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This course contributes toward the 40 hours of new miner training required by MSHA and covers basic concepts and a general overview of the regulations, including proper methods and rules that new miners must follow before, during, and after working at a mine. Take a look at this article if you want specific information and a step-by-step guide to filling out your annual refresher and new miner training certificates. After completion of this course you will receive a MSHA training certificate by email from your instructor. Time spent for each course may vary to meet specific needs. Upon successful completion of the course, a 5000-23 Certificate of Training will be issued. Get Free Msha New Miner Training Videos now and use Msha New Miner Training Videos immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping If the miner is away from mining for more than 36 months after receiving new miner training, and before accumulating 12 months of mining experience, the new rule requires that miner to repeat new miner training. MSHA 24 Hour New Miner Training is required for anyone in traditional mining operations (developing, drilling, blasting, milling, extracting, etc.) Get Training . Both these courses are in accordance with MSHA Part 46 standards, making them one of the most viable MSHA training courses available online. Who Should Attend. All classes meet the U.S. Department of Labor Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) Part 46/48 requirements for New Miner and Annual Refresher Training. Annual Refresher Guidelines for Training Plans. 30 CFR Part 46 Starter Kit Forms. This hybrid course is structured to meet the requirements of MSHA Part 48b Surface New Miner training. The online Surface Miner Training at is designed in compliance with MSHA Part 46 regulations. Recorded Webinar: MSHA Part 46, New Miner Training, and Annual Refresher Training. Download your copy of Vivid’s Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) approved training plan for Part 48 Subpart B (New Miner & Annual Refresher); Title 30, Code of Federal Regulations. This MSHA Mining Training package contains 27 courses, including the required 8 hours for MSHA Part 46 compliance training. Why learn with us. Whether you are a surface miner or surface miner contractor, the best training available awaits you in this comprehensive package available online from the comfort of your home or any other computer accessible location. Annual Refresher Training . New Miners taking both this MSHA New Miner Training course (8 hours) plus the NSC First Aid, CPR/AED course (6 hours estimated) will have completed 14 hours of the required 24 hours of training required by MSHA to take place during their first 90 days of employment. To Old Miners . The MSHA requires all miners and other contractors who work at surface mines to abide by the rules of Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Part 46 and take a mine safety training course. MSHA PART 46 New Miner. We know paperwork is a headache. This course is a 24 hour training for Part 48 B and fully meets all Federal requirements for anyone working at a surface & surface of an underground mine. New Miner Training. The MSHA Part 46 New Miner Training on-demand program is a must-have for your organization. If you're taking Annual Refresher training, you'll need to review any “changes at the mine” that have taken place over the past year that could affect your health and safety. Part 48 B New Miner MSHA Safety Training. MSHA New Miner Training. Save The Certificate of Training Form 5000-23 provides a means for mine operators to record and certify Part 48 mandatory training received by miners.The training certificates for each miner shall be available at the operator minesite for inspection by MSHA and for examination by the miners, the miner's representative, and State inspection MSHA provides materials, guidance, and hands-on assistance to help miners and operators meet their training obligations and more. 150.00 109.00. Home; About Us; Training Calendar; Course Info & FAQ; Student Comments; MSHA Fatalgrams/Near Misses; Calendar All Classes Are Now Taught Online . This course is geared toward anyone working in a mine and aims to provide safety to new miners. Training prepares individuals to work at … The MSHA New Miner Training is an introductory course for newly employed and inexperienced miners or individual contractors needing to conduct work at a mine site. Get training. This course presents an overview of the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) New Miner Training; particularly, this course covers the initial four hour training material requirements of MSHA Part 46 for surface mining. New Miner MSHA Training to Old Miner Refresher Courses . MSHA Part 46 New Miner Training . The mine operator must provide task and site-specific training in addition to the topics covered herein. Once a miner has received new miner training and has accumulated 12 months of mining experience, MSHA considers that miner to be experienced for life for training purposes. This important training tool includes all the information you need on meeting Mining Health and Safety Administration requirements, with additional information on diesel particulate matter, wellness, silica, and first aid. The 24-hour course provides comprehensive instruction of mine safety and health subject matter areas including a First Aid/CPR certification. Learn how to work in a surface mine and safely operate equipment as a new miner. New Miners, will be directed to take the New Surface Miner Training Package, which is an 8 hour concentrated course. Product description According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), all miners and surface contractors must comply with the requirements of MSHA Part 46, which are required for the safety of mines prior to mining operations.

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