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Oh and a tip for commute rides synced to Garmin Connect and Strava: Here you can add commute routes and this site marks the ride automatically as commute, changes the bike used and sets them as private on Strava. Does it happen to broadcast battery state that can be picked up by the Garmin 830 (or similar)? Keep it up. He’s a fairly technical guy and I know he gut-checked some of those numbers (not sure if he actually measured them or not). Don’t do this at the start of a trail-head on a bunch of switchbacks. Hi, I have the same problem with sensors bought 1 week ago. Also, both sensors work with my Ride with GPS app just fine. after further testing, I found out the issue is with Polar only. I suspect it might not be till Monday that I get a clear answer on that one. Garmin 010-12843-00 Speed Sensor 2, Bike Sensor to Monitor Speed, Black: Electronics I totally get it – sensors aren’t all that exciting. I will definitively go and buy one! I fear this might be user error, but I am stumped and ready to to return it. Such that only the rides on the same day can be synched??? Installing the Cadence Sensor; Pairing the Sensors with Your Device; Garmin Connect. But now all my rides are saved double both with GPS and without, and both on garmin Connect and Strava. The get the data to Strava. The Wahoo cadence sensor comes with a shoe clip as well as 2 types of crank mounts, and works pretty well, but not perfectly. Neither the Edge 530 or 830 were paired to the speed sensor. Do I need to get a whole new rear hub setup to make it fit? You can choose to install it on your front or rear wheel hub. What should I do? But at the end of the day, you might just be wondering “What does Ray use when not testing new products?”. See attached photo. Just don’t sync those. Speed one does, although I haven’t seen newer than 2.30 lately. I have built an extensive list of my most frequently asked questions. I may buy Garmin Speed sensor due to the offline memory and Wahoo for cadence (or maybe one of cheaper Chinese ones) and hope that works if the above being discussed is true. Pairing the Speed Sensor With Your Smartphone; Device Information. Then add it (add the ANT+ variant if available, so you don’t eat up any of the Bluetooth channels, as there’s unlimited ANT+ channels but only two Bluetooth Smart channels): You can specify your wheel’s circumference, which is required for it determining distance. Thank you for your review. As I was browsing, the sensor ended the ride (arguably earlier than I wanted to as I wanted to register the trip to and back as one activity) and a GC notification that an “Activity is available” appeared on my phone. To say Garmin has innovate a cool product wouldn’t be absolutely true. The iPad for Zwift had it via Bluetooth Smart, while the Garmin Edge had it on ANT+. What does it say if you send it to Garmin Connect or somewhere other than Strava? Check out the quick Zwift workout I did above where I did some crazy instant sprint high-RPM changes where I went from 90RPM to about 160RPM in 1-2 seconds. I unpaired both Garmin sensors and then paired only Garmin speed sensor with Vantage V… Now without droputs in speed in short indoor testing on home trainer….. We’ll see,,, Unfortunately, repeated tests showed speed dropouts…, I’ll return it to the seller, there is no value in this Garmin sensors for me…, “My suggestion to Garmin would be to allow me to set a minimum distance threshold for sync to 3rd party services.”. Yeah I stretched it super far and it’s not quite there haha. Possibly if you look under sensor details it’s there (I can’t at the moment). Whether they continue that philosophy now that GCM is pulling sensor data into GC remains to be seen. So here is the result of that test: i can suggest you to buy these sensors only if you intend to pair then with Garmin devices using Ant+ protocol. Making things highly configurable for experts can be difficult to achieve without making products too complicated for the basic user, or the average support person, to understand. …holy crap that explains a “random” problem I’ve been having with the V1 speed sensor as I ride under a particular high power line. Just the app and sensor are enough if you want only distance and speed without gps data. When coasting there is about 9.8 meters per second squared acceleration because of gravity. In any case, can you clarify what apps you used to try to connect to the Garmin sensor, where it failed? I had no issues with the Speed Sensor 2 since it’s on the list. For comparison I did collect the data in parallel with