Los Angeles  Known as the City of Angels, is an epicenter of ethnic diversity and entertainment. The city is home to a sprawling metropolis with an endless amount of things to do and see including the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Pier, and Universal Studios Hollywood. The ideal is to visit Los Angeles thoroughly while moving on a budget.

Moving on a Budget: An all-time blessing

Los Angeles is also known for its high cost of living. The average home costs $670,200 while the average monthly rent runs around $2,265. The good news is that if you plan to relocate to the city, there are plenty of ways to save money so that you have the funds you need to comfortably live in your new city.

Keep reading for 4 relocation tips for moving on a budget to LA. Your wallet will thank you!

1.  Get Rid of Stuff:

The more items you have to move, the more expensive it will be to relocate to L.A. Though it can be hard to part with personal belongings, chances are you have clothes, collectibles, and other items that have set around and collected dust for years. Instead of bringing everything with you, take the time to sort through your stuff to figure out what you really need.

You can choose to sell items, which allows you to earn some extra cash. Hold a yard sale or use an online selling website like eBay.com or Offer Up to sell to local buyers. You can also donate certain belongings such as clothes, shoes, and household products for a tax deduction.

With more money in your pocket and extra weight eliminated, you can greatly reduce the cost of relocating. You will be saving money to move while moving on a budget whether you’re moving by yourself or hiring professional movers.

2.  DIY Moving vs. Professional Services:

DIY Moving vs. Professional Services
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Most people automatically assume that moving on their own is much cheaper than hiring professional movers. While you may be about to land a great deal on a moving truck, many people greatly underestimate the amount of time, sweat, and energy it takes to pack and load boxes onto the truck. If you’re moving to L.A. from another state, using professional services is the best option.

So you must know how to move out on a low budget and save money even when hiring renters? The key is to compare prices. Before choosing a company, get at least three quotes. This gives you the information you need to compare prices, and will also open the door for rate negotiation.

Another way to save money when hiring professional movers is to move during the off-season. If you can plan your relocation to L.A. during the fall or winter, you’ll find that companies offer much lower rates. Prices can be discounted by up to 30%, which can ensure moving on a budget, saving you hundreds of dollars.

When choosing a professional moving company:

  • Read customer reviews and testimonials
  • Conduct a background check
  • Understand the moving agreement

If you want an easy move but don’t want to hire movers, the next best option is to use a portable storage pod. These are much less of a hassle when compared to a moving truck and dozens of boxes.

3.  Save on Home Entertainment Services:

There’s nothing worse than moving into a new home, only to be left without internet or cable. Prepare your home before you arrive by having entertainment services installed and activated a few days before your arrival date.
But, as you likely already know, home entertainment services can be expensive. Some can cost hundreds of dollars a month. To ensure you’re getting the best price and to save money, you can find and compare the best Internet providers in L.A. on digitalexits.com.

The best way to cut home entertainment service costs is to bundle services and shop around.

4.  Save on Moving Supplies: Ensures moving on a budget

Moving Boxes
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Moving companies charge astronomical fees for boxes, but without them, moving is impossible. The good news is that you don’t have to pay for boxes in order to move to L.A. Thus, you will be moving on a budget quite safe and sound. Look around you and you’re sure to be able to find them for free.

Check your workplace for empty boxes, especially printer-paper boxes. You can also check Craiglist’s free section or Freecycle.org to find boxes in your area. You can also stop by local stores in your area and ask them if they have any boxes that are destined for the compactor.

If your boxes are in good shape after moving, you can make a little extra cash by selling them! Companies like Box Cycle or Container Exchanger pay up to $2 per box.

Another must-have moving supply is protective coverings. No one wants to move only to be left with dinged and damaged furniture. The good news is that you can use old blankets, towels, and sheets to protect fragile items and expensive furniture.

* Conclusion:

With these tips, relocating to an expensive city can cost you much less than you may think. Here’s a most enjoyable move to LA while moving on a budget.

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