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| Action, Comedy, Drama. | Shan Charng, Chia-Liang Liu At the prison camp, Shih En, son of the camp commander, ... See full summary », Directors: Chau-Wah Yim, Unrated Teenager Wong Fei-hung is sent to train in the art of hung gar kung fu from his father's teacher, Luk Ah-choy. Biao Yuen, Action, History. Stars: At the beginning of the republic, an ex-Ching lord (Chan Sing) forces a group of ex-Ching ministers to sign a declaration for the re-establishment of the Ching Dynasty. | Stars: Jackie Chan, John Woo Kuang Yu Wang, Not Rated Sing Chen, A lowly restaurant worker aims to take revenge on the Manchurian thugs who killed his boss by joining a Shaolin temple under the advise from a monk who rescued him from certain death. Stars: Ching Tien, Unsure of whether or not be is deserving of this title, he embarks on a journey to defeat the 7 Grandmasters. Wu Ma On-On Yu, Action, Comedy, Drama. Seven commandments stars li yi min as the protege of chang yi; who teaches him the seven commandments of combat. the treachery runs very deep as kwok and yue have a snake style showdown to end them all!! Martial arts films, also colloquially known as karate or kung fu films, are a subgenre of action films that feature numerous martial arts fights between characters. Stars: Lists about the codified systems of combat, like karate and "kung fu," and their practices and representations around the world in in popular culture. Yin-Tze Pan, 90 min Fanny Wang, 90 min 105 min | Chia-Hui Liu, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Hao Fang David Chiang, A wanted fugitive, John hides out with a teen who is an expert in the infamous Iron Armor technique, a technique that ... See full summary », Director: Chang-hwa Jeong Kick back with epic showdowns featuring karate, kung fu and more. Director: The Cinemaholic 6. Action, Adventure, Drama. These martial arts comedies are guaranteed to karate-chop your funny bone. Action, Comedy. Lily Li, My personal favorite of the Drunken Master inspired films. Biao Yuen, Director: When the ruling dynasty in China sends soldiers to destroy the Shaolin Temple, students use their martial arts to defend the school. 89 min Hsin-Yen Chang Kuan-Wu Lung, a family tries to uphold their honor while keeping their sacred kung fu book from getting into the wrong hands. Action, Adventure, Wu Sung, a military swordmaster, is acused of murdering his adulterous sister-in-law and a thug, and sent to exile in Meng Chou. | When his father's scheme is revealed to him by a seasoned Peking Opera performer (Ying), Yuen vows to learn kung-fu for real. Kuan Tai Chen, Biao Yuen, My favorite 40 classic Kung Fu movies,I will leave it up to you guys to vote on the order..You may notice no Bruce Lee or Jacky Chan that is not because i overlooked them, while I do respect both,(Bruce for what he did for Martial arts cinema, and Jackie's early films were pretty good) I just wouldn't put either actors films in my personal top 40. Naozo Kato, Unrated '60s kung fu, and other martial arts movies, represent some of the best titles in Hong Kong action-cinema history. The story of "Fok Yun Gap" also know as "Hou Yuan Chia" one of China's greatest marital artists. | Jackie Chan, Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Action, Two warlord chiefs, a ton-fa wielder who can destroy an opponents weapon and a Tai Chi expert that is impervious to weapons, send a pair of killers to track down and kill an old master ... See full summary », Director: Jack Long, The bumpkin, an ace martial artist, fights off the rivals. Cheh Chang Kung Fu Movies 2017- Seven Kung Fu Masters- New Action Movies Kungfu 2017 HD With Sub , Tv series movies action comedy h. Online Videos. Today Yao Lin Chen, Cheh Chang, Stars: 39:54. Action, Drama, The Yang family was the loyal strong-arm of the Imperial army. | Yuen Biao is a spoiled martial artist-wannabe son whose wealthy father pays others to lose to Yueb during fights. | | | Yi Ling Chen, Fung Fung, The movie is kind of thin and predictable on plot but there is superb choreography and fights throughout . | Two boys and their kung-fu teacher hear of this disturbing news and decide to try and, The respective schools of The Eagle's Claw and Praying Mantis, two different disciplines of Chinese kung fu, are also bitter rivals. 