I’ve been especially busy this semester and just haven’t really been able to post all of our house updates recently (we also got a kitten a few weeks ago that has been monopolizing our time). But here’s a few things we’ve accomplished around our manufactured home over the past two months:

  • Created a privacy curtain for our front door, which is mostly glass panels. We selected fabric from Joann’s and had an alterator sew loops on the top and bottom for the rods.
  • Finished landscaping the front two sections of our yard. We opted for rubber mulch in some sections instead of going with all rock.
  • Continued to work on the backyard landscaping. We added a grass section, but it’s coming in very slowly.

The things that are still in progress around here:

  • Landscaping: never ending it seems. I think it’s because we’re doing it ourselves and are very particular about the way we want it to look. Next up on our list is to create two side planters with Horsetail grass in them to create a the look of a natural gate on either side of the house. We also have to hardscape one side of our house near the driveway. We decided we didn’t want any plants that required watering over in that area because it’s just too hard to get water over there. But before we can do that, I have to rip out some grass that we originally planted over there. Let me just say that Creeping Red Fescue is hard to get rid of once it’s planted.
  • The back patio: We really want to get our patio figured out this summer so that we can host outdoor parties. We have an idea of what we want, but it’s not cheap. We’re looking at a few furniture options and a grill. We also want to add another section of concrete. Realistically, the back patio will most likely take many months to complete.
  • A back wall: We’ve gone back and forth about whether we want a wall in the back yard. Our patio butts up against a mountain and is really beautiful. However, we’ve had some erosion control issues and have seen lots of coyotes roaming within a few feet of our patio. Ultimately, we think a 2-3 foot wall is in the future.
  • The guest room: The room needs a coat of paint to match the guest bathroom that we also want to paint, and then furniture. We’re not in a hurry with this project, but it’s on our “to do” list.

I’ll soon post some more photos of the back and side yards as we continue working on them.

Kitten that’s sidetracking me:


  1. vickigleitz Reply

    Hi! I have read a few of your blogs[?] and truly enjoyed them. I also love your kitten and your house. I used to live in a manufactured home about 25 years ago. It was when mobile homes first got gorgeous. [people would come over and be blown away, and ours was 1900 sq feet with a great open floorplan]

    My kids were 18 years old, 15 years old, and 10 months old [ same dad, he passed from CLL when I was pregnant with youngest, LJ] at the time. Youngest, now nearly 24. [not sure that happened!]

    Time passed, remarried, and we bought a home in a nearby town. I ALWAYS missed that house when we moved and I still do.

    My husband, Bobby, is younger than me, and he had to retire early because of severe health problems.{ I did not mention that I am an old Autistic womanI have a channel, The Antique Autistic, and am the coordinator and creator of AutHaven, In Colorado. ] When we moved from Bennett, which is east of Denver after he retired, , we moved to Pueblo [way east] to start an Autistic community. Bought a few houses [ cute little $30 grand fixer-upper houses] The plan was to live in one, and the others would be part of the community. But, bad stuff [SUPER BAD STUFF] happened.

    We sold our houses, were nearly flat broke, and we are in the process of buying a place in Beulah, Colorado [southwest of Pueblo.Actually, we have already purchased it but it is not quite habitable] It needs EXTREME, TLC, or rather, “Tough love”but we love its’ potential] it will be great for the Autistic community[a year away or so]

    It was built in the 1930’s, no upgrades at all EVER! NO water, old electricity, and well, everything messed up. But it will be so beautiful when we are are about halfway done and about a week before it is habitable.

    We already had some chickens and they love it here. We hope to buy some nigerian dwarf milking goat doelings next month. We already put the deposit on them. The only problem is that we will not know whether the mama goat has 2 does until they are born. There might be less, more, or all male babies, in which case we will wait for another set of baby girls]

    Anyway, I know that I “over shared, sorry, but if I edit, it will never be sent.If you get a chance please check out my channel.Oh, and if you go to my channel, JV stands for “Just Vicki”.

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