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credere adulterium, prohibebant credere mores; Then Jason, his son, said ‘O my wife, to whom I confess I owe my life, though you have already given me everything, and the total of all your kindnesses is beyond any promises we made, let your incantations, if they can (what indeed can they not do?) iam mihi desuetas; dum suspicor has quoque somni Overcome with sudden pain, they tell me that she fainted. And unless I offer my help, he will feel the fiery breath of the bronze-footed bulls; have to meet that enemy, sprung from the soil, born of his own sowing; or be given as captured prey to the dragon’s greed. poscor et ipse meum consensu Laelapa magno Your father’s life and youth are in your hands. Metamorphoses. 1. si faciem moresque velis conferre duarum, Ovid: Metamorphoses Xi: Bk.11 (BCP Latin Texts) by Ovid, . neu me morte sua sceleratum deserat, oro. clavigeram vidit Vulcani occumbere prolem, Palladias ineo non cognoscendus Athenas She gazed at him, and fixed her eyes on him as if she had never looked at him before, and in her infatuation, seeing his face, could not believe him mortal, nor could she turn away. I courted the breeze, gentle to me, in the midst of the heat: I waited for aura: she was rest for my labour. qua tulerit mercede; silet tactusque dolore 595 in manibus vestris vita est aetasque parentis:               335 (eurus enim attulerat) 'fuerit mutatus in austrum.' membraque pendentis tendunt ad sidera caeli,               580 quo se cumque acies oculorum flexerat, illic ignis et in terram guttae cecidere calentes, aspera lingua tumet, tepidisque arentia ventis nempe tenens, quod amo, gremioque in Iasonis haerens aut inhumata premunt terras aut dantur in altos You have seen their bodies: they still retain the habits they had before, a thrifty, hard-working people, tenacious of achievement, and keeping what they achieve. Well, holding what I love, clinging to Jason’s breast, I shall be carried over the wide seas: in his arms, I will fear nothing, or if I am afraid, I will only be afraid for him. Aeacus himself came, also, slow with the burden of years, and asked the cause of his visit. She was silent for a moment, and appeared to hesitate, keeping the minds of her petitioners in suspense by a show of solemn pretence. A Reader’s Digest of Greek and Latin Literature 4. tum ferrum et scopulos gestare in corde fatebor! excipit hanc Aegeus facto damnandus in uno, I wish that I had always been without it! signa tuae!" parva sub inducta latuit scintilla favilla               80 conicit et patulas perfundit sanguine fossas;                245 45 Nec tamen (usque adeo nulla est sincera voluptas, corpus humo gelidum, sed humus de corpore fervet. Ovid was born in the Paelignian town of Sulmo (modern-day Sulmona, in the province of L'Aquila, Abruzzo), in an Apennine valley east of Rome, to an important equestrian family, the gens Ovidia, on 20 March 43 BC.That was a significant year in Roman politics. collis apex medii subiectis inminet arvis: Still the son of Aeson went out to meet them. vidit et inmitem Cephisias ora Procrusten, quorum oculos ipso vitiantes omnia visu quae petit, ille refert, sed enim narrare pudori est, Phocus led the Athenians into an inner walk, beautiful and secluded, where they sat down together, and noticed that the grandson of Aeolus carried a spear in his hand, tipped with gold, and made of an unknown wood. vos mihi taurorum flammas hebetastis et unco               210 To present to the public a faithful translation … strage canum primo volucrumque oviumque boumque But first he acquired allies for his war, crossing the sea in the swift fleet that was his strength. Ovid and His Times 2. et tamen annosae pellem posuere senectae. indulgent animis et nulla, quid utile, cura est: sed tamen afueram, sed et haec erat, unde redibam, lanigeris gregibus balatus dantibus aegros               540 et sua (me miserum!) horruerant, stabantque comae; tamen oscula terrae bacchantum ritu flagrantis circuit aras 'arma iuves oro pro gnato sumpta piaeque Please refer to our Privacy Policy. abstulit et calidis laniatum mersit in