Many people think to save a lot of money you have to “go without”. That simply isn’t true. There are many things in your life you can continue to enjoy, but you just want to make sure you aren’t paying too much for them. Sit down and make a list of every bill that you have on a recurring basis and how much that recurring charge is. Most people’s largest bills are usually mortgage, rent and car payments. Although there is a lot you can do to decrease those payments as well, this article is about the smaller everyday things you shouldn’t let run like a leaky hose.

Here’s a few things to consider:

Cell phone plan: I mentioned this earlier and it’s a good one. Call up your mobile phone service provider and talk to their billing department. They all have the ability to easily check to see if you are using all of the services you are paying for. Do you have unlimited minutes but only use 100 minutes a month? Do you have a data plan that is too large? Just give them a call. If you haven’t reviewed your cell phone plan in a while this is usually an easy place to find some “money under the cushion” and make that monthly expense a little smaller.

Car insurance: Having insurance on your automobile not only protects you and other drivers it’s also the law. Insurance also varies greatly upon where you live as most insurance policies are based on your zip code and how frequent accidents happen in that particular area. BUT, even if you live in a small city give your insurance company a call. Insurance companies are VERY competitive and you might be able to qualify for discounts you didn’t know about. I personally did this last year and found that I had qualified for long-term driver, auto alarm, airbag and disc brake discounts. They also gave me a complimentary loyal customer discount and my rates literally dropped almost in half! That’s not an exaggeration. That phone call lasted about an hour and I saved big! If they can’t give you any discounts then SHOP AROUND. There are plenty of good insurance companies. AIS has a great tool for comparing several insurance companies all at once. You can find it here.

STOP BUYING Individual- sized BOTTLED WATER! Fact: In 2012 50 BILLION bottles of water were sold equating to 1500 bottles a second AND 80% of those bottles end in up in landfills. That’s 60 million bottles every year. Buying individual sized bottled water is a huge waste of money and is absolutely dreadful on the environment. I am not suggesting everyone start drinking tap water. In my area the tap water provided by DWP is actually pretty good when filtered. BUT, even if you are a huge fan of Arrowhead, Sparkletts or any other quality water buy them in gallon size containers (or larger) and use a reusable drinking bottle for on-the-go. Typically a small bottle of Arrowhead will cost almost half of what a 3 gallon jug of it at the grocery store will cost you. Buy your favorite water in larger quantity and then just fill up your bottle on a daily basis. I love my Contigo bottles.

Internet Access: Again… Call your ISP and make sure you aren’t paying more than new customers. Many Internet Service Providers offer specials and promotions all year long and they are all very competitive. You may even save money by bundling your internet with your phone and/or cable service. See if you are getting the latest and greatest rate or if you qualify for any new promotions.

How about on your next day off you take a few hours and do ALL of these suggestions? When you add them all up you might find you will immediately save yourself some substantial money every month.