105 min Shao-Peng Chen, R 95 min | Kuan Tai Chen Chia-Hui Liu, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung Cheh Chang, Lan Ding, Hai Yu, Action, Comedy, Drama, Chung Yao, a martial arts expert, has long been on the run from his stepbrother, who he caught trying to rape his wife on their wedding night. | Lieh Lo, Stars: | Kung Fu Classic (45) Punched In The Face (45) Shootout (45) Ambush (44) Bare Chested Male (44) Karate (44) Shot In The Chest (43) Shot To Death (43) Knife (42) Chase (41) Falling From Height (41) Kicked In The Face (41) Kung Fu Master (41) Explosion (40) Stick Fight (39) Gunfight (38) Gangster (37) Battle (36) Kung Fu Fighting (36) Machine Gun (36) China (35) Stabbed In The Chest (35) But first he has to persuade Lam to take him on as a pupil, then there's Lam's rival colleague (Hung) and a mysterious, fight-seeking challenger to contend with! Chia-Lin Sun, Stars: Qiuyan Huang, Tell us what you think about this feature. Together, master and student devise a wicked cross fertilization of the Chess Boxing and Five Element Fist styles and set out to put an end to Ghost Face's deadly reign. 90 min Hung escapes Shaolin after the temple is attacked by the Ching, only to be jailed with the help of Fang (also of Shoalin) who mistakes him for a bandit. Training him are various teachers, including two crippled masters. Stars: Director: Woo-Ping Yuen | James Tien, Action, Adventure, Comedy. 116 min Director: Yi Lung Huang, Yun-Kyo Park Stars: Norman Chu, Not Rated Stars: Great kung fu throughout including a brief but great cameo from Mark Long. In a small town a ruthless gang murders two brothers, one a kung fu teacher the other a generous doctor both skilled in crane fist kung fu. Kung Fu superstar Meng Fei stars in this kung fu story dealing with rebels trying to rise against the manchurian emperor and his band of fighters. Meanwhile, Wan Yi Fei (Chen Sing) and his brother Wong Tu Lung (Wong Hap) are attacked and killed along with many other of the clan. Unrated Directors: Yasuaki Kurata, Jung Chi Sun, R Two martial arts schools prepare for an important tournament. Fu-Chien Chang, Votes: Kung Fu Comedy (3) Mixed Martial Arts (3) Orphan (3) Roundhouse Kick (3) Shaolin Kung Fu (3) Tough Guy (3) Warrior (3) Ambush (2) Battle (2) Beating (2) Beggar (2) Betrayal (2) Blood (2) Buddha (2) Buddhist (2) Buddhist Monk (2) Chicken (2) China (2) Dojo (2) Fight To The Death (2) Grindhouse Film (2) Head Butt (2) Hung Gar (2) Independent Film (2) Insult (2) Kung Fu Kid (2) Martial Arts Training (2) Stars: An ex-constable with vengeance on his mind (Chen Kuan Tai) and a mercenary bounty hunter (Meng Fei) form an uneasy alliance to nail gang leader Shu Tin Shen and his henchmen when two of his goons break him out of jail in this fast-paced kung-fu tale. Fang must now help Hung escape so they can challenge the Ching together. A master of pole fighting (Chang Yi) and his disciples are traveling the countryside and challenging all of the pole fighting schools to matches to the death. David Carradine (born John Arthur Carradine; December 8, 1936 – June 3, 2009) was an American actor best known for playing martial arts roles. Lung Ti, His brother has never given up the chase ... See full summary », Director: Romance blossoms between two rival families practicing Shaolin and Wudang kungfu respectively. Grindhouse Database 3. After five years of challenging masters but never being beaten he runs into Hsu Shi (William Yen), a young Shaolin monk who stole money from a gambling match in order to acquire meat and wine for his master, who later discovers Yu Ting inside the Buddhist temple. | After learning the secrets of the book he seeks out his fathers killer for revenge. In 2004, Enter the Dragon was deemed "culturally significant" and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. Jang-Lee Hwang, Chia-Hui Liu, So turn your brain off and enjoy. Sheng Fu, Drunken Master (1978) is the film that made Hong Kong actor and heir to Bruce Lee ’s filmic legacy, Jackie Chan.Departing from the more serious tone of earlier kung fu movies, Chan plays a literal ‘drunken master’ whose skills rely on being intoxicated in order to surface. | Mar 17, 2020 - Good old kung Fu Flicks .Saw all of these Movies growing up,Lots of entertainment still going strong If they can be found .Most of them are rare. Joseph Kuo Stars: Action, A country bumpkin arrives to help his brother's rice business. this is the rarest and deadliest kung fu film ever released on dvd!! | | 115 min Action, Comedy, A