As a property owner, you probably have thought of ways to drive traffic in your properties for rent, such as apartments, condo units, houses, or even vacation homes. It is paramount to address what customers are looking to make your property on top and always fully-booked or rented for a long time.

Keeping up with trending amenities in the real estate industry will make you gain more fame from any potential clients. For example, if you are renting out rooms or lofts, as the landlord, it is tricky to narrow down all your tenant’s wants and needs. However, having the best amenities sets the bar apart from other spaces for lease. They certainly account for a huge difference.

Consider adding these five useful amenities that can set your property apart from the others and attract more potential tenants and clients.

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Outdoor Space

Imagine living in an area surrounded by buildings everywhere without any outdoor space. It seems a little boring, especially if you want to have extra space to relax. A rental home that offers outdoor space is a great gem to attract potential tenants. It is one reason why you should prioritize enhancing your property’s exterior.

Updated Kitchen

Your kitchen is another great amenity to transform and highlight in any listing. It serves as a personal space, and tenants always think that having such a fabulous kitchen is a great thing to have. Most of the time, it is your deal-breaker, and the only way to do this is to get started with real estate photography, which can help you produce the best kitchen images for your online listings.

Washer and Dryer

You may think that doing laundry is not a big deal for tenants or clients. However, in reality, they prefer to have a laundromat space rather than going out to the nearest laundromat in the area. They are paying the bills and utilities, so why not give them the most benefits? Having an in-unit washer and dryer setup should be your top priority. It does not matter where you put it, as long as it serves the purpose of helping your tenants with their laundry problems.

Insulated Garage

Another amenity worthy of your investment and time is an insulated garage. For one, potential renters and clients always recognize the importance of a garage, so they will not park their cars and vehicles on the street. You have to think that it is a huge inconvenience for them to look for a parking space elsewhere. This concern should be your priority to get possible tenants quickly. Moreover, ensure that your garage is secure and safe from intruders. It will also help have an insulated garage to protect the vehicle from unwanted circumstances arising from an environment with a super high temperature. An insulated space is also an energy and money-saving amenity, so as much as possible, have one in your property.

Home Automation Features

A lot of popular home automation devices and software are already available in the market. There are home security and smart home processes that can automate almost everything inside your home. While these technological advancements are quite costly, it will undoubtedly add value to your property since most of today’s renters already value these amenities above others.

These five amenities indeed make your home appealing by providing solutions to what they are looking for in a place. Make use of these amenities to transform your property, even if some of them are overly pricey. In the end, you can still get the money you spent on these amenities doubled or tripled already. It is better to invest now on these attractive features and make your listing stand out, get tenants, and, later on, ensure the proper maintenance of the amenities to last longer.

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