A good indicator that your garage door is operating smoothly is when you can easily open and close it without applying too much effort. However, if your garage door opens on its own even when not in operation, it is a sign of a problem that a garage door repair Southlake company should immediately address. A phantom garage door operation is a safety concern that you cannot afford to ignore as it makes your home vulnerable to intruders. There are reasons your garage door operates on its own even without any interaction from you.

Power Surge

Homeowners immediately act on instances of power surge because of the damage it causes to home appliances. Even your garage door opener can be affected by a power surge. An opener has codes that enable you to operate your garage door easily. Due to the power surge, these codes can get scrambled causing your garage door to operate like crazy. If you want to get your garage door up and running, you have to hire an experienced professional for the job. Newer openers have rolling codes that might be difficult to decipher by an average homeowner. Only a garage door repair technician can handle this type of problem.

Wire-Related Issue

Your garage has a button consists of a wire that gets the system to work. If there are wiring issues, your safety sensor can be affected as well. Even if it is a loose wire, your garage door’s performance will still be affected, causing it to become inefficient. You need to call a professional garage door repair technician to address the problem. Safety issues need to be properly addressed, especially if it has to do with an electrical short.

Old Batteries

Your garage door will not work properly if it has aging batteries. This problem is basic and can be resolved by replacing the batteries. A quick trip to your local home improvement store will resolve this problem. However, battery replacement may not immediately address the problem with involuntary garage door openings. There might be some specific components that need to be inspected. Calling a garage door repair company is the best thing to do to determine the real cause of the issue. Aside from your aging batteries, there can be other problems that need professional attention.

Remote Control Buttons Sticking

If your garage door opener has been serving you for years, it can also show signs of inefficiency. A simple problem like buttons sticking on your remote can give you difficulties operating your garage door. You need someone to get the problem fixed before the problem takes a toll on the overall performance of your garage door. Having your remote repaired is the correct course of action you should take.

Circuit Board Problems

A circuit board that is running smoothly allows you to have a hassle-free garage door operation. If a problem develops in your circuit board, you will need to install a new board to get your garage door opener back in working order. If you decide to install the circuit board yourself, you might not be able to get excellent results. Only a professional garage door repair technician can handle the job.

Misaligned Safety Sensors

If your garage door tracks do not contain debris or any buildup, the problem might have to do with your safety sensors. When your sensor is misaligned, it causes your garage door to open by itself. Modern garage doors have two sensors that can activate the reverse mechanisms. These sensors are also known as eyes and they are located on the side of your garage door opening. It is important for these sensors to be properly connected and aligned so your garage door will work properly.

The beam of light plays an important role in keeping your sensor efficient. If this is interrupted, the problem can trigger the reverse mechanism of your garage door. Misaligned sensors can become an obstruction to the normal process of your garage door. Once you suspect that your sensors are not working properly, have a repair technician take a look at your garage door. You can put your garage door back in place when you allow a professional to handle it.

Family Christian Doors will come out and inspect problems with your garage door. Once you discover that your garage door opens on its own, avoid troubleshooting the problem by yourself and call a professional technician to diagnose and repair the problem.

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