When the weather starts to get warmer and the days a little longer, it is time for many homeowners to start thinking serious about some form of pest control. Although there are plenty of pest control companies that can help you with this task, you may be able to keep the exterminators away with a few easy pest control tips. We’ve got a bunch of fine tips that will help you in no time at all. Pest control classics that even the professionals use, please enjoy!

Trees and Shrubs

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Most insects enjoying hanging out in trees and bushes around the garden. Pest control usually starts here because the next place for them to go is inside your home. Try to cut the shrubbery back and this will discourage the critters from getting too close. We know of plenty of pest control companies that always target these areas first. Crushed stone is a cool way to keep them away but it isn’t always that practical.

Cracks and Crevices

bugs on cracks

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Another favorite place for bugs to hide is in the cracks and crevices in your paths and walls. Exterminators will usually target these spots before even entering the home. Using pest control techniques that have worked for decades, they will ensure that your bugs never get near your home. Although it is usually recommended to call on the services of your local pest control company, you can usually do a lot of damage to your uninvited guests with a little common sense.


Pest control is more about prevention than anything else and looking to repair any defects in your home structure. Sealant can help a lot and it usually works to keep those bugs out. Look at the website of a good pest control company and you will get all sorts of useful advice. Pick a sealant that is able to contract and expand depending on the weather and you will not go wrong. If you pick a sealant without these properties, the cracks will soon appear and the insects will be back to stay.


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If you wondered why pest control services usually spend a lot of time looking into your gutters, it is because this is the favourite place for bugs to chill out, They can’t get enough of the leaves and pest control companies will get rid of these straight away. You can do the same with a ladder and some elbow grease. Once the leaves rot, it becomes almost paradise for your friendly neighbourhood bugs.


Although you may enjoy some night lights, your bugs will love them even more. Just speak to your pest control service experts who will advice you to have them turned off in the night time. It allows the bugs a clear passage to your front door and beyond.

Pest control isn’t rocket science but if you take these tips onboard, you can soon look forward to an almost bug-free home. We hope you enjoyed the article and if you still aren’t convinced, just call in the experts. We’d recommend that you speak to a reputable Pest control company serving Okanagan Valley, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, because some things are better left to the professionals.

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