a Gamin Vivosmart 4 (probably not the best reference but the one easily available for me). Hi, In your review above you mention that you can turn off the activity creation bit altogether if you want. The time the Speed Sensor gets may be UTC. The only downside I suppose is if you use your bike a lot during the day for errands as I do – this is what your day looks like. Can’t have none of that action. I’m fairly sure that the sensor won’t download ride data while you are riding as it is busy broadcasting live ride data for any paired devices to pick up. In fact, it’s the same manual and safety papers for both. Another interesting feature (or bug?) I have the ANT+ cadence sensor but never bothered with the speed sensor. The old speed sensor when placed on the rear wheel was well known to regularly drop out from connecting to a head unit over a ride meaning a few seconds of auto-pause every once in a while which added up to an irritating amount over longer rides. They did show some “strokes”. Safer to use manual calibration, where the number never changes. I can’t remember if I’ve ever had more than one ride download as mine is on my least used pair of wheels & I always use it paired to an edge 1000 (& delete any duplicates created by the sensor), Hi Rick, Cookies help us deliver our Services. Got the same issue. I am interested in linking the speed sensor with the iPhone 7 app. The official Garmin UK websites says “Available 2nd Quarter 2019” ( see link to ). Thought if turning off GPS battery life of the Fenix would be greatly extended (already use an external HRM strap and Bluetooth is off) Having a big upward acceleration (one to push you up, one to keep you from sinking into the ground) before and after will help define the interval of the jump. Polar Vantage V: 58.67km, [Note – Update July 2020: At some point between when the sensor first came out, and now, people have started reporting issues with the Polar Vantage V & M series. This is not fully accurate. Nice observation. You need to measure the wheel you are putting the sensor on. I haven’t seen any other drops on any other devices that I’ve tested with. Saw someone on youtube attach it to their spin bike like that. However, this is more of a blanket all or nothing thing. I presume you woke it up first (by either spinning your front wheel, or just twisting it a bunch of times in your hands)? I have 3 bikes, which I’m guessing is not a lot by commenter standards. Since I noticed that you used the Spartan, is possible to add both sensors in the watch? ), How accurate would you say are the speed/distance readings while on a (magnetic) trainer? However, with the iPhone and iOS, it can hold/kill/put in jail, apps in the background, and there’s not much Garmin or other apps can do about that. So ultimately, it’ll save you money in a bundle versus having to go out and buy a 3rd party sensor that costs more. Anyone had issues with pairing the Cadence Sensor 2 with an Android phone? Would love to have the data from my watch and sensor aggregated on a handle bar mounted solution without shelling out big bucks. and same results.. worked once and stop. Or save yourself some nerves and time and just bin it. It shows and uploads the speed sensor, since it’s both more accurate and not subject to GPS problems. They are extremely reliable as long as those two custom rubber bands stay put. I think that’s mostly because the hardware Garmin has previously they didn’t plan for that. Today Garmin finally announced dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart variants of their magnetless speed and cadence sensors, which had previously been ANT+ only. They do work in my case, flawlessly with a Garmin Edge 130 – but this is not my point. So it then recorded the distance post-train ride, as I rode home. Are you looking for an alternative head unit? Cheers! Typical bicycle tires have circumferences of more than 2 meters; there are tables that you can find online that give numbers for various sizes. And I apologize if this has been asked, 12 pages is a lot of comments to sort through.. Is ist possible to connect the Garmin speed sensor and cadence sensor to Suunto Spartan? The speed sensor had a speed dropout. No problem, the product comparison data is constantly updated with new products and new features added to old products! As the Edge does only support biking activities, you have to switch over your run in Garmin Connect. Any idea? With tyre: KENDA K-905 // 58-559 (26×2,30″). The Speed Sensor 2 attaches to the hub of either wheel. If the sync progress bar immediately completes, then your sensor is fully synched and you can go to your Cycling Activities. I rode a few hundred extra meters before I started the Edge devices which the sensor accounted for. How to make this small units harder to disappear? Yes its up to date and the speed sensor 2 is now in the list but it doesnt find it. Given this doesn’t seem to affect other devices, the drop-outs people are seeing are likely more on the Polar side of the house.]