Do you always have busy schedule at work that you seldom see your kids at home? It is important that you make up for it during weekend. You should spend time with your kids and the entire family at least on a Sunday wherein you will not do any work-related things. A treat for the kids does not always mean expensive thing and trips. Kids are kids – they are more than happy to see their busy parents at home so even simple things can be special to them when it’s with you.

Here are some ideas for inexpensive treats that you can do for your children during weekend:

1. Watch their favourite cartoon or movie together – You do not need to always go out to entertain your kids. Sometimes, staying at home with your portable aircon on with snacks to munch on and their favourite cartoons or movie to watch together, is enough to make them happy. It is simple, inexpensive but fun nevertheless. At the same time, you can relax and unwind after tiring week at work.

2. Play in the park – You can also play in the nearest park. Plan a picnic basket and bring a good book to read while your kids are playing in the park. Make sure to bring extra sets of clothes so they have something to change with when they get dirty and sweaty. You can also play as a family which the kids will surely enjoy.

play in the park

3. Treat them for some ice cream – The best thing about kids is that they find pleasure in little things in life. Tell them that you will go out to eat ice cream and you will definitely see their eyes lit up with excitement. You can give this as their reward for doing good in school.

ice cream

4. Play with them – Kids love to play but they’ll love it more if you will play with them. Make time during weekend to check out what they play and then join them. You can also play sports like basketball, baseball or others. Teach them to catch ball or throw ball so they can use it when they grow up. Bonding moments like this is something they remember as they grow up.

play with kids

5. Cook their favourite foods – Another inexpensive way to treat your kids is by cooking or preparing their favourite foods. Prepare a sumptuous breakfast with their favourite pancakes with chocolate bits and hot chocolate. You can also bond over baking cookies or cakes and then eat it together afterwards. It’s fun without having to spend a lot.

cook with kids

Kids are easy to please so do not think that you always need to spend big just to make them happy. Spending time with them is the best gift that you can give them. Do not allow them to think that your work is more important than them. Make sure to follow the tips that we discussed in this post to treat your children during weekends.

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