undis. quid tuta times? revocataque rursus eodem attrahitur flexo circum cava tempora cornu; There was no one left to mourn, and the spirits of parents and children, of young and old were left to wander, unwept. How often a husband while still praying for his wife, or a father still praying for his son, ended his life in front of those implacable altars, part of the unused incense found in their hands! The Metamorphoses is an 8 AD Latin narrative poem by the Roman poet Ovid, considered his magnum opus. She complained of my faithlessness, and troubled by an imaginary crime, she feared what was nothing, feared a name without substance, and grieved, the unhappy woman, as though aura were a real rival. ante tamen bello vires adquirit amicas, The hound presses hard, and matches its pace, seems to grip it, and does not grip it, and worries at the air with its empty snapping. "ei mihi" conclamat! agnovere tamen Cephalum dextrasque dedere               495 egredior silvamque peto victorque per herbas Three nights were lacking before the moon’s horns met, to make their complete orb. nec nisi maturus communes exit in auras, hinc Titaniacis ablata draconibus intrat milite; quem Cephalus cum fortibus accipit armis. alteraque invergens tepidi carchesia lactis, "accipio sintque ista precor felicia mentis               620 The sick cannot tolerate a bed or any kind of covering, but lie face down on the bare ground, though the earth does not cool their bodies, their bodies heat the earth. partim succidit curvamine falcis aenae. officium praestate patri telisque senectam mira loquar: non illa canes avidaeque volucres, Book One – Book Two – Book Three – Book Four – Book Five – Book Six – Book Seven – Book Eight – Book Nine – Book Ten – Book Eleven – Book Twelve – Book Thirteen – Book Fifteen The palace echoed to the people’s applause and the prayers of friends, and there was no sad place in the whole city. nec locus in tumulos, nec sufficit arbor in ignes. Streaming blood, the old man still raised himself on his elbow, and, though mutilated, tried to rise from his bed. roboribusque dedi, nec me sperare fatebar; Through the high sky, clockwise, she fled, over the shadowy slopes of Pelion, Chiron’s home; over Othrys and the places made famous by the ancient fate of Cerambus, who, aided by the nymphs and changed to a winged scarab beetle, lifted into the air, when the all-powerful sea drowned the solid earth, and so escaped un-drowned from Deucalion’s flood. aut, siquid metuam, metuam de coniuge solo.—      Tandem vipereis Ephyren Pirenida pennis tuque, triceps Hecate, quae coeptis conscia nostris hinc procul Aesoniden, procul hinc iubet ire ministros               255 And then Medea looked down at the fields of Calaurea’s isle, sacred to Leto, whose king and queen were also changed to birds. reppulerint mores, quotiens "ego" dixerit "uni               735 ... Beginner’s Latin Book. atque ope nescio quis servabitur advena nostra, Even when I was sacrificing to Jove, for myself my country and my three sons, the victim let out a dreadful moan, and suddenly collapsed without a stroke from my blade, barely staining the knives below with its blood. The dragons had only smelt the herbs, yet they shed their skins of many years. ‘Oedipus, son of Laïus, had solved with his genius the riddles whose meaning was previously not understood, and the Sphinx, dark prophetess, had hurtled headlong from the cliff, her enigmatic words forgotten. ille indignatus 'cupies dare' dixit et alto concurretque suae segeti, tellure creatis               30 They rot on the ground, pollute the air with their dying breath, and spread contagion far and wide. adflatuque nocent et agunt contagia late. magna sequar: titulum servatae pubis Achivae nec mora, balatum mirantibus exsilit agnus               320 Thousands of snakes slithered through the empty fields, and fouled the waters with their slime. 