The front-yard of a house give’s the house its “first impression.” If the front yard is over-grown with weeds, lacking in character, or riddled with patches of dry, brown grass, the impression is the place is worn-down. However, with a little creativity, some layered planting, and some walkway modifications, a front-yard can go from blah to wow even on a shoe-string, DIY budget.

One of the nice things about a smaller front yard is that there’s less maintenance that needs to be done over time. Using a creative garden plan, plants that thrive with minimal care for that region, and a bit of up-front yard work, small spaces can be inviting and give the house a charming facade. These tips from are terrific to accommodate small front yards:

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  • Break up the monotony of a straight to the door concrete path. Instead, swap it out for a more meandering, paving stone walkway. Embed the larger walkway stones with gravel and line the walk with plants of varying heights.
  • Ditch a boring lawn. Instead, break the yard into small “sections” using recycled materials, pavers, low-maintenance plants, and small swaths of grass. Fill the plant beds with wood chips for soil protection and a deep, rich color.
  • Don’t shy away from size and color. Large plants can be used as a dramatic entry.

When was the last time you sat in your front yard? Rethink your space; the front yard can be a combination of both private and public. Section off areas using recycled wood fencing and taller plants to make a private sitting area so that you can actually utilize the yard. It’s silly to let the front yard go unused. With a little creativity, you can make it functional and inviting.

Have you overlooked your front yard lately?