Moving is something that most people dread to think of. Packing your stuff, organizing the move, transporting from one place to the other, taking an attempt to bribe your friends to get their help and support – the entire process can be intimidating and daunting. But just as there are complexities of moving, there are moving hacks of all time, which if followed, can make moving as simple as possible. You must be eager to know about few such moving hacks which can alleviate the stress from moving.

Even though you carefully plan your move, once you complete the process, you end up thinking that there could have been better steps that you could take to avoid the mistakes committed during your first move. Should you have hired a movers Toronto company? Well, we compile a list of moving hacks that you should follow.

Plan Before Your Move

  • If this is possible for you, make sure you clean the kitchen and bathroom in the new home before you move in.
  • Assign a donation pile where you can gather all the items and clothing that you don’t prefer carrying with you. Once you have these items ready, you just have to schedule a pickup with or Salvation Army.
  • Till 2-3 weeks post your move, plan the meals on frozen food or few perishable items or containers which are half-open. The non-perishables can also be donated.
  • Update your address, utility bills, and subscriptions with your new address.
  • Shop around to get the best rates on moving services as this will increase chances of saving money.
  • Make sure your move is scheduled for the mid-month or the mid-week to cut off costs.

Getting Back the Deposit

  • In case you’re renting, take the pictures of your old place when you move out and also the pictures of your new place while moving in.
  • Remove dents (if any) in the carpet that your furniture had left behind. You can use ice-cubes for this, place them on the debts, and allow them to melt and use a spoon the lift the fibers.
  • Use toothpaste, ivory soap and items to fill up the nail holes in the walls.
  • Wrap off a rubber band alongside a hammer to avoid scuffing of the walls while you remove the nails.

Save Money, Time and Hassles During Packing

  • Make sure you enquire the local businesses and retailers about the boxes that they gently use.
  • Safeguard each and every item that is fragile with newspaper and magazine rather than packing with peanuts.
  • In case your clothes are hanging up there in the closet, you can carry them in a trash bag as this will make unpacking simpler and easier.
  • Utilize trash bins, laundry baskets and suitcases.
  • Whenever you dissemble the furniture, make sure the hardware and screws are all carefully kept inside a plastic bag. Add a label to the bad and tape to the furniture or assign a different box with hardware to the furniture.

So, if you’re planning to move from one home to a newer one, make sure you follow the above mentioned moving hacks of all time so that you can alleviate the stress from moving.

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