Creating a cosy home is a careful balance between accessories, colours, furniture, and decoration all working together for comfort and warmth. You can easily create this welcoming mood in your interior using these 10 decorative accessories.

1 ) Pillar candles

Pillar candles are a great choice for creating a cosy interior due to the soft light of the flame, the colours and shapes of the candles. Often, trios of pillar candles add depth and shape to your space or you can use pillar candles in beautiful holders, stands and lamps.

Also, the material choice of candles is another element to consider when creating a cosy interior. Beeswax pillar candles are the perfect decorative accessory due to their natural, warm colour and scents. As well as, the pure, bright light that beeswax creates when it burns.

2 ) Textured Rugs

If you have wood flooring, a rug is an excellent addition for a cosy home due to the physical and visual warmth they create. Textured, fluffy and patterned rugs add colour and break up the solid floor and soften your interior.

3 ) Soft Furnishings

Another way to add colour and texture into your home is with soft furnishings like pillows and throws. Introduce different colours and shades of your accent colour with pillows in different sizes to add dimension and depth. Again, chunky knits, fluffy materials and subtle patterns will enhance the cosy mood and break up the sold shapes of your furniture.

4 ) Warm lighting

White, bright, and stark lighting can cast stark shadows in your home. This type of lighting can create a sterile and cold… the opposite of a warm, cosy room. Instead, introduce warm white, yellow lighting. Using floor lamps and table lamps you can create a warm space, with soft shadows and a welcoming atmosphere.

5 ) Photos and Artwork

Blank walls can make a space feel impersonal and clinical. Whereas, in a cosy interior you have the opportunity to show your personality and life on those walls! Adding framed photos and artwork, collaging them in a way that does not feel crowded but curated. Allowing you to express yourself as well as add to the atmosphere and warmth or your interior.

6 ) Indoor Plants

It can be difficult to find the right furniture or accessory to go in awkward spaces or corners but indoor plants can be a perfect solution. Plants add texture, natural colours and shape to a space that help it feel cosy without being overcrowded.

7 ) Add texture with books

Books are an impactful yet small addition in creating a warm and welcoming space. Add books to shelving units, floating shelves or on top of cabinets and sideboards. You can even have fun with bookends in crazy colours and shapes or styling the books the right way and the wrong way.

8 ) Decorative mirrors

Mirrors are a good addition to any space to help add light and the illusion of a bigger room. Now, mirrors are available in breath-taking decorative frames. From carved wooden frames, painted frames or sunburst straw frames, there is a huge variety to choose from. A decorative mirror will add colour, texture and shape to your room as well as a bit of glam and shine to contrast to your soft furnishings.

9 ) Curtains and blinds

Of course, any room may need curtains or blinds but the ones you choose make a big impact in your interior. Whether you choose blinds that allow a lot of light in and brighten the space, creating a whimsical, airy space. Or you can choose floor to ceiling drapes that ground your space and keep it dark at night, the curtains you choose are also important for a cosy interior.

10 ) Personal flair

Other trinkets and decorative accessories can show your personality and add to the cosy feeling in your interior. Such as terracotta vases and dried plants or quirky, gold miniature statues. It comes down to your personal preference and your creative flair to make your house a home.

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