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I invite you to read the comment section if you’re not convinced! The Bullet features a laminated body, a 21-fret maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and chrome covered tuners. Squier Stratocasters are the quintessential rock 'n' roll guitars. They boast a simple design, yet powerful performances, boosting newcomers' inspiration and resilience. See, it’s rather easy to find good budget amps for electric guitars that can stick with your or your child for years to come; however, your child could ditch your guitar -any guitar- in a matter of months if they find something they dislike, like for example the color or the weight. Model Number: Model Name: Bullet Stratocaster Series: Bullet Body. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. However, people are usually unaware a Squier guitar can have a fatter price tag than a Fender. So, in essence, this is the perfect Stratocaster guitar for beginners, and it’s an ideal choice for people and children learning how to play guitar. Squier Bullet Stratocaster, second version, made in Korea in mid '90s, specs. One of the similarities between Squier Bullet and Affinity is the neck profile. ... Squier Bullet Mustang HH with Laurel Fretboard. Aside from its dirt-cheap cost, this is a user-friendly guitar all across the board. Let’s take a look at the qualities of this ax and see why this is such a good guitar for amateur guitar players and kids. In conclusion, if you’re on a tight budget and are interested in guitar, the Squier Bullet series is something you’d want to check. When it comes to price, Squier Bullet and Affinity are drawing great attention from the guitarists worldwide thanks to its reasonable and affordable price. Moreover, after moving to the intermediate level, you are free to upgrade the guitar for a better experience. Single-coil pickups have a softer, warmer, and classier sound than humbuckers. The switch gives you plenty of versatility and works very smoothly. The Squier three-bolt Stratocaster was based on a 10-year-old design, but it was never conceived of as a "vintage" instrument in the way that the JV series was. Home Stratocaster Les Paul Marshall & Celestion Fuzz Face my gear Stories Blog Shop STRATOCASTER: SPECS AND SERIES. Squier Stratocasters are the quintessential rock 'n' roll guitars. The main tonewood of Squier instruments is basswood, which is a cheap wood. Electric guitar is one of the most favorite musical instruments among music lovers who desire to produce impressive and catchy music pieces on their own. Neck Shape: Neck Material: Maple However, the prices of both are still very affordable. On the downside, basswood is not very sturdy, which means it can scratch, bend, and break if you’re not careful. Instead, you can couple this guitar with a budget overdrive pedal and see amazing results. Buying an expensive guitar in this circumstance can waste a big deal of money. You may think bridges are complete (and this is a quite sensitive bridge), you’ll soon find how easy it is to use. However, because it has three single-coils, I wouldn’t recommend this guitar for genres requiring much distortion like heavy metal. The Squier Bullet strat is a fantastic example of just how far the famous company has managed to stretch their production dollars even with a strict limit on the final value. Although Squier Strat guitars come at a low price, you can turn them into high-end guitars like American Fender ones with only some basic steps. Here, let me give you a video example of how to use a tremolo bridge: Next, the Bullet Strat comes with a die-cast tuner inspired by Fender Stratocaster’s original tuners. Therefore, let’s consider carefully to make a wise decision and have a whale of a time enjoying your music. This HSS configuration can give you a little bit more versatility and a bit more power necessary for grittier genres. Despite being reactivated by Fender, Squier guitars are by no means Fender ones. And still, they can carry a great looking guitar to the stage. As for control knobs, it has two Tone knobs (for the middle and neck pickups) plus a master volume knob. 5 stars (10) 4 stars (0) 3 stars (0) 2 stars (0) 1 star (0) £109.00. However, depending on your budget and playing purposes, it is up to you to choose the most suitable one! The Squier Strat guitars are classified into different categories based on various criteria, including fingerboard wood, tremolo bar appearance, pickup types, and so on. Its shortlist of limitations won’t be even important for a beginner guitar player, much less for children. Squier Bullet Stratocaster - Model #2 (Mid 1994-12/1994) KOREA - Bullet Series. The most effective way to make your Strat sound better is to upgrade your pickups. What’s important to them is how it looks, how easy they are to play, and how much the guitar weighs on their shoulders. I also commend this as a good choice to begin your musical journey. With this neck profile, you can also experience a vinyl feeling of the 17th century. Some of these links are affiliate links meaning we may earn commissions on purchases. this guitar is made from basswood, making the guitar lightweight enough for guitarists to practice for hours without agony, yet heavy and strong enough to make a powerful tone and withstand the wear and tear. Affinity Series™ Stratocaster®, Laurel Fingerboard, Black. Model. As its name suggests, instead of having three single-coil pickups, it has a humbucker bridge pickup plus single-coil neck and middle pickups. Personally, I find their guitars better alternatives than their basses simply because it’s hard to keep fat low-end frequencies on budget basses. This material keeps warm tones on the low-end frequency. ArtistWorks Review – Premium Online Guitar Lessons, Yamaha APX500III Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review, MXL 990 Review – Affordable Condenser Microphone. It might be hard to tune the Bullet Strat for the first time, especially if you’re a beginner guitar player. The