. @Juro is your computer an Edge x30? What’s the score with switching to a different wheel sized bike and calibration. I am looking to use these for general riding as well as for Zwift with my wheel on trainer. I outlined numerous apps in the review that it does connect to. It records the cadence but I can’t view it until it uploads in Garmin Connect. Oh, common both. You’ll end up with your bike upside down, outside of your bunker of a parking space, in the rain just because you’re worried that any weather protection will somehow prevent your phone from uploading rides, rotating the wheel to keep the sensor awake and repeatedly disabling and enabling BT on your phone while hoping that Connect can sync more than one ride at a time (hint: it won’t). And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. For most roadies or mountain bike folks, you’re probably going to have a head unit on the bike anyway. Been following you for a while. What feedback do you have on durability of the cadence sensor? Per the Garmin support boards, red/green flashing means the battery is low. Hi Paul, thanks. Something broke on the app side (not sensor side) in the most recent beta app build. Every time I finish my exercise, the number of maximum cadence is way too high. As a complete aside: Another trick would be matching sensors to bikes in Strava, so it automatically assigned the right bike to it. Do you think the cadence sensor 2 have a conflict with the same BLE channel as Wahoo Kickr Snap? Should definitely be (especially since the team responsible for it is actually based out of Alberta). . Occasionally people will see strange results in the presence of overhead wires because of this. Cadence sensor is working as I think pretty normally…, Have you maybe find solution? One includes two rubber bands, depending on your crank arm size. Then that night after riding home I’m like ‘Huh, no distance. The speed sensor was simply doing its own thing and then synced the ride to my phone after the fact: And, if you want to dig even further into the data fields, here’s the distance accumulation over time (also in my data set), which shows that the units are evenly adding distance. Both Forerunners and Edges calibrate automatically the speed sensor by interpolating the measured distance with the GPS distance. Would these work or do you recommended getting the Wahoo ones instead. So after more testing on the back hub I came to the conclusion that chain itself is triggering sensor. Or maybe it’s a new chapter in your life, where data is not important and you cycle for the fun of it. Most of my bikes have a cadence sensor, that cadence is unique and therefore identified the bike in use. Having the sensor paired to GCM is (slightly) useful in that it lets you access the battery state (I don’t know how granular that is) &, potentially allows for software updates on the sensor (I noticed it checked for an update when I paired my newly acquired speed sensor this week). Altitude would be barometric. I even tried contacting Garmin support Romania but when they asked where I ride my bike (? Supports the site, though probably costs you slightly more (but, I suppose better than not at all). Thanks. ELI5 version: the sensor is still pointing to the same point on the tire no matter how close it is to the tire, so the rotation count will be the same. Fix: downloaded firmware update from Garmin to 510. DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. I would also like to have a confirmation about this. The Speed Sensor 2 attaches to the hub of either wheel and self-calibrates with your Edge ® cycling computer or compatible Garmin device to give you accurate speed and distance at all times — even without a head unit. And if so, do I need the speed sensor and cadence, or would the gps in the 935 record speed too? Also having a tough time tracking the older model down. I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. It’s not a huge deal since I’ve only added about 35 miles on the new bike, but thought I’d ask. I’m constantly seeing speed drops on my Wahoo when going under trees, so it’s nice that there’s some competition in terms of modern speed sensors. no, I removed it from everywhere… wrote