When you have a deck on the back of your home, it is important to prepare it for winter weather so that it does not deteriorate during the harsh conditions. Preparing your deck for winter weather is not hard to do. The guide below walks you through four easy ways to ensure your deck lasts as long as it possibly can by making sure it can withstand snow and sleet this winter.

Have a Drainage System Installed

When you have a deck, it is important to make sure that water does not collect under the deck when snow or sleet melts. The best way to make sure that the water does not pool is to have a deck drainage system installed to direct the water where to go. The drainage system is hidden under the deck out of sight.

Have Wooden Decks Properly Sealed

Before the harsh winter weather hits, have a wooden deck sealed properly. Sealant can keep water from soaking into the wood, which can make it weak and deteriorate over time. Sealant can be applied quickly and easily by professionals, but the deck may need to be sanded if it has not been sealed before or if the sealant that is on it is damaged. This allows the wood to open up and better soak in the sealant.

Have the Deck Painted with Proper Paint

If you want your deck to have a more unique look to it, you may want to consider having the deck painted. You need to be sure that the paint is designed for use outdoors and for use on wood, though. This will ensure that the wood can be protected from the elements, but also look great for years to come.

Choose a color of paint that will not show dirt and scuffs though, so that you do not have to spend a lot of time cleaning your deck to keep it looking great. A few different layers of the paint may need to be added to the deck to properly protect the wood and create the look that you want to create.

Consider Having the Boards Replaced with Composite Decking

If you do not want to have to seal or paint your deck in the years to come, consider having the boards replaced with composite decking. Composite decking is maintenance free and is available in many different colors.

Composite decking needs to be installed by a professional to ensure that the screws are properly placed so that they are not overly visible after they are installed. Composite decking has the look of real wood but allows you to not have to worry about warping, splintering, or deterioration over time.

It is best to talk to a professional decking company about the options that are available to you before doing anything to your deck. This will allow you to know if your deck is in good enough condition for you to simply have it sealed or painted, or if some of the boards have deteriorated to the point that you simply need to have them replaced altogether.

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