This year, instead of coming up with annual goals that I wouldn’t meet as the year progressed, I decided to select a few goals for each quarter. Having a shorter amount of time to fulfill them, I chose four smallish goals for this quarter that I felt would be attainable:

  • Pay off $3,000 in credit card debt
  • Save an additional $600 using Jeff Rose’s 52-week savings challenge – but in reverse
  • Stick to The 30-day Shred 3-days a week
  • Publish my ebook

So far, I’m meeting all four goals quite easily. Now, part of this has to do with some fortunate events. For instance, a “passive income” generator that we set up years ago paid out $1,500 this month which I was able to apply towards some debt making a dent in goal number one above. Mr. LH also brought in a huge job this month, and though we don’t expect to get paid until next month, that will also take care of goal number one and two.┬áSpeaking of goal number two, I’ve been diligent with depositing my weekly savings amount into the bank. This week, I’ll deposit $48 on Friday with a total additional savings of $250 saved up so far.

Week 5 : Savings Challenge in Reverse.
Week 5 : Savings Challenge in Reverse.

I’ve also been able to squeeze in my three-days a week Shred, and though I’d like to really get four days in, I’m realistic. Of course, with biking three days a week, my knees are starting to bother me. Oh, the joys of getting older!

Now, about goal four: my ebook is finished. But…I have to get it converted to an ePub file. I don’t know why I’m having so many difficulties with this issue, but I think it’s because of the way I designed the ebook: interactive, horizontal, spreadsheets – these things don’t translate well to an eReader. I will get it published this quarter and hopefully sooner with a Valentine’s Day launch since I could really link it to that holiday with the start of wedding season. It would be good timing.

I’m looking forward to setting second quarter goals that will most likely focus on long-term savings and investments – which, technically, I’ve already started working on. But as March gets nearer, I’ll refine the second quarter goals a little more.

I feel confident that this year I’ll meet my goals.

How are your goals coming along so far?


  1. Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter Reply

    Wow, you’re really rocking your goals! Biking ca be hard on your knees. Have you considered maybe swimming one of the days, instead? That’s pretty good on your joints!

    • @Daisy – Thanks! As for my knees, they didn’t start bothering me until I started The Shred. I think it’s some of the cardio movements in that video, like jumping, that are really putting the pressure on my knees. I think I just need to modify those movements. But that’s for the advice on swimming. I might look into that!

  2. SuburbanFinance Reply

    What is your ebook about? I have been interested in starting one but it sounds daunting.

    • @Suburban Finance – It’s a couple’s personal finance book. I originally wrote it for newlywed’s, but really any couple could use it to get their finances in order. It should be ready to launch by Feb. 14th!

  3. Awesome! It’s great when early in the year we’re seeing solid progress on goals. I think that can bring momentum that can bring on additional success while establishing new habits.

    • @Tie the Money Knot – Definitely helping with momentum. If each quarter goes this well, I’ll be rockin’ this year!

  4. Great job so far! I like your quarterly goals. It’s much easier to keep track of and you don’t have time to put things off. I might have to try it next year.

  5. Money Beagle Reply

    It always feels good to be on the path to meeting goals. Good work, hope to read more successes through the rest of the year!

    • @Money Beagle – So far, so good. If this month is any prediction of how the year is going to go, I’m going to have a stellar year!

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