Squier Strat guitars are classified into different categories based on various criteria, including fingerboard wood, tremolo bar appearance, pickup types, and so on. With its beautiful intonation, smooth sound, and durable construction, the guitar comes at a very low price you can imagine. Also, it makes it best for rockers or beginner musicians looking to play rock genres. Designed for players seeking an affordable, stylish and versatile instrument, the Bullet® Stratocaster® HT HSS sports the classic looks and tone that made the Strat® one of the most popular guitars … Both the tuners and the tremolo bridge comes in chrome and performs very well, so the hardware is definitely a plus. In the end, I could say Squier guitars and basses are “licensed copy” of Fender instruments. The Stratocaster headstocks say "Bullet® Strat®," while the Mustang headstocks simply have an all-black version of the Squier Mustang logo used on the more-expensive Vintage Modified instruments. Squier Bullet Strat HT - Brown Sunburst with Indian Laurel Fingerboard . So that means it has a good enough tone to play live and, if you have the money and the guts, it’s cheap enough to destroy on the stage and impress the fans. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Squier Bullet strat is a fantastic example of just how far the famous com… Squier’s Bullet series is the cheapest lineup of both Fender and Squier. By 1982, Fender rebranded Squier as started using the subsidiary as a way to produce low-cost guitars and basses following the same Fender designs. Thus it is easier for you to hold and practice with them. So they more akin to the high-end Fender counterparts. Fender acquired the Squier brand in 1965. Model Number: Model Name: Bullet Stratocaster Series: Bullet Body. Some sound purists say it might affect negatively the clarity of mid and high-end tones, but I believe tonewoods don’t actually alter the tone as much as we think. Next day delivery. © 2020 AdvisorMusic , All Rights Reserved. However, if you are still green and inexperienced in modifying a guitar, it is best to find help and advice from professionals or the music stores. Comes with better quality pickups and components, Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Hard Tail - Black Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Picks, and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, Squier by Fender Affinity Series Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Laurel Fingerboard - Slick Silver, Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster - Competition Orange Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Picks, and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, https://www.wikihow.com/Play-Beginner%27s-Electric-Guitar, https://www.fender.com/articles/how-to/for-those-about-to-rock-10-beginner-faqs, https://www.fender.com/articles/gear/squier-stratocaster-buying-guide-breaking-down-key-single-coil-models, Maple neck with "C"-shaped profile and 21-fret Indian Laurel fingerboard, Single-coil Stratocaster neck and middle pickups, humbucking bridge pickup, Maple neck with "C"-shaped profile and "large" headstock. Compare 5 from $145. "Made in Korea" and "Crafted in Korea" CN - … Encompassing a number of ultra-affordable instruments based on Fender’s most iconic designs, the best-selling Bullet series is a great destination for finding your first guitar. Even so, as technology and circuitry has advanced so much in recent years, quality dips on the Squier guitars have become more and more unnoticeable. Choosing a suitable electric guitar seems a challenging task, as we need to take each part of the guitar into serious account. Squier Bullet and Affinity are designed to meet the demand of the beginners and fit their playing skills. Among the three, Squier Affinity Strat vs Bullet Strat are favorites among beginners and low-budget customers. Advisormusic.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This is a short-scale guitar (24’’), it has 1’’ length in size than the Start. Learn more about Fender electric basses. or Best Offer. What you’ll love, though, is how comfortable it feels when you play it, and while it doesn’t have the cleanest tone or the highest range, it works really well. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Neck Shape: Neck Material: Maple Beginner guitarists usually can’t tell the difference between tonewood tones, and neither can most people. In the past, the main differences between the two brands involved in the guitars' quality and price. Brand New. Keep in mind Squier by Fender has 7 different lineups, one of which is the Vintage Modified series. While it is without a shade of doubt that Squier guitars are best suited for newcomers and guitarists on a tight budget, they have also been widely welcomed and chosen by various professional guitarists and musicians. However, advances in technology have made the distinction between budget and pro guitars blurry. Learn more about Fender electric basses. Even so, I also commend this guitar for parents not knowing if their children will stick with this guitar or not. While the bridge option of Squier Bullet is the Vintage-Style Hardtail Bridge, the Affinity is Vintage-Style Tremolo. Overall, the sound is fatter and warmer. The Squier Bullet Strat uses basswood, a low-cost alternative to Alder, Maple or other often-used guitar woods. The price is definitely hard to beat for everything it offers; The bundle includes almost anything you need to start playing; It has a good tone quality and fair-enough versatility; It stays in tune for long periods if you don’t let it fall; The body won’t produce any issues or tension on your shoulders when you play for long periods of time; It features the classic and timeless Stratocaster design. Fender debuted these instruments right after the Telecaster model. The guitar's weight can directly influence your performance; therefore, check it carefully before purchasing one by looking through its material, shape, and size. Squier Stratocaster