As a homeowner, it’s important that you keep on top of certain maintenance jobs. Doing so will not only keep your home clean and operating properly, but it might even protect your home from an accident or damage. There are some jobs that you should remember to do each year, to ensure that no problems arise.

How To Keep Your Home Clean

Take some time in the near future to go over these seven items, and you’ll be able to rest a little easier inside your home.

* Check the Furnace and AC:

One thing that every homeowner should do is give their furnace and central air systems a good checkup. Doing so not only ensures that your systems will continue to run when you need them most, but will help them to run more efficiently. If your furnace or AC system has not had proper maintenance performed on it in a while, it might not be operating at maximum efficiency, which costs you more money. Have a qualified professional come in to check your systems, and rest easy knowing you’re not wasting money.

* Clean the Carpets:

No matter how careful you are, your carpets are likely absorbing a lot of dirt and other particles. You might not notice it over time, but if you haven’t cleaned your carpets in a while, they are likely very dirty. Once you hire someone to give your carpets a thorough cleaning, it’s amazing how much dirt actually comes out of them.

* Remove Debris from Your Gutters:

Remove Debris from Your Gutters
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Over time, debris has a way of building up in your rain gutters. If too much debris builds up, the rain will have a hard time moving through, and your roof will not properly drain. This could lead to water running down your windows, or seeping back into the roof. Your gutters might also break, making the situation even worse. Take some time to clean out the gutters – especially during the fall – and allow your home to properly drain all year long.

* Pressure Wash the Home:

While you’re outside, consider giving your home a good bath. The outside of your home takes a beating throughout the year, and as a result, it becomes pretty dirty. Rent or buy a pressure washer, and give your home a bath once a year. Any dirt or grime will get blasted off, and leave the outside of your home looking like new again.

* Examine Outlets and Wires:

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Back inside, it’s a good idea to check all of your outlets and other wires once a year. If you have a bad outlet, or some wires have begun to fray, this is a fire hazard. Checking on the electrical systems in your home is a key aspect of keeping your home safe, so dedicate some time towards this task. If you notice any outlets are loose or sparking, call in a certified electrician to handle the problem. The same goes for any frayed or hot wires – either have the wiring replaced, or replace the appliance.

* Check Your Drains:

As time goes on, a lot of debris can build up within our drains. Leftover food, hair, and more all work their way down our drains, and they don’t always get flushed out with the water. If left ignored, before long you’ll find that the drain is completely clogged and unusable. According to Fix It Right Plumbing in Mornington, VIC, clogged drains are a real home emergency, so avoid them when possible. To do this, occasionally check your drain traps for debris and clean them out. There are also some home remedies for clogged drains if you start to notice that the water is going down more slowly.

* Get Rid of Junk:

Finally, we all have a habit of hanging onto things for too long. Take some time each year to go through each room in your home and get rid of any junk. Either throw it out, donate it to charity, or sell it for a few bucks. Dedicate a day towards this each year, and you’ll find your home is more enjoyable to live in once you get rid of the clutter.

* Make Time for Maintenance:

Doing all of the above items don’t have to take too long. If you set aside a weekend, you can probably accomplish all of the items listed above. Make yourself a list, dedicate the time, and call in professionals if you need some assistance. Once you’re done your home will be a safer place and a more enjoyable place.

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