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More:Oregon’s most spectacular Coast Range trail system reopens. Just after a bridge, park at the Wagon Road Trailhead on the left. Sweet Creek Falls Trail Complex is located near Mapleton on Hwy 126 inland of the Oregon Coast. Here's a guide to 26 of the best-known waterfalls in Northwest Oregon, with information on whether they're open or closed, burned or unscathed. It’s also recommended you bring a mask and put it up when you pass other hikers on the trail. More access is expected in the coming month or two. Sweet Creek Falls. The historic wildfire blowup that began Labor Day night was the most devastating natural disaster in state history. Take Bear Creek Road from Highway 18 instead. All of this rock belongs on the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean. It’s going to be a long time before the area reopens — potentially years — because the bridge spanning Henline Creek, the main access point, was burned and collapsed. Both waterfalls are scenic. A very quiet and pretty trail leads from the South Santiam River to a tiny crystal stream with a thin, 150-foot waterfall. First of all, you have to travel down a broken paved road, full of potholes. An easy trail of 2 miles round-trip takes hikers into a remote box canyon where Pheasant Creek and Niagara Falls roar like neighbors attempting to outdo each other. From the Salt Creek Sno-Park, it's 1.5 miles to Salt Creek Falls and 4.5 miles for the entire loop. From the Wagon Road Trailhead, walk across the road's bridge to find a Sweet Creek Trail sign on the right. Fees: Recreation Fee Pass (Northwest Forest Pass) parking permits are required at the trailhead. The trail is Harts Cove Trail, located on Cascade Head north of Lincoln City. About the Hike: Just a few miles inland from Florence, the waterfalls of this dramatic Coast Range gorge are accessed by an easy trail. You’ll find waterfalls of all types at and around Union Creek Resort. Located northwest of Willamina, and about 10 miles east of Hebo Mountain, the drive from Salem requires navigating a series of county, BLM and Forest Service roads, but it can be reached in an hour-and-20-minute drive. Just keep walking up the main trail past Mill Creek Falls viewpoint and you will run right into Barr Creek Falls. Use the maps below for a visual guide to the route we will be taking. Zach Urness has been an outdoors reporter, photographer and videographer in Oregon for 12 years. More:New maps show where Oregon wildfires hit hardest, detail Opal Creek, Mt. Prospect, Oregon MAP. List of waterfalls of Oregon. This portion of the path heads upstream to the base of a fan-shaped waterfall where Beaver Creek and Sweet Creek merge. Hiking Tips: From the Homestead Trailhead, the graveled path heads upstream past a split, 10-foot waterfall. Oregon is home to many, many beautiful waterfalls—so many that you will probably see other waterfalls along the way just to get to the waterfalls on this list. Salt Creek Falls is the second-highest waterfall in Oregon, dropping some 286 feet into an expansive canyon close to the Willamette Pass. A nearby 0.6-mile trail to Beaver Creek Falls is also nice, and very quiet. A snow gate on McKenzie Highway 242 blocks access to this famous 226-foot waterfall from November to June, but by bringing snowshoes, skis or waterproof boots, Proxy Falls makes a popular wintertime adventure east of Eugene. After crossing the bridge, a half-mile hike leads down to the creek-level view of the falls. They cost $5 per car per day or $30 per season. 1. The Elk Creek drainage is absolutely chock-full of large waterfalls. Jefferson, McKenzie, Umpqua. Located in a remote, no-man's land between Eugene and Florence, the Kentucky Falls trail drops downhill 2.2 miles one-way past Upper Kentucky Falls — a nice appetizer at 100 feet — before reaching the canyon where North Fork Falls (120 feet) and Lower Kentucky Falls (100 feet) thunder literally side-by-side. Waterfall hikes are perfect for the winter and early spring season because many of them are at lower elevations and are not covered in snow. Find him on Twitter at @ZachsORoutdoors. THE ULTIMATE LIST OF WATERFALLS IN OREGON BUCKET LIST ⬡ Abiqua Falls (Marion County) – 0.8 mi round trip, 180 ft, moderate hike ⬡ Alsea Falls (Benton County) – on the way to Green Peak Falls ⬡ Annie Falls (Klamath County) – 2.1 mi loop, 301 ft, moderate hike to a 53 ft waterfall in Crater Lake National Park When talk of Oregon waterfalls finds its way into a conversation, the mind instinctively turns toward the Columbia River Gorge.. Whether it's the lack of notoriety or remote location, the feeling you get arriving at McDowell Creek Falls Park is that of stumbling upon a hidden gem. The waterfall area provides a variety of hiking options for the entire family. Maps: Hike Finder One of the most beautiful hikes on the Oregon Coast ends with views of a dramatic cove with a small waterfall dropping into the ocean. In summer, Soda Creek Falls is little more than a dribble, while in winter, it thunders down the canyon. New maps show where Oregon