Whenever you want to upgrade your living room, opt for designs that are trendy and stylish yet easy to manage. The modern style of designing is one of those designs that are chic but simple to carry out. The Contemporary style was originally developed during the last half of the 20th century. It consists of pure and saturated tones of colors, having neutral elements like white and grey. Contemporary style is all about unfussy and clean lines in designing spaces. It gives a spacious feel to the place, making it appear wider. These days contemporary style is quite ‘in’ and fashionable. Therefore, Contemporary living room, drawing room, kitchens are trending this year. The modern form of designing usually features items having soft and roundish edges rather than sharp lines. Moreover, the color tones, furniture, and lighting in contemporary designs feel like an artistic statement.

Top notch Contemporary living room ideas

The living room is the ultimate room in every house. Your whole family and even your guests spend most of their time in the living room. Therefore, designing your living room most trendily is crucial to make a style statement. As the contemporary style of designing is trending this year so, you should go for a contemporary living room. By choosing a contemporary living room design, you can make your living room appear more welcoming and comfortable.

* Contemporary Living Room Designs:

Contemporary Living Room Designs
Image by: Pexels

For this purpose, we have composed some of the most original contemporary living room designs that you can DIY. Contemporary living room designs are all about the simple yet ά la mode. The above-shown living room design is an accurate depiction of contemporary style, a little bit modern and a little bit myriad. The color scheme of the walls is a combination of blues with neutrals, which gives the room a soothing and fresh appeal. However, the rug and the artwork collection are completing the contemporary look with an artistic feel.

The combination of white walls with neutral tones of furniture has created this elegant contemporary living room design. You can easily replicate this look in your living room. By using pillows or cushions of different colors, you can create different looks of your contemporary living room. This contemporary living room design is another one that you can easily create on your own. The fusion of dark brown curtains over neutral walls completes this mesmerizing design. Moreover, the decorative wall hangings are working as icing on the cake.

White walls with the gothic elements of dark grey furniture make this contemporary living room design classy. Contemporary designs are generally monochromatic; however, you can add some color to it by adding a brightly colored pillow or décor. Another way to get your perfect contemporary living room is by contrasting dark colored couches with greys. It will give your living room a mysterious modern and beauteous appeal. In order to make it livelier, you can complement this look with bright colored décor.

* Elements of Contemporary Living Room:

There are some basic rules for contemporary designing that you should follow, and they are:

* Colors for Contemporary Living Room:

Colors for Living Room
Image by: Pixabay

Modern designing can never complete without using tone-on-tone color palettes such as white, taupe, cream, grey, or brown. The black color is the most used color for grounding in contemporary designing. Neutral color plays a vital role in creating the perfect and unique contemporary look in any space. Whenever neutral shades are used on walls, the furniture should be darker and brighter. Nevertheless, if you opt for bold colored walls, then contrast it with neutral colored furniture and décor.

* Contemporary Living Room Furniture:

Living Room Furniture:
Image by: Pexels

While choosing furniture for your contemporary living room, keep in mind that the furniture should be sleek and straightforward. Furniture made of light-colored wood such as maple and birch is preferred in modern designing. Furniture having smooth, clean, non-curvy geometric shapes are well suited for contemporary designs. To add a few color, pillows, or cushions of bright colors are usually used.

* Contemporary living room tables:

The tables usually used for contemporary designed furniture are simple yet elegant. Coffee tables, console tables, end tables,etc., are generally used in contemporary designing. The structure of these tables is usually symmetric.

* Contemporary living room chairs:


Contemporary living room chairs
Image by: Pxhere

Accent chairs, ottomans, poufs, recliners, chaise lounges are generally used for contemporary designing. It would be best if you bought any chair that is leathered or has monochromatic fabrics.

* Fabrics for Contemporary Living Room:

Natural fabric is preferred for contemporary designing natural fabric includes wool, cotton, linen, silk, and jute. These fabrics are usually used in furniture, rugs or cushions.

* Contemporary rugs for living room:

Contemporary rugs are those rugs which have bold colors and uses retro patterns. These rugs add an element of space in your living room.

* Lightings for Contemporary Living Room:

Lightings for Contemporary Living Room
Image by: Pixnio

Lighting is essential to complete the contemporary living room design. You can use spotlights, cove lights, or light fixtures to highlight your art collection. Try adding floor and table lamps to your space as they have straight and sleek metallic lines. By lighting the area, the overall atmosphere of the living room will be brighter.

* Contemporary Lamps for living room:

Adding a large-sized modern lamp in your living room will complete your ultimate contemporary living room. Modern lamps are usually broad and have geometric shades.

* Contemporary mirrors for living room:

Adding mirrors in the living room will illuminate the surrounding area. Moreover, mirrors create an illusion of space, increase the effect of lighting. Mirrors help hide any flaws in your living room.

* contemporary rustic living room:

Another form of contemporary living room design is the rustic contemporary living room. This design is an amalgamation of rustic and contemporary styles. In this type of contemporary living room design, you need to bring nature inside your living room. You can create this appearance by adding a fireplace in your living room or having an exposed beam in that area. You can also add reclaimed wood in your home to complete this contemporary rustic look. Using animal hides as rugs is also a great way to give your living room a contemporary rustic look.

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