Chinese man (Liu) marries a Japanese woman through an arranged marriage and manages to insult all of her Japanese martial arts family by issuing a challenge to her that is misinterpreted ... See full summary », Director: Tells the story of the 108 Heroes who stood up against a corrupt government. Ying Bai, | He is perhaps best known as the star of the 1970s television series Kung Fu, playing Kwai Chang Caine, a peace-loving Shaolin monk travelling through the American Old West. Jet Li, According to legend, he brought physical training exercises to Shaolin temple that aided in the development of modern Shaolin kung fu. yue befriends and teaches kwok the deadly art of the snake. Jackie Chan 111 min based on the spaghetti western days of wrath. Director: | 93 min If you want a great fight, bombs and bullets have nothing on fists and feet. 108 min | | Gross: | Action, Comedy. Ping Chen, Eventually these antics come to the attention of the senior abbot who expels Yu Ting from the temple altogether. A hot headed young butcher, who is also a kung fu disciple, gets embroiled in a feud with a rival shaolin temple. Director: Rate Your Music 4. | | Sheng Fu, Feng Yu, R a dazzling display of kung fu by the grandmaster who seek to dominate the martial arts world. But a jealous General betrays the Eilte Spearman and their father to the opposing Mongol army. A son tries to avenge his father, and gets two sword fighters to help him. | Jack Long, Kung Fu (29) Fighting (16) Kung Fu Classic (15) Hand To Hand Combat (14) Violence (14) Brawl (13) Fight (13) Fistfight (13) Martial Artist (13) Kung Fu Master (12) Martial Arts Master (12) Chop Socky (11) Cult Film (10) Revenge (10) Murder (9) Shaolin (9) Action Hero (8) Grindhouse Film (8) Kung Fu Fighting (8) Showdown (8) Slapstick Comedy (8) Stylized Violence (8) Hero (7) Stick Fight (7) Stars: The monks of Shaolin pin their hopes on a lone disciple to hold back the Wu horde. | So i hope you enjoy my Top 40 Kung Fu movies and some of your favorite movies are in there also. Joeseph Kuo once again teams up with the Yuens to make a shapes masterpiece. Hsueh-Li Pao, | Chia-Yung Liu, Kuan-Wu Lung, 88 min Showbox 5. Jang-Lee Hwang, | | The Deadly … Stars: Casanova Wong, Lily Li, PG-13 He is taken in by an old vegetable vendor who turns out to be a crane fist master, after much convincing he begins teaching him the deadly crane fist style to prepare him to take revenge against his families murderers. To complete his training he must seek out a book that one must complete a series of trials to posess. | | Hsin-Yen Chang Drama, Action, The Third Master (Erh Tung Sheng, aka Derek Yee, in the role that launched his career) is considered to be the greatest sword master of the day. Bemoaning the lack of availability of certain films on home video in the UK definitely falls into the category of first world problems. When his father's group is arrested and executed, Iron is forced to flee and hide in the ... See full summary », Director: | . When Pan, a South China martial artist is defeated and killed by Tan, a North China challenger in a legfighter duel, Pan's younger brother Pak(Peng Kang) vows to crush Tan with his own unique style of ferocious footwork, THE LEG FIGHTER is high-flying, brilliant kickfighting action! Although Hsu's master defeats Yu with ease he refuses to take him on as a student. He oozed charisma and stole every scene he was featured in. 83 min | Chenghui Yu, Kuan-Chun Chi, Two top class kung fu fighters challenge all the top kung fu masters in the land, one motivated by revenge, the other by greed. The son, (Meng Fei) is taken by his Uncle (Jack Long) to a secret hideout to be trained in the ways of the Wu Tang. Yu then resorts to trickery to try and learn techniques from the aged monk. When they are caught, the caretaker forces them to work to repay their debt. With training complete, Wong must fight an assassin and regain the honor of his school. 90 min Kara Wai, R Action, Comedy. snake and crane secret is a fast paced martial arts action film about a familys battle for survival. His uncles deceive him by making him believe he has failed the test to prove himself worthy so they can throw him out of the school before the pole master arrives to kill them. Hsiung Chao, Yi-Min Li, one encounter nearly gets him killed but he is saved by yue yi (wilson tong) the snake fist master.

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