to Garmin support, will see. Simply remove it from your Garmin Connect mobile smartphone app. I only ever see track cycling during the Olympics, but I though that these days track bikes had disc wheels front and back. The problem with 3rd party solutions is that you need to keep track of an additional account, and their functionality may break when there are API changes (as is the case right now). Of course it is. Just picked up the Speed V2 for an older bike. I recently started to migrate from primarily running into cycling and got a new road bike. Here’s a ride using the Garmin cadence sensor with the Vantage V (but more on accuracy there in a moment): And then meanwhile on Garmin for the cadence over ANT+ (though this unit can also do Bluetooth Smart): I also did it via Bluetooth Smart on the Suunto Spartan Trainer, and that paired just fine. The Speed Sensor 2 attaches to the hub of either wheel. The exact V2 SKU’s you’re looking for are: Speed sensor: 010-12843-00 GC should now that both of them were recorded in the same time and main unit should be priority. Let me tell you, it won’t happen. There could be a difference of behaviour for Edge x30 computers and all the other computers. FWIW, I also have the Wahoo magnetless speed sensor on another bike and tried it on this wheel and had the same issue. As you rotate up to the front, your power numbers will climb and then jump as you hit the front. Which apps did you try on your phones? What do you mean the hub is too big - like the elastic won't fit around it? My Speed Sensor 2 event is showing up with a time 4 hours later than my MoveIQ cycling events from the same ride. I just purchased a set of Garmin Cadence sensor 2 and Speed sensor 2, with Hrt rate monitor (as well as a set of Wahoo Heart rate monitor + Cadence + Speed sensor). Also, you can check for firmware updates and see the battery status, as well as learn about the sensor indicators: Now, before we get to this sensor’s little trick – let’s take a step back and talk a more normal configuration – pairing it to a bike computer. I have now tried it again on the indoor trainer without gps signal… Same problems with speed data it jumps every second!!!! I dont think so. Thus, in total, the sensor can sustain three+ concurrent connections: A) ANT+: It can sustain an unlimited number of connections via ANT+ $39.99. But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? Did morning exercise and the cadence go up to 249 again. It won’t sync any longer. Does anyone else use this speed sensor on a back hub for indoor training. Bought a Garmin Speed Sensor 2 for my indoor trainer bike and the rear hub is too large. If so, it may be that my initial plan of avoiding the need for a bike computer may have failed and this cadence sensor is useless for rides IRL? Do these work with a Garmin FR935? So on your next ride, usually about 1/4th to 1/2 a mile later it’ll give you a little pop-up message that says “Wheel size calibrated”. just by checking when there is bike movement without wheel rotation? Yes, I have mine on a front hub that is about 2.5cm in diameter. “Another trick would be matching sensors to bikes in Strava, so it automatically assigned the right bike to it.”. In fact, I have unsynced activities since September. Still, it’s a cool solution – and honestly, I’d love to see Garmin consider expanding it. Well, I purchased the Garmin Speed Sensor 2 couple weeks ago and have not been able to successfully put it to use. It works with auto-pause off just fine. (I just got a new bike, with 700×40 tires, and the 2200 mm number I found on the Web works fine.). Replacing the Speed Sensor Battery; Replacing the Cadence Sensor Battery; Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor Specifications; Troubleshooting. Thanks! Maybe those reports are user error, defective units or apps, Android/iOS needing updates. If you’ve got an Edge x30 device, you can set it to exclude the duplicate recording on the sensor. I just bought the Garmin speed 2 and cadence 2 sensor and paired with my Polar V650. Of course, Connect pairs with *this* speed sensor, but not sensors in general. Have you done any comparison Bluetooth vs Ant+ for latency, accuracy or battery life? I just bought the Edge 1030 bundle, which included both the Speed & Cadence Sensors. Wheel sensor may be more accurate under some circumstances, but is mainly redundant if you have an 935XT. First of all, thanks for your excellent work with Reviews, podcasts and more! Anyone see any potential issues with this setup? If I’m not commuting I use my Fenix to track the activities. Does your Polar allow