I recently shared my story about how my debit card number was stolen and fraudulent activity from Lahore, Pakistan was showing up on my account. Thankfully, debit cards are also protected from fraudulent charges and my bank reversed the small-ish charges I had caught. My bank had also caught a larger charge and had put a hold on the card before I knew what had happened. I guess I could say my bank was watching out for my best interest.

However, the small charges were reversed in the sum of $46.13, but the international conversion fees were not. So this experience left me $1.18 short. Now I can’t really complain since the main charges were taken care of and I was not responsible for paying the original amount, but I can’t help but think that I really shouldn’t have paid the international conversion fees either. I guess I’ll have to take this up with my bank and see if they can reverse that $1.18.

Now for some reads across the blogosphere: (There’s a running theme here – to buy/or not to buy a house, that is the question?)

  • First up with Everyday Tips and Thoughts questioning the housing reform plan just released for “underwater” homeowners. I totally agree with Kris. If you purchased a house you really couldn’t afford, tough turkey. Suck it up, make it work or get out and suffer the consequences.
  • Funancials with PMI & PMS and what they have in common. Again, the focus here is on people who purchased a house they couldn’t afford. I personally like the tampon solution.
  • Now might be the right time to buy, however, if you have what it takes: good credit and a down payment according to the Single Saver (I agree!)
  • Apparently it’s the right time to buy for Beating Broke who is shopping for a new house.
  • Not house related, but another Obama administration plan – student loan solution (if you can call it that) at Money for College Project.
  • You too can be part of the 1% (this must have something to do with those annoying Occupy movements) over at Financial Excellence. Hey I know, stop complaining and get to work!
  • Playing Devil’s Advocate and backing it up with statistics is Retire by 40 with Economic Inequality is Bad for Your Health. However, I always question how data is actually correlated and what variables are interconnected versus just coincidences. Must be my inquisitive mind.

Have a wonder weekend and enjoy the extra hour of sleep as we’ve just fallen back into Standard Time!


  1. Why wouldn’t they refund the conversion fees? Using debit cards carries inherent risks and you are at the mercy of the bank providing the debit card.

    I would recommend switching to credit cards and not have to worry about being on the hook (even if it is a small amount) for fraudulent purchases.

  2. Matt @Financial Excellence Reply

    Thanks for the mention. I agree you shouldn’t have to pay those conversion charges. How frustrating.

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