It doesn’t take much for me to feel blissful; a perfect cup of sweetened iced coffee, or a day bicycling or hiking outside. Some of my most fun-filled memories revolve around cheap, simple pleasures. Like today, I’m bicycling at CicLAvia, an event that closes down miles and miles of road just for cyclists and pedestrians. Riding on a sunny Sunday afternoon is a great way to spend the day, and cheap too. If I add up the cost of gas, a Metro ticket, and maybe lunch, I think I’m spending around $20 – $25 bucks – or less is I bring my own meal.

Another activity that I’m looking forward to this summer is tubing – fairly inexpensive if you already own tubes, or you can rent tubes at some spots for under $15. Of course, I recommend life vests, but you can pick up inexpensive ones at Walmart or find used ones on Craigslist. Follow that up with a candlelit evening on a patio and voila! a perfect, inexpensive afternoon.

Pets also offer inexpensive comfort year round – kittens, puppies, dogs and cats motivate you to get outside (not so much cats, I guess). After factoring in vet costs, the payoff in a pet’s company and a serene calm that they exude (again, not all of them, but many of them!) are worth their price.

Cheap, Simple Pleasures
Cheap, Simple Pleasures

So, take your dog for a walk, follow that up with an iced coffee on a candlelit patio, and your day is full of pleasure.

What simple pleasures do you indulge in?


  1. I like having a beer while watching the sunset when the day is gone, a $0.5 pleasure. Calling home and chatting with friends and family on Skype, free. Having a swim in the lake in front of my house, free. Cooking a homemade pizza for date night, $5.

  2. Julie @ The Family CEO Reply

    Hooray for simple pleasures. The very best kind. For me, nothing beats curling up in bed with a good book and then, after I get drowsy, turning it into a nice nap.

    • @Julie – I totally agree. I recently downloaded the Kindle app to my phone and that makes reading in bed really easy (on the eyes too – back lit text is easier to read in a dimly lit room.)

  3. Doing anything on my front porch is a simple pleasure. If my dog is by my side, that’s even better.

    As you can imagine, I’m a big fan of pets as a simple pleasure. And one way to enjoy them without all the expense is to foster for a local shelter or rescue.

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