Palm trees evoke the relaxation and peaceful environment comparing to other indoor trees or plant. Indoor Palm trees create a significant enhancement in the beauty of home interiors. These are exclusive and individual palm plants. It does not mean to grows indoor palm without natural sunshine. Indoor palm plants can raise under the pouring water and rays of the sun. There are many types of palm plants for home. Here you can find the characteristics of Chinese Fan Palm, Majestic Palm, Areca Palms, Ponytail Palm, and Yucca Palm

Indoor Palm Trees

To enhance the beauty of your home, there are different types of indoor palm trees are as follows:

1. Ponytail Palm:

Ponytail indoor Palm trees
Image by: Flickr

These are the best indoor palm trees, unique, easy to grow, and have long lives. Ponytail palm tree reaches to the 30 feet of height approximately. However, the ponytail palm trees that grow as landscaping does not gain the height of more than 10 feet usually. Care of the ponytail palm plant is super easy. Do not over water it. It will damage the health of the plant. Choose the pot that has whole at the bottom, so the excess of water drained off. They are good at average room temperature.

2. Majestic Palm:

Majestic indoor palm trees
Image by: Pxhere

Majestic indoor palm trees have certain qualities that make it an ideal indoor house plant. It is slow growing and shade tolerant indoor palm tree. If you are going to choose it as our indoor palm tree, you must know about the drawback of this palm plant. It continuously needs wetness and humidity. You can keep them in moist places like a kitchen or bathroom for better growth. These palm plants reach the height of 40 feet in wild locations, but the indoor Majestic palm only gains the height of 5-6 feet approximately.

3. Areca Palms:

Areca palms
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Areca palms are the most popular and best indoor palms. Madagascar is its origin but after it was developed in south India and many other countries. This tropical indoor palm tree mostly grows in the warm climate. There are many varieties of Areca palm, but the famous one is the butterfly and triangle palm. The maximum height they can gain is 6-8 feet approximately, and areca palm is also known as bamboo plants. Areca palm trees are one of the best indoor palms. Feed them every month with fertile.

4. Chinese Fan Palm:

The Chinese Fan Palms looks similar to the Bermuda Palmetto. These indoor palms keep the more classically and green leaves of star shape that set them apart from other palms. These types of palm plants grow slowly and reach a height of 15 feet approximately. These indoor palm plants produce the berries in a large quantity.

These Chinese fan palms produce long roots, so choose a big pot for the accommodation of roots. When the soil feels dry from the top pour it with water. Producing barries is undesirable characteristics for palm house plants. Chinese fan palms grew well in bright light, but the younger palm plants permit the shady places. Feed the palm plant with fertilizer once in a year.

5. Yucca Palm:

Yucca palm indoor tree
Image by: Pixabay

Yucca palm is the best type of outdoor and indoor palm plants. Its Latin name is significant “Yucca Aloifolia” it is also known as Spanish bayonet. It also has another benefit as it is considered the highest air cleaning indoor palm plant. It can tolerate the hot, dry spell climates and remain green throughout the areas of warm America and the Caribbean. In a pot, Yucca plants gain the height of 13″ 15″ and 17 inches. Indoor Yucca palm tree has the pale green color of the leaves.

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Indoor palm trees are distinctive, unique and are excellent for the decoration of homes. Here the characteristics of beautiful and best indoor palm trees are explored. If you are going to select the best palm tree for your home, hope you will come to choose after reading the characteristics of each palm plant. Palm trees are mostly used in landscaping to enhance beauty.

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