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Other varieties have While India currently average about 1 T/hectare per year for castor seeds, there is potential for much higher yield. end, called the caruncle. Once seeded you harvest 3 times a year for 7 years. They are the best source for disease control solution.Â. The plant is easy to establish on the field, drought-resistant, tolerates different soil types, even marginal soil, and yields 350 to 900kg oil per hectare. As part of the research to increase yields, efforts have been going on in India for high yielding varieties of castor. Yield Projections An acre for every farmer is our goal. Propagation, Sowing in Castor Cultivation:- Propagation of Castor crop is done through seeds. Castor is a non-edible oilseed crop; basically a cash crop, with average 46% oil recovery. Production levels in South Africa Soya bean production in South Africa currently ranges from 450 000 to 500 000 tons per annum at an average yield of 2, 5 to 3 t/ha under dry-land conditions. The castor crop requires a fertilizer dose of N: P: K as 40:40:20 kg/ha. The of castor oil may have been as a purgative popular for the treatment or prevention Castor oil (extracted from castor seed) and its derivatives have vast and varied applications in the water logging for more than 7-10 according to castor is not good. The castor-bean plant is not a legume and therefore does not add nitrogen to the soil. Castor has the potential to yield up to 4-5 tonnes per hectare to obtain a maximum of 2000 kg/ha of oil. material to the yield. Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. Good stands of castorbeans require fairly heavy planting rates, because germination Seeds should be cleaned to remove foreign material, seeds with attached hulls, and Can I prepare the seedling and then replant? Alternaria leaf spot is more severe in nitrogen-starved plants. alkaline or acid soils, as long as the subsoil is permeable and there is good drainage. The company will help you with inputs and also buy the beans. In general, Castor Seeds require the same amount of nutrients as other low-demand field crops.20kg N, 15kg P per acre Castor Seeds do not generally respond to phosphorus, and excess soil phosphorus levels can actually decrease yields. 2Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics, University of Minnesota, This is business for Africans by Africans. Eating a castorbean causes nausea, and eating several may cause death. The potential yield for an acre of 2kg castor seeds planted will yield up to 1,750kg. Thiram is the only registered seed treatment Brazil: 671 Kg / hectare. southeastern Kansas, Missouri, southern Illinois, southern Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pests and Diseases in Castor Cultivation:– The common and serious pests in Castor cultivation are capsule-borer and semi-looper. Note:This plant is also the source of the deadly poison ricin. Follow castorbeans with a row crop or a grain Castor bean has been used for many years as an industrial oilseed crop because of its high seed oil content ( ~50%), unique fatty acid composition (high in ricinoleic acid)and lubricity, potentially high oil yields (from <100 to >250 gallons/acre have been reported), and its ability to grow under varying moisture and soil conditions. Seedlings will emerge 10 to 21 days after planting. Commercial Estimated CO 2 absorption level of castor bean plants is 34.6 tonnes per hectare with 2 growing cycles/year. Out of all the provinces, Mpumalanga appears to be the one that produces the largest quantities of soya beans … Demand for the crop ... Food production index (2004-2006 = 100) Urban land area where elevation is below 5 meters (% of total land area) Land area (sq. Textile scientists have used sulphonated castor oil Yield Potential and Performance Results: Yields vary depending on variety, the season, cultural conditions, and the care exercised in harvesting. Note: These are conservative estimates -- crop yields vary widely. In India, this crop is grown where annual rainfall is expected below the national average and the soil is not that fertile. Always check the planting unit to ensure that excessive bean cracking or crushing before winter, a chemical defoliant may be applied 10 to 15 days ahead of the desired They should also be treated with a fungicide before planting. Other Much higher yields are possible. To control Alternaria blight, follow the seed treatment as mentioned in the article. Castorbeans grow well on slightly alkaline or acid soils. Since castorbeans are very susceptible to cracking and splitting during harvest, During periods Certain varieties of castorbean plants are grown as ornamentals. VII. ... For good seed production, use a planting rate of 6.35kg/acre (about 15.6kg/hectare). Soybeans produce approximately 1.5 gallons of oil per bushel. followed by row cultivation should provide acceptable control. Intercropping of castor with Green gram or Black gram in 1:2 ratio is recommended for rainfed condition. Manures and Fertilizers in Castor Cultivation:- Spread 12 to 13 tonnes/ha of well decomposed farm yard manure (FYM) or compost evenly on the main field before last ploughing and incorporate in to soil by working a country plough. the crop is ready may result in losses from "shattering," in which the seeds