My husband and I have been really saving on our groceries. We’ve been scouring the 99-cent store for dry goods, bread, and even some vegetables like lettuce. We then hit our regular grocery store for meat, milk, and some frozen goods. I have been able to get my lunches down to under $2.00, and my breakfast for under $.25. My weekly meals are pretty monotonous, but it works for me. Here is a breakdown of my Monday – Friday breakfast and lunch menu:

  • Breakfast: 1/2 cup of oatmeal, a few dried cranberries, and brown sugar. I put all of these ingredients into a small Tupperware container, then just add hot water. Very healthy. Total Cost: $.20 (my large oatmeal and dried cranberries cost about $9.00, but lasts 2 months- or 40 working days)
  • Lunch: 1 cup of Easy Mac macaroni and cheese, one cup of applesauce (no sugar added), one small bag of animal cookies. Somewhat healthy, the mac and cheese is a little high in sodium. Total Cost: $1.59

I also usually have a snack in the late afternoon, like cereal (I am a cereal lover and have always been!) For dinner, my husband and I usually have tacos (turkey or beef, which ever is on sale), hamburgers, spaghetti, chili and cornbread, or something easy and inexpensive. My husband also gets creative with the ingredients we have lying around and will make pizza using homemade pizza dough, or purchase a Bobelli pizza crust, throwing on fresh veggies for the toppings. Last night, to help get rid of the sniffles,  we had hot and sour soup and spring rolls. The spring rolls were frozen, made by the Chung brand, and very good, we were quite surprised.

Queso on the Grill

Queso on the Grill

Eating so inexpensively allows us to splurge occasionally. For instance, my husband loves cooking outdoors. On the weekends, when the weather is sunny, warm, and perfect, he’ll purchase baby back ribs or sirloin steak and marinate them for a full day. After the spices have thoroughly soaked in, he’ll grill them to perfection.  We also include veggies to go with our meal, or a salad.

You’ll notice that I didn’t mention cooking myself, not once. That’s because I don’t cook. The extent of my cooking boils down to heating up pre-made garlic bread or making an easy mix corn bread, both side items. Main meals are generally my husband’s fortay. Luckily my husband knew this before we were married, so it’s never been an issue. Thank goodness for frozen meals, too!

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