wildfires hit hardest, detail Opal Creek, Mt. You're in luck, as North Fork Smith River Trail begins at the junction near the dueling waterfalls and travels an additional 6.5 miles through a rainforest jungle of old-growth on the North Fork Smith River Trail, to its trailhead on the other side. Oregon kind of lucked out with waterfalls. The historic wildfire season burned and closed many iconic waterfalls while the continued impact of COVID-19 and storm damage has shuttered others. With or without snow, the trip to Salt Creek Falls and the optional Diamond Falls Loop make for great adventuring. Across the road, a path heads downstream 0.8 mile to a different viewpoint of Sweet Creek Falls. Once you've done that, the hike to the falls is very enjoyable. In Northwest Oregon, the bulk of the impact was centered on the Lionshead, Beachie Creek and Riverside fires, which burned 536,023 acres from Mount Jefferson to Estacada. It’s unclear the impact the fire had on the surrounding forest, but the majority of the Clackamas River Canyon burned at a moderate to high severity, according to maps. Explore a creek with a dozen small waterfalls, following a trail on catwalks bolted to the cliffs. However, many Gorge waterfall trails are expected to reopen in the coming month. It mostly includes the areas closest to Detroit and up Highway 22. The forest also becomes denser. The Columbia River Gorge's collection of waterfalls have been limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic because of the thick crowds and tight spacing. Horsetail Falls is on the side of the road and Ponytail Falls, just up the trail, has a cave you can enter behind the waterfall. Photo Credit: Sheila Sund via Flickr. Located south of Tillamook, a short 0.3-mile hike winds through old-growth coastal forest to a waterfall that, at 319 feet, is the tallest in the Coast Range. Jump to navigation Jump to search. VERY KID-FRIENDLY. Jefferson, McKenzie, Umpqua, Sweet Creek Falls features 11 Oregon waterfalls in hidden canyon near Coast,, Snowy trek to Salt Creek and Diamond falls features stunning views, Oregon’s most spectacular Coast Range trail system reopens, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. The short staircase to the powerful waterfall is dangerous and the small park remains closed following the 2017 Eagle Creek Fire. © 2021 all rights reserved. We have more than our fair share of cascades, hundreds actually, many of which are taller than skyscrapers and last year-round. = uncomfirmed. Neither were impacted, according to officials and maps. Getting There: Drive Highway 126 to the Siuslaw River Bridge in Mapleton (15 miles east of Florence or 46 miles west of Eugene). Found in the same area as Mill Creek Falls, you get a two for one on this trip! Note: The suspension bridge does move somewhat and can make some kids (and adults) nervous. Surrounded by oceanfront walls, this cove encircles a turquoise pool and thin waterfall. From the iconic Multnomah Falls to the popular Silver Falls State Park, there are plenty of awe-inspiring waterfalls to visit within the Beaver State. Located 10 miles north of Sweet Home, the unassuming park is home to four spectacular waterfalls found on an easy, fun, trail home to unique bridges and viewing platforms. This popular loop trail filled with waterfalls is temporarily closed but could reopen in the coming month or two. Map all … Waterfalls are prolific throughout Oregon, and some of the best are hidden away in unlikely places. These two famous waterfalls near Scotts Mills narrowly escaped the burn area of the Beachie Creek Fire. 9 Top Secret Oregon Waterfalls To Visit Before Word Gets Out. About 125 acres did burn in the southwest area of the park, and the impact can be seen from the Catamount Trail, which is popular with mountain bikers. Munson Creek Falls is one of the largest waterfalls on the Oregon coast and easily accessible from the Oregon Coast Highway. There remains some wind-storm damage such as downed trees but overall, it's a chose-your-own-adventure situation. To support his work,subscribe to the Statesman Journal. There is no timetable for reopening the waterfall, according to the Oregon Department of Forestry, and it will likely be a long time before access is restored. National Creek Falls is yet another among the long list of highly photogenic waterfalls in Oregon. Susan Creek Falls is a pretty, but fairly lackluster 35 foot veil along the waterfall-studded Umpqua River corridor. The hike is moderately difficult at 3 miles round-trip, heading downhill on the way in (and uphill on the way out). Explore Oregon Podcast:Ghost wagon, wildfire escape … We've only included snowy waterfalls where there is plowed road access — hence we haven't included Moon, Pinard and Spirit Falls — a trio of popular waterfalls outside Eugene but that will likely see snow and aren't typically plowed. Salt Creek Falls is Oregon’s second-highest waterfall with a drop of 286 feet. Super cold but exhilerating. It’s no secret that Oregon is filled with stunning waterfalls.

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