Guitars The Fender Stratocaster is the world’s most renowned electric guitar design. It’s probably the best guitar for kids at this price range. Regarded as two of the most favorite musical equipment among both amateur and professional musicians, Squier Bullet vs Affinity is sure to never let you down with their beautiful features mentioned above. While it is as easy as pie to upgrade an electric guitar, you must consider it carefully to make the best decision. I can say the Bullet Strat has a great value that won’t require you to spend your savings. Bullet Series - Electric Guitars Squier Bullet Series. Free returns. Whereas the sound is nice and round, these single coils are sensitive to buzz noises while you play, which might irritate some players. They also have some featuring superior electronics. Squier by Fender Affinity Series Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Laurel Fingerboard - Surf Green Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster Beginner Hard Tail Electric Guitar - HSS - Brown Sunburst Squier by Fender 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right Handed, Butterscotch Blonde (310203550) This guitar comes with a synced tremolo bridge, which is synonymous to durable, quality bridges you can really have fun with. However, the lines are also blurred in this category. Where the basic version has three single-coil pickups like the original Strat, this model ups the ante by … Also, it has a C-shaped neck, small frets, and light strings. Age: 50 Messages: 706. Solidbody Electric Guitar with Basswood Body, Maple Neck, Indian Laurel Fingerboard, 3 Single-coil Pickups, and Hardtail Bridge - Brown Sunburst. We may link to products if we deem helpful to the reader. There is no doubt that Bullet and Affinity have several features in common, as they are made from the same Squier by Fender brand. It is one of the most popular brands over the years, making Squier guitars well-known worldwide. However, as beginners won’t be really using this, the tremolo won’t be much of a concern. Fender created this guitar when they realized there was a need for budget-friendly Stratocasters for beginners. Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster Beginner Hard Tail Electric Guitar - HSS - Brown Sunburst, Squier by Fender Affinity Series Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar - Laurel Fingerboard - Montego Black Metallic. Cashback. In order not to exclude the needs of families or even individuals with tighter budgets, Fender offers guitars in the Squier range, where instruments are made with slightly less high-end parts or specs in order to offer a lower total price. Sort by Squier Bullet Strat Arctic White. The three most popular guitars on the Squier Strat line are Affinity, Bullet, and Contemporary, each showing unique features and meeting users' varied demands. The second major difference between Fender and Squier is the tonewoods. The HSS pickup also gives this guitar a more balanced sound. Shooting Star. They are cheaper and, if you look right, you can find some that perform just like a Fender guitar. In fact, I consider this as the quintessential guitar for beginners. Its dimensions are  44.3 inches long, 15 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and it weighs 9.1 pounds. Here’s a video showcasing the tone of the guitar: If you’re planning to gift this guitar to your kids and worry about the control, don’t worry. It comes at the lowest price but is designed as a no thrill entry-level guitar. It’s lightweight and comfortable because, as a medium-scale guitar, it’s small and manageable. Literally, Squier is owned by Fender and has become a lower-priced version of Fender guitars. However, the answer is right in our comparison between Squier Bullet vs Affinity now! These days, Squier and Fender guitars have the same quality and price; therefore, distinguishing between them is of no importance. Start Your Musical Journey. Squier Bullet By Fender Stratocaster HSS Sunburst. New Listing Squier By Fender Bullet Strat With Tremolo Black Squire Stratocaster. If you’re an experienced guitar player on a budget, you might want to check our prior top 10 best budget electric guitars. We bet that you have seen Squier by Fender guitars several times, so what are Squier and Fender brands, and how are they different from each other? On the downside, the pickups are definitely not the best. There are six separate saddles, straightforward to adjust or replace. There’s an additional Stratocaster you may find on the market: The Squier Bullet Stratocaster HT HSS is also an affordable and versatile instrument of the Bullet series, as the Bullet series is designed for amateur guitar players on a budget. I’m sharing an Amazon bundle that ships with a travel bag, a guitar lesson DVD, a set of guitar picks, and a tuner that can help you tune the strings on your own for the first time. No matter how long you have taken up guitar, it is still puzzling to distinguish Squier and Fender. As you’ve seen, the Squier Bullet Stratocaster gives you a great bargain for its playability, appearance, and sound. Although both two are suitable for beginners and amateurs who want to upgrade their guitar skills, the Bullet would be more appropriate if this is your first time owning an electric guitar. And this is the case of Squier Affinity vs Bullet, two popular electric guitars nowadays. In terms of budget, this electric guitar is sure to be worth your money! It’s quite rare to find guitars with similar prices that feature such great tones and qualities as the Squier alternatives. Because they will recognize it, and because its stylish looks, it’s an instantly attractive guitar for children that can also feel very comfortable on small hands. As you flip the switch, you select which pickups are turned on and off like this: The sound of the pickups is very responsive and provides plenty of definitions for your chords and clean tones; plus a crisp, rich tone during distortion.

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