1-73 Medea agonises over her love for Jason, 159-178 Jason asks Medea to lengthen Aeson’s life, 179-233 Medea summons the powers and gathers herbs, 404-424 Medea attempts Theseus’s life, then vanishes, 501-613 Aeacus tells of the plague at Aegina, 661-758 The infidelities of Cephalus and Procris, 759-795 The transformation of Cephalus’s dog Laelaps, Bk VII:1-73 Medea agonises over her love for Jason, Bk VII:74-99 Jason promises to marry Medea, Bk VII:100-158 Jason wins the Golden Fleece, Bk VII:159-178 Jason asks Medea to lengthen Aeson’s life, Bk VII:179-233 Medea summons the powers and gathers herbs, Bk VII:294-349 Medea’s destruction of Pelias, Bk VII:350-403 Medea flees and reaches Athens, Bk VII:404-424 Medea attempts Theseus’s life, then vanishes, Bk VII:501-613 Aeacus tells of the plague at Aegina, Bk VII:614-660 The creation of the Myrmidons, Bk VII:661-758 The infidelities of Cephalus and Procris, Bk VII:759-795 The transformation of Cephalus’s dog Laelaps. meque illi irata remisit. nec Iovis illa meo thalamos praeferret amori, Carried by her dragons that are born of the Titans, she reached Pallas’s citadel of Athens. tristis abit 'stabunt' que 'tibi tua foedera magno' ne thalamis Auram patiare innubere nostris!" coniugiumne putas speciosaque nomina culpae A high-pitched bleating came from inside the vessel, and while they were wondering at the bleating, a lamb leapt out, and frisked away, seeking the udder and milk. adiuvet et praesens ingentibus adnuat ausis.' "aura" (recordor enim), "venias" cantare solebam, Further on she sees the Cephisus, the river-god lamenting his grandson’s fate, changed by Apollo into a lumbering seal, and the home of Eumelus, mourning his son Botres, reborn as a bird, the bee-eater, in the air. canitie posita nigrum rapuere colorem, at genetrix Hyrie, servati nescia, flendo               380 nam cur iussa patris nimium mihi dura videntur? ulla suos spectare potest, oculosque reflectunt, metamorphoses book 7, translated by brookes more JASON AND MEDEA [1] Over the storm-tossed waves, the Argonauts had sailed in Argo, their long ship to where King Phineus, needy in his old age, reigned—deprived of sight and feeble. These are supposed to have congealed and found food to multiply, gaining harmful strength from the rich soil. So that when, indeed, the stranger grasped her right hand, and began to speak, and in a submissive voice asked for her help, promising marriage, she replied in a flood of tears. This work may be freely reproduced, stored and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. ante quater denos hunc se reminiscitur annos. He was silent, and touched with sadness for his lost wife, tears welling in his eyes, he uttered these words. non regit, et revolat nullo referente cruentum.' 'immo ita sit' Cephalus, 'crescat tua civibus opto inque feris subiti deprensa potentia morbi. She grieved with longing for the husband who had been snatched away. non habuisse voles." dum mea, dum digitos amentis addere tempto, Anthropological Epic 3e. I will not be leaving greatness behind, but pursuing greatness: honour as a saviour of these Achaean people, familiarity with a better land and with cities whose fame is flourishing even here, the culture and arts of those places, and the man, the son of Aeson, for whom I would barter those things that the wide world owns, joined to whom I will be called fortunate, dear to the gods, and my head will be crowned with the stars. Conditions and Exceptions apply. Ovid’s Theban Narrative 5. Theseus, unwittingly, had taken the cup he was given in his right hand, when his father recognised the emblems of his own house, on the ivory hilt of his son’s sword, and knocked the evil drink away from his mouth. 370 though the ocean denied his bones a grave. Yet she often doubted, and hoped, in her misery, that she was wrong, declaring she would not believe it, and unless she witnessed it herself, would not condemn her husband as guilty of any crime. nescio quis deus obstat,' ait, 'mirumque, nisi hoc est, Sinis, you killed, a man of great strength. semina mollit humus valido praetincta veneno, conposito Scirone patet, sparsisque latronis Nor did she omit the Enipeus. ante sacros vidi proiecta cadavera postes, spectat et in vultu veluti tum denique viso Dr. Giles. FREE (0) Popular paid resources. cum gravis infuso tellus foret obruta ponto,               355 maior habet, Clyton et Buten, Pallante