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Zira triedbest to kill kopa by scratching and birding him she left him on a rock but he recovers so no. In a scene that survived to the rough animation stage, Zira in effect committed suicide: Kiara offers Zira aid, but Zira, with a twisted grin, replies "No, Never." Zira was the true main antagonist of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Simba falls into a gorge during the ensuing fight, but escapes via a log dam piled up against one end of the gorge. Characters from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Even when dealing with her young children, barely more than cubs, she is prone to bouts of furious anger and raving, which reveals that even years of separation from Simba can do nothing to soften her grudge. Kovu instead does nothing, so Nuka climbs up the dam, seeing his chance to prove to everyone that he is the lion Kovu cannot be. She was voiced by the late Suzanne Pleshette. Which of these is isn't one of Zira's cubs? She cannot come to terms with her past and is even ready to give up her children for the sake of revenge. Zira views those lions who disagree with her as weak and pathetic for befriending other species. Later, a cave painting showing the events of Zira's death is shown to the Lion Guard. Luckily, the Lion Guard (who learnt about Zira from Rafiki) and Jasiri arrive to help Kion. Legend of Zelda: How The Zoras Became The Ritos, Explained. Simba attempts to escape by climbing up logs and when Kovu refuses Zira's order to kill Simba, Nuka steps forward and climbs up the logs after Simba. He was the heir chosen by Scar, to follow in his paw prints, and become... the king!" Zira prepares to send Kovu into the fire-ridden Pride Lands. fanpop quiz: How did Zira die?? Her muzzle is also longer than the average lion's, with the fur at the end of her chin scruffy. "Oh, have you met my son, Kovu? very easy. very easy . On January 7, 1891, Zora Neale Hurston, novelist and folklorist, is born in Notasulga, Alabama. As Kion steps forward menacingly, Kovu begins to back away slowly and ducks down just in time to avoid the Roar. However, when Simba, Mufasa's son, returned from his self-imposed exile and defeated Scar in their battle to the death, he reclaimed his position as king and restored the Pride Lands to their former glory. Why did Zira have such a hate for Simba? Unser Team begrüßt Sie als Kunde auf unserer Webseite. Like Scar, she is bitter to the point of murder, though acts through her son, Kovu. All those children would be mauled to death. When Kion says that Scar was never the true King, an offended Zira orders her lionesses to attack Kion, but changes her mind immediately and leaves Kion with her pride to fetch her children. When Zira wonders how Jasiri could be friends with royalty, Jasiri points out that Kion is more than royalty, for he is also the leader of the Lion Guard. Zira pauses to mourn her son's demise, but quickly takes out her anger on Kovu, giving him a scar identical to Scar's. Zira is the main antagonist of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride and a guest antagonist in The Lion Guard. Her anger makes Nuka back down in fear, and Zira grabs Kovu, leading him into the termite mound where his bed is set. However, he is pinned under the logs and dies in the process. Meanwhile, Rafiki learns from Bunga that Kion is going to meet the Outsiders. The deleted scene in which Zira commits suicide has its roots in "Romeo & Juliet" as well, as the main protagonists of the play take their own lives at the end of the story as well. Enraged, Zira charges at Simba, stating that "this is for you, Scar." It is unknown if this is Zira, but it seems to be taking place around or during "My Lullaby," so it is heavily speculated to be her. Kion asks Zira why she and her family live in the Outlands instead of the Pride Lands, but she deflects the question by asking Kion why he has not used the Roar of the Elders to give his friend the water she needs. Her sorrowful mood quickly turns angry as she blames Kovu for Nuka's death and then proceeds to hit him, scratching at his face and making a scar identical to Scar's. It is fan made. However, she will not tolerate disobedience or failure. In the "Proud of Simba's Pride" documentary, Darrell Rooney mentions "Simba's Pride" taking inspiration from Mancuhrian Candidate. Vitani is the first to realize this and switch sides. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 79 fans have answered this question 1 comment 90%. Simba climbs up the wall of logs and upon seeing Kovu at the top, Zira commands him to kill Simba. Zira was one of the two tehsils of Punjab, (the other one being Ferozepur), that was part of a controversy during the partition of India. Kion realizes that the said lion is Scar, to which Zira replies that she and Scar were very close and if it weren't for Simba, Scar would still be King. Whats' the name of Zira's oldest cub?? The two formed a close friendship, during which Scar taught Zira everything about the Roar of the Elders, a power he had as the second-born of the royal family and Zira came to greatly admire him to the point of believing he should be king. Kion, however, is not swayed and tells her that she is not welcome in the Pride Lands so long as he is around. Disney did not say anything about Kopa, only thing Disney did state is that cub at the end of TLK is suppose to be Kiara. Jump to navigation Jump to search. She decides to take advantage of Simba's injury and prepares a full-scale war on the Pride Lands to the unanimous acceptance of her whole pride. Despite her utter hatred for Simba and his family, she does show genuine respect for his son Kion, offering him the chance to join the Outsiders and teach him everything Scar taught her about the Roar. The notch in Zira's left ear occasionally changes sides during the movie. Zira holds a superiority complex, as she believes that her species dominates all others. Furious and offended, Zira orders an attack on Kion. What was the name of the cub that Zira cherished to kill Simba?? Zira fell off the edge of the cliff into a rushing river filled with logs, and was carried away. Kopa was only in the books, he was never in the movies, and is just a fanfic character that got out of hand. Near tears, she comforts her son