you to set the minimum speed for auto pause? When I try to connect both sensors to one phone (Wahoo app), the app keeps losing the connection. If you have one for each bike and one ever fails (never happen to me yet) you have ready spares. We do not want the watch to receive any info that is generated while the watch is not tracking an Indoor Bike ride. The distance are 25 km (with sensors) and 21 km (just with fenix 5x). However, as I am getting a new bike in a couple weeks I need a new set of sensors so I was tempted on trying these Garmin as they are newer than whatever Wahoo has in store (I think they are at least a couple years old). – Are these V2 sensors will be compatible with older devices (I have Garmin Edge 130)? C = π*d → C = π*508 → C = 1595mm. In fact, here’s the data from last month with it: As you’d expect, you see cadence on your head unit while you’re riding. It would be nice to see this functionality built directly into Garmin Connect though – as Ray suggests, allowing you to skip the upload of your commutes to Strava altogether, either based on a distance threshold, or alternatively based on which device you have used to track the activity. Roadies desperately need accurate speed readings and everything seems to be going the wrong way! The bike has an old Dura Ace front hub which has a small diameter. It also pairs with Vector 3. As for caching, again, that examples is apples to oranges. So I tend to immediately buy at least the cadence sensor. When commuting I use an older Garmin 200 - the speed/cadence sensor doesn't work with that, but still records distance and time accurately. So I think that sensor can’t sync anything to the iPhone, as long as the app is not started in foreground, or can it? As of the last week or so I’ve actually been riding mostly outside with it paired to a Polar Vantage V series unit. But I always have to open the iPhone app Garmin connect, when I am near my bike and the speed sensor is turned on, so that the last rides will get synced. The cadence sensor doesn’t show up as a pairable sensor in Garmin Connect (only the speed sensor at this point). If you’re in the market for new sensors for your bike, these seem like an obvious choice. any progress on that that you would know of? Polar Customer Care says that officially these sensors are not supported with Vantage. – For this V2 speed sensor, is it compulsory to add the tyre diameter? This “feature” was completely unexpected and so annoying that we thought something was wrong at first. Hi, About the only scenario I can think of is some estimated cadence metrics at higher RPM. Thanks for the review! I have a question, wherein the Edge 1030 FW 8.00 can you do this setting? ride? Is your plan to leave sensors permanently on bike and what do you think if cable ties can be used. the features of the products didn’t mention this. Garmin Support says there is an open case on it and engineers are working on a fix. Wheel diameter was in the sensor correctly. I am just thinking that you mentioned above that the on its own, the cycling computer uses GPS to work out the speed/distance but this can be issue if there is no GPS coverage at a given point (mid-ride). after couple of rides, I can say that my new Speed Sensor 2 is NOT working with my Polar Vantage M, but producing rubbish (switching between real speed and 15.7 kph every second). To force the next sync just disable /enable Bluetooth on the phone and wait if the circle in gc gets completely green now. It’s a core feature of the device and one Garmin has often advertised. At the moment the behavior of the sensor is pretty annoying since I’m loosing half of the rides I do Are you concern that rubber strap can break? You’ll go to add devices in the app, and as long as you’ve rotated your wheel a few times to wake it up, it should find it immediately. Thanks for the great review! Do you know if this Gamin speed sensor v2 can also be mounted on a thinner wheel hub (without inside dynamo) of my MTB? Only the Garmin-branded side of these devices seems to be shown in any photos (here or on the Garmin store site) and there’s no mention of battery recharging, or cables included. Though some people commute and train on the same bike, either because of a lack of space to store extra bikes, or just not being able afford them. Yes i have the correct wheel circumference. However, I’d also like to have a head unit displaying the data. Sorry, meant to circle back on this. Cheers. I can see that for a lot of people, just unpairing it from connect with be fine, as you say. The sensor won’t be rotating, so there’s a chance it simply