creatos. You make me love the woods and lonely places. You also, princess among the Barbarians, longed to hold the victorious man: but modesty prevented it. has concresse putant nactasque alimenta feracis quo modo deprendi, modo se subducere ab ipso Some cut off their breath with a noose, and banished, by death, their fear of death, summoning their approaching fate from the beyond. Who among us did not bring useless offerings to those shrines? perque deos supplex oro superosque meosque, ne pereat, timeo? Sleep vanished. I trusted in my spear. Do you think I can transfer any part of your life to another? Because of the color pictures the PDF file takes some time to load, but it is well worth the wait. omnia confudit summisque inmiscuit ima. I said ‘I interpret this to be an omen, and that you give me it as a pledge, and may these accordingly be auspicious tokens of your purpose.’. The Latin Library protinus Aoniis inmittitur altera Thebis               763 gratia dis, felix et inexcusabile tempus.' These men fresh in years and spirit, will follow you to war, as soon as that favourable east wind that brought you here’ (it was indeed an easterly that had brought him) ‘has swung round to the south.’. NoDictionaries Latin Ovid Metamorphoses 7 179-233 Hi there. nec satis hospitium est, thalami quoque foedere iungit. terrigenae pereunt per mutua vulnera fratres While I was balancing it in my right hand, while I was trying to fit my fingers into the throwing strap, I turned my eyes away. factus olor niveis pendebat in aere pennis; desiluit saxo; cuncti cecidisse putabant: copula detrahitur canibus, quas illa sequentes 'Pervenit ad miseros damno graviore colonos Cycnus, angered, said ‘You will wish you had’ and leapt from a high cliff. dumque aliquid spectare potest, me spectat et in me               860 pelle moram: tibi se semper debebit Iason, and come, to aid the witches’ art, and all our incantations: You, Earth, who yield the sorceress herbs of magic force: You, airs and breezes, pools and hills, and every watercourse; Be here; all you Gods of Night, and Gods of Groves endorse. cum facerem natis, mugitus victima diros sed facienda mihi.—prodamne ego regna parentis, crescere et in veteres agitata resurgere vires, Postera depulerat stellas Aurora micantes:               100 sed postquam Colchis arsit nova nupta venenis prosiliunt aut, si prohibent consistere vires, seminaque floresque et sucos incoquit atros;               265 She flew over Astypalaea, the city of Eurypylus, where the women of the island, of Cos, acquired horns when they abused Hercules, as he and his company departed: over Rhodes, beloved of Phoebus: and the Telchines of the city of Ialysos on Rhodes, whose eyes corrupted everything they looked on, so that Jupiter, disgusted with them, sank them under his brother’s ocean waves. Yet, not allowing herself to be affected by such thoughts, she answered ‘Husband, what dreadful words have escaped your lips? gesserunt tum, cum discederet Herculis agmen, Phasian Medea, pretending to a sham quarrel with her husband, fled as a suppliant to Pelias’s threshold, he who had usurped Aeson’s throne. palluit et subito sine sanguine frigida sedit, romainlister Latin Stage 4 - In foro And to right and left, he, the elder, had two younger men, Clytos and Butes, the sons of Pallas. Quench, if you can, unhappy girl, these flames that you feel in your virgin heart! spiritus iste tuus semper captatur ab ore."               820 Telamon went to him, and Peleus, junior to Telamon, and Phocus, the third child, their half-brother. suspenditque animos ficta gravitate rogantum. classe valet, patria tamen est firmissimus ira When, eventually, she promised to do it, she said ‘To give you greater confidence in my gift, your oldest ram, the leader of your flocks, will by turned into a young lamb again, by my magic drugs.’ Straight away the woolly creature, worn out by innumerable years, was dragged forward, his horns curving round his hollow temples. aut aliquid certe simile huic, quod amare vocatur. transit et antiquae Cartheia moenia Ceae, "tu mihi da cives et inania moenia supple!" Orithyia tuas, raptae soror Orithyiae,               695 Clasping the wound in her breast she cried out “Ah, me!”, Recognising it as the voice of my faithful wife, I ran headlong and frantic towards that voice. She passed Aeolian Pitane on the left, with its huge stone serpent image, and Ida’s grove where Liber concealed, in the deceptive shape of a stag, the bullock stolen by his son. incomitata gradus: homines volucresque ferasque               185 sunt quoque dura nimis! dumque quater iunctis explevit cornibus orbem               530 corpora missa neci nullis de more feruntur The flocks of sheep give out a sickly bleating, while the wool falls away of itself, and their bodies waste. And he will give me his word beforehand, and I will gather the gods to witness our pledge. utque hominis speciem materna sumit in alvo               125 illa levi velox superabat retia saltu pestis, et exitio multi pecorumque suoque               764 ‘I see what I am doing: it is not ignorance of the truth that ensnares me, but love. ipse ego sacra Iovi pro me patriaque tribusque dicuntur montes ratibusque inimica Charybdis confugit; atque illam, quoniam gravis ipse senecta est, mutata est in avem, quae nunc quoque diligit aurum, When I had owned to this, and after she had first taken revenge for her wounded honour, she returned to me, and we lived out sweet years in harmony. 487 – 516), Myrrha (X. Procris was in my heart: Procris was always on my lips. verus eram coniunx! fulva colore foret; si cornus, nodus inesset. sic ubi mandatam iuvit facundia causam,               505 imperio pueri volucrisque ferumque leonem Iuppiter illa tenet. promisitque torum, lacrimis ait illa profusis: attulerat secum Scythicis aconiton ab oris. haud exspectato ceciderunt vulnere tauri! ora patent, auraeque graves captantur hiatu. Aesonis esse situs atque hac in parte moratur, There was an intervening hill whose summit overlooked the surrounding fields. esse metus coepit, ne iura iugalia coniunx               715 I begged her forgiveness, and confessed I had sinned, and that I too might have succumbed to the same fault, given the offer, if such gifts were offered to me. gutturaque usta sonant; tamen illis Aesone natus               110 multa quoque Amphrysi, neque eras inmunis, Enipeu; While Luna filled her horns four times to make her disc complete, and four times thinned her full disc away, hot southerly winds breathed their deadly air on us. ora videre putat nec se declinat ab illo; sublimis rapitur subiectaque Thessala Tempe ante ipsas, quo mors foret invidiosior, aras. et sparsit virides spumis albentibus agros;                415 aurea cum luna succeditis ignibus astra, There Phylius, at the boy Cycnus’s command, brought him birds and a fierce lion he had tamed. Book VII contains the first soliloquy, and the first subtle psychological struggle, in the Metamorphoses. ultaque se male mater Iasonis effugit arma. tutus ad Alcathoen, Lelegeia moenia, limes multa quoque Apidani placuerunt gramina ripis, contactus, statuitque aras de caespite binas,               240 All thought he had fallen, but changed to a swan he beat through the air on white wings, though his mother, Hyrie, not knowing he was safe, pined away with weeping, and became the lake that carries her name. obvia processit; multos tamen inde requiro,               515 There, the king’s daughters received her, since he himself was weighed down by the years. Iamque aderat Theseus, proles ignara parenti, And Cephalus recounted its crime. servabere munere nostro, quid in hospite, regia virgo, cum redeo mecumque deae memorata retracto, But the gods’ vision of the future was otherwise, or perhaps things would still be so. scilicet invictos ambo certamine cursus They called it Oenopia in ancient times, but Aeacus himself named it Aegina after his mother. constitit adveniens citra limenque foresque quod licet, adfectu tacito laetaris agisque Cerberus, provoked to a rabid frenzy, filled all the air with his simultaneous three-headed howling, and spattered the green fields with white flecks of foam. a dextra laevaque duos aetate minores confiteor, coniunx, quamquam mihi cuncta dedisti               165 ducere et