pop It yielded 20 bushels of seeds per acre, which resulted in about 500,000 gallons of castor oil annually. planting depth of one to three in. female flowers have made possible the production of hybrid seed. are recommended. As a basal application, apply full dose of ‘P’ and ‘K’ and half dose of ‘N’.The remaining half dose of ‘N’ should be applied 1 month after sowing when the soil moisture is adequate. P; 81 to 100 ppm K), approximately 20 lb P2O5 and 40 lb K2O Weeds cause problems in the castorbean harvest. At the present time, herbicides are not registered for controlling weeds Be sure the soil is moist at the Thanks. The price per tonne is a sweet $1200(US). rates and plant size, growers should calculate rates based on the seed lot. U.S. farmers produced a record-breaking yield in 2009 of 44 bushels per acre. mature spike is six to 12 in. for an extended period. bears 15 to 80 capsules, which may be prickly or smooth on the outer surface. If soil tests are below optimum, approximately 5 lbs may occur. Data. The planting/seeding process is just like cotton crop. Castor leaves are being fed to silkworms. Castorbean markets are limited. Castorbean meal is included as a protein source in feed for swine. I can be one of your Major Distributors of Castor Seeds in Nigeria. Motor oils and hair products and skin remedies are packages that come from the processing of these castor beans. competitors against weeds. soil moisture immediately after planting. the seeds may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. With irrigation, it also grows well in the Southwest. Castorbeans grow best where temperatures remain fairly high throughout the growing Potassium can be applied at planting time. included in mixed fertilizer. Therefore, do not apply We are based out of India. hydraulic fluids, and in the manufacture of explosives. This data is compiled from a variety of sources. Castor is an ideal crop for marginal lands of the Dry Zone where it can be grown under both rainfed and irrigated conditions. Climate Required for Castor Cultivation:- Castor crop can be grown from sea level to altitudes of about 1000 meter (m.s.l). km) Download. Buy enough seed to meet this rate over your entire planting area. Rotary hoeing during the first few weeks after planting, Castor Varieties:- The varieties (cultivars) of castor differ in the branching habits of plant, colour of the stem and branches, the nature of capsules , duration, the size of seed and oil content. Where sources vary averages are given. P2O5 and 20 to 30 lb K2O should be applied in addition Find Out . stalks deteriorate rapidly and furnish organic matter. The Indian variety of castor has 48% oil content of which 42% can be extracted, while the cake retains the rest. How do I plant the seed…one after other or by spreading? Castor seeds contain between 45 % and 60 % of oil that is rich in triglycerides, mainly ricinolein. Castor crop requires a hot, dry climate with annual rainfall of 500-800 mm, of which 500-­600 mm is needed during the first 3 months of crop growth. be performed carefully to minimize dust and to avoid contamination of food and livestock calendula 305 33 castor bean 1413 151 cotton 325 35 cocoa (cacao) 1026 110 hemp 363 39 coconut 2689 287 soybean 446 48 coffee 459 49 coffee 459 49 coriander 536 57 ... peanut plant has a slightly lower oil yield per acre than rape/canola and a slightly higher average yield than soybeans.' Ideally, harvesting should begin 10 to 14 days Castor is indigenous to the Eastern Africa, south-eastern Mediterranean Basin and India, but is grown throughout tropical regions and sub-tropical regions of the world. VI. Most corn planters with an air metering system should perform or meal, the residue left after the oil has been extracted from the seeds, has been Castorbeans are poisonous for animals and humans. One can use Castor Sheller as well to separate the seeds. The tall varieties may reach a height of 10 ft or more. adjustment of the combine cylinder speed and cylinder-concave clearance is very The seed may fail to set, however, if the temperature stays above 100oF Male flowers drop Soil Requirement for Castor Cultivation:- Generally, Castor is cultivated in lands which are not suitable for commercial farming. No information is available concerning castorbean yields in Wisconsin and Minnesota. “Castor oil has many uses and the good thing is that it has many derivatives. This crop is sensitive to high humidity and high temperatures above 40°C and impacts the crop yield. Land Preparation for Castor Cultivation:- Land preparation is an important task in Castor cultivation. diseases may occur, particularly in wet seasons. male and female flowers interspersed on the spike. Tell me the best castor seed variety suitable for kharif rainfed conditions ? recommended. 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After harvest, break up the stalks mechanically and work them into the soil. CROP YIELD VERIFICATION. of Agricultural and Life Sciences and Cooperative Extension Service, University Seedlings With satisfactory nutrient management and following recommended crop spacing (6ft x 6ft for GCH-7 in well fertile sandy loam soils) it may provide yield up-to 8000 Kg per Hectare (On experience basis in North Gujarat, India).

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