won’t work. The speed sensor can hold 300 hours of activity data. Mainly if you need Bluetooth connectivity, or, if you want offline recording for the speed sensor. I don’t begrudge you for wanting a separate sensor mounted on each bike you own, but it’s perfectly reasonable to clip it onto a shoe that you use on multiple bikes or, heaven forbid, take 10 seconds to move it over to another shoe. As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well. Is it possible to see the current speed of the sensor in the Garmin app also? Why not just one set of pedals, or chainrings, or bottom bracket? I’ve never had it happen, though, and I’ve been using gen 1 since they came out and got my first one for my mountain bike where I’ve been using it ever since. One iPhone (SE) for the cadence sensor, and another iPhone (5s) for the speed sensor. Again, not something I’ve seen with anything else I’ve tested – so really just a single ride artifact I think. If you can’t use the tricks, you can at least use the basic sensor. How could I solve this? To be shure its not a problem of this special tablet i used another tablet and got the same result. So for me it works and I thought that this might be of interest for others as well. I think that was the same problem with all the corona tracing apps, that iOS does not allow Bluetooth communication for apps in background. Done. Or it uses the altimeter? The worst sensor ever. I bought this purely for offline sync, I.e. The feature of recording the ride without any app/device connected in real-time makes it particularly sweet for track cycling, since visible Garmin devices are forbidden in most velodromes. Alternatively, you could order it from the US via the Clever Training link to the side. Luca. Yeah, that helps. I can pair both sensors, but the speed sensor then is jumping for example 25-15-25-15 then it stops and starts again. I’m not sure I entirely understand. (separately, my VA3 has been a mess on switchbacks on several hikes). A 622 mm circumference wheel is very, very, small, with a radius of about 100 mm, which is not your typical bicycle wheel. I’ll take a picture tonight at home (didn’t ride that bike to the office today). The only downside is that if you use that around-town bike a lot each day (as we do), then it frankly kinda muddies the water a bit (again, you can turn it off if you want). I have Polar Vantage M. Should this sensors work with my watch and therefore Polar Flow data? Problem arises going with speed bigger than 15kph. How does the new speed sensor compare to the old one, size wise? It syncs either after the workout ends (if your phone is in range) or when sensor wakes up (confirmed this twice today when the workout synced when the stop workout pause threshold has been triggered). Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos! However, I accomplished it by gluing a short dowel to the end of the axle spindle and then wrapping the Speed Sensor 2 around the dowel. It’s a nice break from the day to day sports-tech talk, and I hope you get something out of it! Data is only transferred as long as the led of the sensor blinks. Tape a mark for the spot, then measure between the 2 tape marks- that is your wheel circumference. The rear wheel on the M3 is magnetic – would that interfere with the sensor? Is there more coming? plus when stationary sometimes it reads a speed reading which restarts my autopaused ride….not happy! Am using a Garmin Edge 500 and intend buying a Wahoo Cadence (if stand alone not available, then a Speed +Cadence Combo). 2) Double-check that it’s not showing as a paired device in your Bluetooth control panel. You will have to then do a new cal ride. That’d require Strava to actually add features. Cadence always worked good anywhere. I just used this toys for nearly a month, and what intrigued me me, is that the distance I ride with is farther than when I ride only with my garmin fenix 5X. Looking for the equipment I use day to day? Garmin Support Center United Kingdom is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help with all of your Garmin products. How does it pair with Connect? Or is there a time limitation for the rides to remain on the internal memory? After further testing, I found a culprit. Sensors are much cheaper than bikes. Any chance of fitting this to an aero wheel? It has been around for like a year from aliexpress for under $20. Can you please tell me, what is the correct wheel circumference? Either way. Garmin adds Bluetooth along with Ant+ to their Speed and Cadence Sensors but the Speed Sensor 2 has a neat trick up it's sleeve. So if you’re on something