegetable Stew with Tofu (Recommended) 雪里紅炖豆腐, 127 - Salt & Pepper Tofu Filled with Mashed Prawn (Recommended) 椒鹽百花豆腐, 128 - Silken Tofu Cubes with Mixed Mushrooms 野菇玉子豆腐, 129 - Silken Tofu Cubes with Minced Pork 肉碎玉子豆腐, 130 - Supreme Seafood with Silken Tofu Cubes in Stone Bowl 石鍋海鮮玉子豆腐, 131 - Fragrant Aubergine with Minced Pork & Chilli Sauce 魚香茄子, 132 - Salt & Pepper Crispy Aubergine 椒鹽茄子, 133 - Stir-Fried Green Beans with Minced Pork (Spicy) 乾扁四季豆, 141 - Stir-Fried Spicy Water Spinach with Fermented Bean Curd 腐乳炒通菜, 142 - Stir-Fried Baby Pak-Choi (Chinese Cabbage) 清炒白菜仔, 143 - Baby Pak-Choi in Supreme Soup with Salted Egg & Preserved Egg 金銀蛋浸白菜仔, 144 - Stir-Fried Choi-Sum with Garlic 蒜子菜心, 148 - Stir-Fried Chives with Scrambled Eggs 韭菜炒蛋, 149 - "Black & White": Black Fungus & Chinese Cabbage 黑白菜, 151 - Spinach in Supreme Soup with Chopped Salted Egg & Preserved Egg (Recommended) 金銀蛋浸菠菜, 152 - Spicy Spinach with Minced Pork & Chilli Bean Paste 魚香菠菜, 153 - 'Triple Earthy Freshness' Sauteed Aubergine, Red Pepper & Potato 地三鮮, 161 - Yang-Zhou Fried Rice with Chicken & Shrimp 揚州炒飯, 162 - Egg Fried Rice with Shrimp (Legends' Specialities) (Recommended) 蝦仁蛋炒飯, 163 - Malaysian-Style Curry Chicken (On the Bone) with Steamed Rice (Legends' Specialities) (Spicy) 娘惹咖哩雞飯, 164 - Curry Braised Beef Brisket with Steamed Rice (Legends' Specialities) (Spicy) 咖哩牛腩飯, 165 - Pork Chop with Egg Fried Rice 豬扒蛋炒飯, 167 - Supreme Egg Fried Rice with Chopped Spring Onions (Legends' Specialities) (Recommended) 特製蛋炒飯, 169 - Stone-Bowl Rice with Minced Pork & Silken Tofu 肉碎玉子豆腐石鍋飯, 170 - Stone-Bowl Rice with Steamed Meat Pie & Salted Fish 鹹魚蒸肉餅石鍋飯, 171 - Stone-Bowl Rice with Cured Pork & Duck (Recommended) 三寶臘味石鍋飯, 172 - Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (Recommended) (Spicy) 紅燒牛肉湯麵, 174 - Chicken (On the Bone) Stew Noodle Soup (Legends' Specialities) 原盅及湯麵, 175 - Sliced Pork Chop Noodle Soup (Recommended) 豬扒湯麵, 176 - Shrimp & Pork Won-Ton Noodle Soup 蝦仁雲吞湯麵, 177 - Stir-Fried Beef Hofen (Wide Rice Noodles) 乾炒牛河, 178 - Spicy Seafood Hofen (Wide Rice Noodles) 甘香辣炒海鮮河粉, 179 - Stir-Fried Beef Hofen with Black Bean Sauce 豉椒炒牛肉河粉, 180 - Stir-Fried Beef Noodles with Shacha Sauce 沙茶牛肉炒麵, 181 - Stir-Fried Mixed Seafood Noodles (Recommended) 大麵炒(海鮮), 182 - Crispy Noodles Topped with Mixed Seafood 三鮮烘麵底, 183 - Shanghai-Style Stir-Fried Mixed Seafood Noodles 上海炒麵, 185 - Stir-Fried Noodles with Bean Sprouts 芽菜炒麵, 186 - Stir-Fried Mixed Seafood Vermicelli 干炒海鮮米粉, 187 - Spicy Singapore Noodles with Chicken & Shrimp (Spicy) 星洲米粉, 188 - Stir-Fried Glass Noodles with Dried Shrimp & Minced Pork 炒冬粉, Dumplings & Dim Sum. From our street food menu to your home. Steamed and healthy . Regional chinese cooking at its best, There are different dishes all from different regions, highlighting the best of Cantonese, Hong Kong, southern China, to many distinctive region of Sichuan cooking to Don Bei. 1 Newburgh St, Carnaby, London W1F 7RB. Steamed Chicken Dumplings, Steamed Crab Meat Dumplings, Grilled Lamb Dumplings, Crispy Prawn Rolls – if you like your food served with a little Oriental magic, Dim Sum will be your idea of heaven. For all queries and table bookings please WhatsApp your request to 07592420881. A takeaway designed with love, taking quality ingredients to deliver quality restaurant cooking to your doorstep. Read More. Bookings. 1. The Collective, 20 Crossharbour Plaza, Isle of Dogs, London, E149YF; View map; Hand Pulled Noodles and Dumplings made fresh everyday. Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically. 353 Uxbridge Rd, Hatch … OUR OPENING HOURS. Join. 0 View Basket 0. Chicken & sweet soup, Crispy aromatic duck (quarter) Sichuan spicy king prawn, Fried chicken (boneless) with lemon sauce, Sweet & sour pork with pineapple, Stir-fried mixed vegetables, Egg fried rice. Drogo’s Kitchen. Load up on all the pork baozi (buns) you can … Contact … Tuesday – CV1 to CV8, CV31, CV32, CV34, CV35. A takeaway designed with love, taking quality ingredients to deliver quality Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . Sauteed mushrooms & bamboo shoots, Sweet & sour fried dough sticks, Assorted mushrooms & seasonal vegetable. £8.95. No location selected. More. Vicky Park. Change. Beijing Dumpling has a FHRS rating of 2. Restaurant info. Ordering alcohol? Dim Sum gives you lots of Oriental splendour in lovely little portions. Dumplings & dim sum too! Skip to the end of the images gallery. Share this story ... A separate and complete guide to the best Chinese dumplings in London can be found here. Ugly Dumpling is a new food concept, transforming the humble dumpling from an Asian street snack to a new dining sensation. Map, allergens and hygiene rating . Thanks for signing up! Free delivery is available to the postcode areas above when you spend £10.00 or more. Homepage; About; Delivery & Collection; Menus; Street Food; Contact & Reservations; Dumplings to suit every taste. Order online today! Takeaway. My Neighbours the Dumplings is a family run Chinese dumpling house and Sake bar, now with two sites in both Lower Clapton and Victoria Park Village, Hackney.

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