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When it comes to spread betting, UK traders have a lot of markets to choose from. One of them is Foreign exchange (also known as Forex or FX), and Forex spread betting involves traders being able to go long and short on various currency pairs. Like with other forms of spread betting, it’s leveraged, so you can magnify your losses in exactly the same way as your gains. Forex trading is very popular with traders as even in difficult times, there are great opportunities. Before trading with help from experts like City Index, there are a few things worth doing before you get started.

Research and analysis of Forex markets is important. Experienced traders often favour two types of tools: technical and fundamental. Some prefer to use the former, while others utilize the latter; some use both. Find out what’s best for you, and you could be able to trade more effectively, but you also need to keep track of any developments in the markets.

Putting a plan together before trading is also useful. After conducting thorough research of the markets, you need to take into account the amount of profit you want to make, risk allowance, your preferred trading strategy and evaluation criteria. By following a plan as opposed to impulse trading, you could stand a better chance of being more successful in your trading and prevent any indecision you might encounter.

Risk management tools are available if you make any losses on trading. Knowing when to use them will limit them, allowing you to trade safely and securely. Many of those tools are free to use, and are useful for beginners in spread betting.

Discipline is something you’ll need for Forex spread betting. Knowing when you started trading is vital, as not being able to remember could be costly, but cutting your losses quickly and knowing when to finish a spread bet is easily done.

Following any news relevant to the markets is something all traders should do. Knowing what’s going on can give you an idea about which direction the markets are heading in, while if you hear rumours, the best thing to do is research them to see if they’re true.



  1. I have a number of friends that dable in the traditional FOREX trading. Their strategy is to try and speculate based off of breaking news. One of my friends in particular was very good at it, but it seemed as though having to following the news cycle really ate up a lot of his free time. Still, I’ve known more than a few people who’ve made some money off of it.

  2. Shirley Fai Reply

    I agree that making plans can be very helpful and prevents you from being intimidated…Anyway, thanks for the useful article you have posted…

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