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You can find moving tips all over the internet, but they’long distance moving companiesre not always the best pieces of advice or don’t necessarily apply to your specific moving situation. If you really want to find out all the nitty gritty details and information necessary for a seamless move, you need to ensure you’re getting more than just the basics. That’s where this list comes into play. Whether you’re moving soon vetting a moving company or you’re just considering the move, here are the moving tips and tricks nobody tells you about but you certainly must know.

Storage Will Be Your Savior

Some people choose to rent moving trucks or get friends and family together to move belongings, and while this can certainly help, storage is always going to be your best option. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to go through all your belongings before the big moving day, which is when renting a storage garage can come in handy. In addition, storage allows you to get items out of your house without actually moving them in a rental truck or with a moving company. According to Livible, a bay area storage facility, “Storage facilities come in all shapes and sizes and are a cost-effective method for those who are moving, whether local or across the country.” If you are looking for a great option to help make your move more seamless, then you’ll certainly want to explore storage options.

Binders and Organization are a Must

It may make you less stressed to just plop everything in boxes or bins without being organized, but it will make you crazy when it comes to unpacking. Instead of doing so blindly, you need to get organized. There are a variety of ways you can do this:

  • Label all your boxes with numbers, then have a binder with the box number and a list of all the items inside that box. This will make it easier for you to locate specific items before or after the move.
  • Organize your boxes with colored tape for specific rooms; i.e., all kitchen boxes with blue tape, all bedroom boxes with pink tape, etc. This way, when unloading, you know exactly which boxes belong in which rooms for easier unpacking.

Use What You Have

Buying moving boxes will be an expense you didn’t plan for. However, instead of spending all the money on boxes, it’s important to use the resources you already have. For instance, don’t pack an empty hamper in your moving truck. Instead, make sure that hamper is loaded. You should also use any luggage you already have to move items, especially those that may be heavy. When you use your own items to transport your belongings, you’ll end up spending less on moving materials.

In addition, you should also use your clothes, towels, or other soft materials as padding for those fragile items. Wrapping your glasses in your t-shirts will work just as well as using bubble wrap, and doing so means you won’t have to shell out the extra cash on expensive bubble wrap.

Invest in Press’n Seal

Press’n Seal may be a kitchen staple, but it can also be an extremely helpful tool when it comes to moving. Pull out all your dresser drawers and cover them with Press’n Seal to keep the items intact. You can also do this with hanging jewelry and other loose items you don’t want to lose while in transport.

Contact a Charity

When going through all your items for the move, you’ll come across a variety of items you either don’t want any more or you cannot use at your new place. Instead of throwing them out, contact local charities to come and pick the items up. This way, you don’t have to pay to dispose of anything, and you’ll also be doing something good at the same time.

Read the Fine Print

If you are hiring movers, renting storage facilities, or doing anything unusual during your move that requires third-party assistance, be sure to read the fine print. Most of the time you’ll find reputable companies that work extremely well and give you peace of mind. However, there are other times when these companies will have weird rules or regulations, and you could be charged extra for something you didn’t know. As long as you read the fine print first, you can keep yourself safe.

Reputable long distance moving companies will be happy to explain any part of their contract that you have questions about or would like to learn more about. If they stand by what they are doing, there will be no need for secrets.

Moving doesn’t have to be a headache. By using the tips listed in this article, you’ll find that your next move will be easier on you and everyone else.

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