until he dies. Zira hadn't been mad about Scar for a very long time now. Simba orders the Outsiders to get out, ending their business, but Zira corrects him and smirks dangerously and knowingly at Kiara. The two had engaged in a battle, and Simba had banished Zira and her followers to the Outlands after a crushing defeat. After the song, Kion tells Zira that they have very different ideas about how lions should act. Another version is about him escaping and running away, similar to what Simba did. Although at the time of her death in 1960, Hurston had published Blinded by fury and sadness, Zira threatens her own daughter impulsively. She then grabs Kovu, more forcefully than Simba picked up Kiara, and leaves, returning to her home in the Outlands. She then reveals to him that she knew a lion who had the Roar of the Elders, but lost it after using it on his fellow lions. Zira is angered by this apparent betrayal and quickly devises a plan to get Kovu back on their side. Kiara tells Simba that they are all one and that the fighting is pointless. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. After discovering that Kion is Simba's son and also the leader of the Lion Guard, has him use the Roar of the Elders on a rain cloud to make it rain (something Kion did not know he could do), before taking him away to talk privately. She was the mother of Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu, the mother-in-law of Kiara and the leader of the Outsiders along with the hyenas Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, and the mate of Scar. Who did Zira say this to~"You Killed your own brother!" easy. She subtly taunts Simba and then credits Kovu for leading him into the ambush (again, ironic, considering Simba chose the spot to visit). In the videos, Proud of Simba's Pride (part 1) and Proud of Simba's Pride (part 2), a lioness in a rough storyboard appears. - See if tu can answer this Zira trivia question! Though confused, Kion does as he is requested and the cloud swells into a brief rainstorm. Zira expresses satisfaction over Kovu's progress in his training. Years later, after a disgraced Scar murdered Mufasa and took over as king, allowing the hyenas to invade the land, Zira was one of the few lions in the pride who supported Scar in spite of his terrible term as ruler of the Pride Lands. posted over a year ago Angelica_AW said: No, kinda hard for someone to die when they never even existed. Wiki User Answered . She has red eyes, one notched ear (the history of which is never revealed), and a stripe down the center of her head. Zira along with her children and pride, makes an appearance in the episode "Lions of the Outlands" (which takes place after the "My Lullaby" scene and before Zira sends Kovu to rescue Kiara from the fire). … Sir Cyril Radcliffe created the boundary between India and Pakistan just days before the partition. Despite her hateful and arrogant personality, Zira is capable of respecting her enemies and sometimes admitting when she has made a mistake. Simba and Zira clash over this, but the two leave without fighting. Zira was originally going to be Scar's mate but due to the incestuous undertones of Kovu's relationship with Kiara, the relationship was obscured to appear as "just a follower "I think Zira was madly in love with Scar but he died before she could propose taking away her dream of becoming Queen of Pride Rock. Zira and her pride have taken over a part of the Outlands where a waterhole is located and have driven out a hyena clan that lived there. Even when that fails and she is faced with choosing between certain death and being saved by the daughter of her most hated enemy, Zira remains filled with resentment and refuses Kiara's aid, which leads to her death. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker introduces the bird-like race, the Rito, who have evolved from the long extinct race known as the Zora. Zira's inspirations are most likely Lady Montague from Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" (as she is the mother of Romeo, who is presented in the film as Kovu) and Eleanor Iselin in "The Manchurian Candidate." Deep inside though, she genuinely does love them – like any loving mother, she will defend her children; even mourning for Nuka after he was crushed to death by the logs. All her hopes are placed in rearing Kovu as Scar's replica, caring little for his or her other children's welfare if it gets in the way of her plans to retake Pride Rock. Zera (ゼーラ Zēra) was a young girl who was the daughter of Zeeself, the Guild Master of Red Lizard. Zira wasn't a child murderer, and didn't commit any evil acts for greed and jealousy but for revenge, as in she had more of "justification" even though she did not go too far with her master plan. The force of the Roar blasts Zira and the other Outsiders out of the pit, and Kovu scrambles to catch up with them. Filled with renewed confidence, he yells out the start of the Lion Guard's catchphrase, which is completed by his team as they and Jasiri rush into the pit. This is most likely an error on the animators part. After Kisabi's parents were killed, Scar wanted her to die to but Zira thought she could make him a new follower but Kisabi refused to follow them. Jasiri answers that Kion is the son of Simba and a shocked Kovu and Nuka wonder if they really can return to the Pride Lands. Nuka next appears along with Zira, Vitani and the Outsiders when they ambush Simba and pursue him into the gorge. Confused, he asserts that his father would likely welcome them into the kingdom, and Nuka asks who his father is. Zira mourns her son's death and sends a desperate prayer to Scar to watch over Nuka. The Pride Landers meet the Outsiders head-on as Zira triumphantly mocks Simba, saying this battle is the moment that she has dreamed of for years. Why did Zira have such a hate for Simba? While it is never morally right to allow someone to die when help is available, it is, nevertheless, understandable that Delia would not aid Sykes, who … 70 fans have answered this question 1 comment 93%. She expresses her approval and anticipation by snapping a branch in half. Concept artwork of Zira before she commits suicide, Kiara • Kovu • Simba • Zira • Timon • Pumbaa • Rafiki • Nala • Zazu • Nuka • Vitani.

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