I don’t consider myself lucky; I don’t win raffles, my name isn’t ever pulled out of a hat at baby showers during those silly baby name games, I’ve never won the lotto or any monetary contest for that matter.  Yet for some reason I’m a sucker when it comes to coupon surveys, especially the ones offering large gift amounts like Home Depot’s $5,000 gift card they advertise at the bottom of their receipt. For the past five years, I’ve frequented Home Depot many times, too many to count. Like clockwork, I’ve come home, filled out their 10-minute survey and waited patiently for them to contact me.  After countless surveys, I decided it was time to find out if anyone actually won these drawings.

After a little research directly on their survey site, I was able to verify that people actually DO win – four people a year, or one each quarter, make out with a very generous $5,000 gift card. That made me feel a little better, I realized that although I might not be very lucky, at least my time hasn’t been completely wasted.

Of course, Home Depot isn’t the only coupon survey I complete. I also take a few minutes to complete the Chili’s Restaurant survey as well for a possible $1,000 cash prize. Again, finding the past winners directly on their survey site, I noticed that Chili’s gives away about 3 $1,000 prizes a quarter – if I look at this data from a statistical point of view, I have a better chance of winning this reward than a Home Depot gift card.

So are the coupon surveys worth filling out, at least Chili’s and Home Depot’s? In my opinion, yes. For a quick 5-minute survey, the chances of winning may be slim, but at least I was able to verify that these companies do give away their prizes every quarter. Who knows, maybe my luck will change!

Do you fill out receipt or coupons surveys? Have you ever one a cash prize by doing so? Do you think it is worth the 5-minutes of your time?