insuetum ferro proscindere campum: ponere et humanam membris inducere formam. Known for its crest, its triple tongues and curved fangs, it was the dread guardian of the tree’s gold. somnus abit: damno vigilans mea visa querorque Why should I tell how many times her chaste nature repelled my advances? In Book 7 Ovid relies on a well-established character from Greek literature, Medea, to consider the question of moral ambivalence: uncertain or contradictory choices or points of view. sentit anhelatos (tantum medicamina possunt!) They are more than hard! passa replet sucis; quos postquam conbibit Aeson cum tam pulchra mihi, tam par aetate iuventus in florem redeat primosque recolligat annos, and many country people feared that the Teumessian vixen would destroy their flocks and themselves. umbrarumque rogat rapta cum coniuge regem, huic Asopiades 'petis inrita' dixit 'et urbi vulnera saeva ligo conorque inhibere cruorem But a strange power draws me to him against my will. qua pater Alcidamas placidam de corpore natae vix bene missus erat, nec iam poteramus, ubi esset, auxilium foedusque refert et iura parentum, idque precari hunc postquam sparsit Lethaei gramine suci perque suos intus numeros conponitur infans concubiturus erat saevarum more ferarum; They had visited Phineus, king of Thracian Salmydessus, living out a useless old age in perpetual blindness, and the winged sons of Boreas had driven the birdlike Harpies from the presence of the unhappy, aged man. Still, you might have held him, but concern for your reputation stopped you from doing so. stantia concutio cantu freta, nubila pello nectareis quod alatur aquis, ego Procrin amabam; sacra Iovi quercus de semine Dodonaeo; et cum rege suo custodes somnus habebat, Immediately, as he was now trusted, he accepted the magic herbs from her, and learnt their use, and returned to the palace, joyfully. terra negat sedem, sedem negat ossibus unda;               445 passim positoque pudore When she had mounted, stroked the dragons’ bridled necks, and shaken the light reins in her hands, she was snatched up on high. et medium vulgus nec non et carmina vino Login or signup free. hactenus, et tacuit; 'iaculo quod crimen in ipso est?' obliquantem oculos nexis adamante catenis quamquam non ista precanda, Phocus in interius spatium pulchrosque recessus               670 Because they are long-lived, springing from the hard rock, the country people call these shoots, of wolf-bane, ‘soil-less’ aconites. ordine nunc repetam, neu longa ambage morer vos,               520 But if my vision is far-sighted, you will wish you had never had her.” In a fury, she sent me back to her. nec me quae caperet, non si Venus ipsa veniret, Friedr. to you, the bravest, we empty our wine-cups. 740 illud Echidnaeae memorant e dentibus ortum 85 cum videt Aesoniden exstinctaque flamma reluxit. invitumque rapit. Myrmidonasque voco nec origine nomina fraudo. Ophias effugit natorum vulnera Combe; They filled a long day with this and other talk: the last of the light was given over to feasting, and night to sleep. I noticed a long train of food-gathering ants, carrying vast loads in their tiny mouths, and forging their own way over its corrugated bark. They say that was the happiest day that dawned in the city of Erectheus. 611 – 635). aeripedes tauri, tactaeque vaporibus herbae               105 non magna relinquam,               55 dexteriore Hecates, ast laeva parte Iuventae. miliaque incultos serpentum multa per agros Minos, of Crete, was preparing for war. It is always your breath I try to catch with my lips.”. Three times Phoebus had unyoked his horses, after their plunge into the western ocean, and on the fourth night the stars were glittering in all their radiance, when the deceitful daughter of Aeetes set clear water, and herbs, but ineffectual ones, over a blazing fire.      Postquam congressus primi sua verba tulerunt, quae subitus celebravit olor: nam Phylius illic Oenopiam Minos petit, Aeacideia regna: She does not forget the scaly skin of a thin Cinyphian water-snake, the liver of a long-lived stag, the eggs and the head of a crow that has lived for nine human life-times. If we wanted to count your years and your honours. That offensive morbidity penetrated to their vital organs. Son of Aeacus, what a joy it is to remember that blessed time, when, in those early years, I was delighted, and rightly so, with my wife, and she was delighted with her husband. 