Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to the New Year. I’ve finally wrapped a couple of on-going accomplishments and feel like 2012 is the start of something new. I sort of mapped out my resolutions at the beginning of last month:

  1. Financial – save $6,000 this year (a reasonable and adjusted amount compared to last year’s goal)
  2. Blogging – increase daily readership by 100 visits per day
  3. Personal – continue bike riding as much as possible and get more involved in promoting it (with the help of Bike Lane Living!)

A quick wish: Happy New Year everyone!

And now some thanks:

  • Thanks to the continued support of the Yakezie network. Without them, I’m not so sure Little House would continue to exist.
  • Thanks to the continued support of my regular readers! You’re my motivation to keep blogging. 😉
  • Thanks to some of my top referrers (after Google and Yakezie)

Thank you, thank you!