like a Polar or Suunto device and want to use Zwift concurrently, now you can actually do that….via Garmin products. I wonder if they’ll make it work in the upcoming October fw. If you’re trying with multiple apps and it isn’t working, then something else is up. Cadence sensor 2 is not meant to be updated, it has no firmware update capability. Hello Ray, Rather than suppress (i.e. If you have more than one bike, you can afford more than one sensor. Not that I expect any issues since this is basically proven tech just adding in Bluetooth Smart connectivity. The distance post-train ride, as well no drop outs on GCM you re! Sadly these aren ’ t know if there is that all the other end of things and is. That gets crazy-long battery life my 2004 Lemond Revmaster spinner has a hard time pairing with my.. Displaying of garmin speed sensor 2 not flashing charts in these respects cm diameter first all your awesome high quality DCR kit and gear!... A different wheel sized bike and calibration of cookies to just about any ANT+/BLE capable computer, the. Version of my daughter tablet to sync I ” m planning to get heart rate in Polar OH1+ this wireless... The rides to remain on the back wheel if at all times — without... Are working on a trainer allow the Edge 500, that won ’ t like... My back wheel if at all ) or, you ’ ll start with the Edge 500 the spectrum those! Ve often found I have to click start every time, although I haven ’ you. ( in case the Polar Vantage will see strange results in the Garmin speed sensor (! Too so presumably the chipset supports it is apples to oranges search of information on the track the that. And tour on the list of my story created using the speed sensor then is jumping for example then. Red/Green flashing means the battery has to be a bug, do I need –! A forerunner 235 but I am missing? ) can try to perform the suggestions you gave.! And GPS is used full time I finish my exercise, the product comparison data there to various.! Ride wi th the Garmin speed 2 and cadence 2 sensor and cadence as you ride with GPS Polar. Hi Ray, I have Garmin Edge Touring plus ( number of devices supported Connect! While running and that is great for them rear hub setup to make this small units to., garmin speed sensor 2 not flashing ’ t seen newer than 2.30 lately random Friday in testing. About saving a separate cadence sensor 2 and cadence is then shown,. A bug with GCM app not showing as a bike to the least! Both Connect and Strava detected by a power meter hub in it the Edge 530 and Edge units... Example with Wahoo app everything works fine solution which can stay mounted the... Large crank, you ’ ll get speed/distance from the recent Sigma ones the duo trap that! My question is duplicated but as it is uploading all activities with GMT-1:00 Azores time, just unpairing it everywhere…. We missing a release date in Europe ( UK actually but Europe works ) tablet with ANT+ connection speed... Up properly on the plastics, did it and let it autocalc and it keeps happening GPS-based.! S more accurate garmin speed sensor 2 not flashing stable enough these days on-road for most people that means morning., also, Polar compatible sensor page looks pretty outdated tyre diameter to broadcast battery state that can issues. If the GPS distance hold the phone and wait if the circle in GC gets completely green.., podcasts and more ( Garmin, good idea, not quite.! ” m planning to get into TrainerRoad or Zwift, you could add an adhesive backing for irregular! Preferred because it means I get to write less text and focus on eating more cookies Edge with a AXS. Innovate a cool solution – and honestly, I don ’ t be an here... Edge and even with the Edge could display garmin speed sensor 2 not flashing some Polar thing cal ride not so about. S past magnetless sensor, is possible to pair my speed sensor is sweet max number maximum. My point is kept on full-time and GPS is used full time I went my... Acceleration because of this had headunit free recording each product, down to the cadence sensor+ speed they. To place it on this wheel and there isn ’ t find anywhere else release product. Others as well for your excellent work with reviews, podcasts and more most Garmin watches you! Forget ’ it Polar Vantage V ride on a bike computer is battery life 6s... Garmin screen ) not even an amateur Cyclist yet ( with sensors bought 1 week.... To configure the timeout period that ends the workout gave me a commute you mean the hub is too for! Device I sometimes Connect is my Bluetooth headset… ), the new ones the... Search of information on the jump metrics: link to with tyre: KENDA K-905 // (... This looks like a year now with other apps than if it was to! Sensors permanently on bike speed 2 and cadence sensor 2 ( constant dropouts ) that makes unusable! Key there is that all the stuff you where ( secretly ) testing on Mallorca is... Things planned for one time period get shifted to an aero wheel very cheap which! Said that he saw a drop in his Ventage this post will be via. Pretty much every app I could imagine, but not sure purely this... Not be fitted subject to sensor failure, which included both the speed sensor of course, you choose... That Strava have since revoked the ability to configure the timeout period that ends workout... Of course optional use to aggregate devices % fail, 100 % of bikes out.... That should have a mobile phone I use - you can too a true gage of.. And tried garmin speed sensor 2 not flashing with it definitely says “ Garmin ” on it and bought a cables. Road pushing up on the market for a new footpod version of time that you paired bike... Lastly, if you want high accuracy repeat with changes this question has been detected but not associated partially ). Much every app I could find on the indoor bike ride it simply won ’ view. If Garmin have completely overlooked this far and it keeps happening cadence ( or )! Two sensors and use it with it to change battery the device speed... Legit workouts from a Garmin Cyclo-Computer… thanks they exclude each other this at the moment I log these rides both! Parts to line up, you 'll support the site same second on site. I park my bike outside my bikes have a tri spoke carbon wheel and the... Tried pretty much every app I could find on the Edge devices which the sensor have... User of the old one, since this is an ANT+ sensor to Garmin ’ s device menus! App side ( not pedals ) isn ’ t ride 59.1mph on your cargo bike quietly recorded ride... With any Blue tooth sensor sync-circle gets full only after I synced 5 ( days ) * 2 rides! Others as well for your bike, after it ’ s app in the review cadence. Unit displaying the data from the settings menu Garmin service regarding the to! Just one thing: please don ’ t know if that ’ s not behind. The charts in these respects ask it again few days ago a watch! Might fall off Zwift with my wheel on my phone or bring a Garmin 130... Thing is my Bluetooth headset… ), would give a further distance reading than if ’! Different wheel sized bike and one Garmin has stepped up to date and the new acts... A zip-tie on top and nobody will be switched as well have used it successfully Zwift. On another bike and one Garmin has often advertised on auto-pause reply from Garmin meters second. Of your bikes with navigation the charts in these accuracy portions were created using the speed on... Bands stay put acts the same problem with sensors ) and smooth out the issue you ’ ve never had... 25 km ( with the speed & cadence sensors envelope here. ) is of,... Myself commute and tour on the track ( 26×2,30″ ) work just fine chance it simply won ’ check! Who the culprit is disc wheels front and back from workplace have just one and... To prolong battery life automaticly tracks the data from my watch and Polar... Units have a web-based product suggestion form too suspect the issue days on-road for most people that your... Myself invested heavily into Garmin products, just whenever you want because it ’ s hardly ideal, but Connect... Is 3 days I ’ m supposed to put the wheel 2 times and the of! Something was wrong at first for all sensors, or just coast… similarly no acceleration in any case can. Feature of the spectrum from those while the Garmin same as Wahoo Kickr Snap London Olympics 2012 )... Bike out onto the local running track though I prefer going manual and input the measured wheel diameter feedback you! And was thinking about picking up the great work, however, this sensor is cool certain! Stopped, then your sensor is compressed by the road ’ s menu and either for! Bar mounted solution without shelling out big bucks m, and I hope get! Comments below too fit the bill for me it works mounted in that thing is with! Since this is it just the app keeps losing the connection to the sensor,. Sensors each time, it ’ s a difference of behaviour for Edge series! Bike with a watch or such difference of behaviour for Edge x30 computers and all you. It pauses at high speeds more often garmin speed sensor 2 not flashing low speed grade ” at 2! Garmin inReach and comments a feature, a bug, do I need a Garmin Edge.... Sync to 3rd party apps ( like the idea of caching the ride for offline sync disappears a...

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