'ne petite auxilium, sed sumite' dixit, 'Athenae, As he came to them, the fierce creatures, with their iron-tipped horns, turned their terrible gaze towards him, pawed the dusty ground with their cloven feet, and filled the air with the steam of their bellowing. 825 quaesitique tenax et quod quaesita reservet. inpatiens oneris collum pressistis aratro, consistuntque iugis; medio rex ipse resedit Indeed, as I came I felt happy: so many equally youthful, handsome people, meeting me on the way. beneath the heavy yoke, that never pulled the curving plough: You turn the savage warfare, born of the serpent’s teeth. The tongue is rough and swollen with heat: the lips are parted, parched with dry breath, and gasping suck in the heavy air. At the outset the sky shrouded the earth in a thick fog, and held the sultry heat under clouds. et quota pars illi rerum periere mearum! ferre manu iaculum, cuius fuit aurea cuspis. 815 di meliora velint! He had scarcely been released properly before we lost sight of him. 320 – 355), and Atalanta (X. After a long time she revived, weeping for herself, calling her fate evil. Perhaps no other classical text has proved its versatility so much as Ovid's epic poem. inplevere diem; lucis pars ultima mensae fecundique soli vires cepisse nocendi; pulvereumque solum pede pulsavere bisulco I calm rough seas, and stir the calm by my magic spells: bring clouds, disperse the clouds, raise storms and storms dispel; and, with my incantations, I break the serpent’s teeth; and root up nature’s oaks, and rocks, from their native heath; and move the forests, and command the mountain tops to shake. The bodies of the dead were not given the usual rites (the exit gates from the city could not cope with so many funerals). Aeacus et, quae sit veniendi causa, requirit. After Jason’s new bride Glauce had been consumed by the fires of vengeful Colchian witchcraft and both the Isthmus’s gulfs had witnessed flame consuming the king’s palace, Medea impiously bathed her sword in the blood of their sons. Viderat ex alto tanti miracula monstri quem, nisi crudelem, non tangat Iasonis aetas (promissis Anaphen, regna Astypaleia bello); Metamorphoses. illa prius referam. ferre suis visa est pariterque tremescere motu FREE (0) Textkit Latin for Beginner’s Key. lumina fixa tenet nec se mortalia demens ambigui prosecta lupi; nec defuit illis deque rogis pugnant alienisque ignibus ardent. ille gravem medios silicem iaculatus in hostes Look! pressit et ignavos inclusit nubibus aestus; and You will grant it. fontibus et fluviis puteisque capacibus haerent, esse deos. When I saw her I was rooted to the spot, and almost relinquished my thoughts of testing her loyalty. iussit et in plenos resolutum carmine somnos I wonder if this, or something, like this, is what people indeed call love? See that temple opposite on the hill with a flight of steps up to it? fumificisque locum mugitibus inpleverunt. pendulaque audaci mulcet palearia dextra occidat, in dis est.      Quos ubi placavit precibusque et murmure longo, fertque vagos mediae per muta silentia noctis concipiunt ignem liquidarum adspergine aquarum, civilique cadunt acie. non ita dis visum est, aut nunc quoque forsitan essem. At a stroke his leanness went, and his pallor and dullness of mind. spes est virginibus Pelia subiecta creatis, ut timeam fraudem meritique oblivia nostri. Reaching her door and threshold, she stopped on the outside, and under the open sky, avoiding contact with any man, she set up two altars of turf, one on the right to Hecate, one on the left to Youth. nunc quoque habent: parcum genus est patiensque laborum Through his wife’s cunning Aegeus, the father, himself offered the poison to his son, as if he were a stranger. demisere metu vultumque animumque Pelasgi; errasse atque suis fluvios temerasse venenis.

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