As the year winds down and a new one waits on the horizon, there is plenty to be done. Shopping, baking, cleaning, cooking and partying with friends and family top the list. When it’s all said and done, January often brings a letdown that’s hard to shake. The walls feel bare where the tree and decorations proudly stood. Why not turn those winter blahs into something special?

Easy Room Makeover Ideas

While a whole-house makeover feels intimidating, updating a room or two can give the entire family a boost. Since a full pocketbook is rare this time of year, consider creative ways to update your space without creating debt. Whether you want to replace your grey curtains or repaint the walls, pick an easy, cost-efficient idea to get started.

* Slipovers:

Sofa covers
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Sofa and chair covers have come a long way since the days of plaid or floral-covered couches. Slipcovers used to be fairly obvious as they slid off arms, bunched in the corners, and required pins to hold them in place. Advances in the fabric allow modern living rooms to transform with beautiful slipcovers that provide stretchy, stain resistant, durable protection that breathe new life into old furniture. A patterned cover on a previously solid coach can look like a brand-new piece, or you could cover an outdated pattern with a sleek, new solid.

* Throw Pillows:

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A few pops of color throughout a room can draw the eye in a positive direction. Throw pillows work double duty around the home as a way to cozy up and add flare. Whether you want to add a new color scheme or update an old one, pillows can do the trick. If you already have more than your share of pillows lying about, consider purchasing some fresh covers to create the mood you desire. Covers also provide the added benefit of being easily washable.

* Curtains:

Curtains impact a room in many ways. They add warmth or coolness, depth, and color, light contrast, and texture. When you consider changing your curtains, think about:

  • Color: You can add color to a blank space, or you might consider a more neutral pallet when it comes to walls and curtains while using accessories for pop.
  • Pattern: The pattern on your curtains can provide a focal point for a room, it can play off of other patterns in the space, or it can be a neutral base when you have other elements you’d rather highlight.
  • Texture/weight: The texture and weight of your curtains set the tone for the room. Heavier drapes provide a cozier feel while light, airy curtains open up smaller spaces.
  • Size: The length of your curtains can add visual interest to an entire wall. Floor length curtains provide an illusion of a high ceiling, regardless of the size of the window.

* Paint:

A fresh coat of paint brightens up any wall. Walls are easily scuffed, nicked and dented. Prep the wall first by filling in as many of the imperfections with a filler that works for your type of drywall or plaster. Then, consider the color. An entirely new color can change the atmosphere of the room completely. A fresh version of the old color brightens the space without the dramatic effects of a new color. Warm, dark colors tend to make rooms feel smaller while cool, light colors generally open up space.

When the shine and sparkle of the holidays begin to wear off, turn your sites on your home. Maybe slipcovers throughout brings the update you desire, or perhaps it’s as simple as adding a few new throw pillows to the couch. It doesn’t take much more than some creativity and a little bit of elbow grease to perk up a space that feels as blah as winter weather. Consider the colors, textures, and patterns already at play within your home and decide whether you want to highlight them or change them.

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