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Spirea, (genus Spiraea), genus of nearly 100 species of flowering shrubs in the rose family (Rosaceae). Plant it where it gets full sun in decent soil. Q. Like all of the Double Play ® spirea series, the show begins in early spring, when the foliage emerges in blazing brilliant color - in this case, deep red. Does Spirea Lose Its Leaves In Winter - Want to find a flowering bush to plant that will not lose its foliage. Prune summer-blooming spirea bushes during the winter or in the spring. Upon close inspection, however, one can see that tiny new leaves are actually trying to push through. The plant is hardy to -30 F. Create a Landscape Celebration With Bridal Wreath Spirea. But it’s a common complaint that these small shrubs start to look ugly after a season or two. Snowmound Spirea is easy to maintain. 25 26 27. Since the new growth continues to emerge bright orange all season, it creates a dazzling mix of cheerful red, orange and golden colors. Growing Astilbe – False Spirea Plant- How to Grow and Care for Astilbe Try growing astilbe for beautiful, showy flowers that do well in a shady garden bed. 8. You may notice symptoms as the damage is occurring, but often the burn damage looks even worse later, as temperatures rise in early spring. 36-48" x 48" wide. 4. Simply wait for spring and you can easily tell whether the arborvitae is alive. Double Play Artisan Spirea grows to about 30 inches tall and wide while maintaining a pretty mounded form. Flowers change from deep pink to pale pink with time and look so aesthetic, not only the flowers, but the foliage is also notable with serrated edges. It’s best not to make any rapid decisions about whether or not you can save the tree. What does Alaska look like in the winter? Bright red berries enhance its look in fall and winter. Every week during the summer be sure to thoroughly water this shrub (unless it rains steadily for several days, then you can skip a week). Asked by Wiki User. Water regularly until the plant is established. And as summer comes on, the show doesn't stop: it just keeps flowering, and flowering, and flowering. Top prune the plant to improve the shape and reduce its size but, be careful not to remove more than 30% of the top growth. Plants can be aggressive self-seeders, and have escaped gardens and naturalized in many areas of the eastern U.S. Plants will also spread in the garden by suckering. So my spireas are not actually dead yet. Spiraea is deciduous and it looks very different in the winter compared to summer, as shown in the image below. 2011-11-09 04:45:56 2011-11-09 04:45:56 . Check out a few shrubs and groundcovers that are guaranteed to add a special something to your landscape in the dreary winter months! It blooms in fall, winter, or spring, depending on the climate. How to Care for Spirea Bushes. Spirea bushes are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 to 8. If you live in USDA zones 1 to 3, which includes Alaska and International Falls, Minnesota, the cold harsh winter can kill the bush. Plus they're easy-to-grow plants that are hardy in most regions of the country. You can do a light pruning again after flowers are done if you like. Once planted, the care of spirea requires a minimal time investment. Are Gold Flame Spirea Plants Invasive? If the shrub does need pruning, take out the old shoots from the base and trim back the younger stems to required size. In early autumn, the plants come into bloom, producing many dramatic plumes composed of tiny, white flowers. Mulch for winter protection if you wish to grow them in zones 4 or 5, just to be on the safe side. Position your spirea in an area with well-drained soil, as they do not like wet feet. Following the tips and instructions below will have you growing them like the pros. See more ideas about spirea shrub, spirea, shrubs. Wiki User Answered . ), or where you just want something with loads of color that’s not dependent on flowers. If you would like to keep your Spirea compact and tidy looking, prune once yearly, just after blooming ends. Spirea White – Pruning, Winter Care and Fertilizing Spirea White, includes Bridal Wreath, Snow White, Snowmound, Fairy Queen and Thor Birchleaf. Top Answer. However, generally speaking, spirea tolerate pruning well and it's unlikely that the plants would turn black as a consequence. If you do decide to prune Spiraea, it is best to prune after flowering in late summer. Adding mulch around the plant will help retain moisture and regular summer watering will promote healthy blooms and growth. Young feathery leaves, colored in lime green with the red, pink, orange and golden tips appear when winter ends. Thorny by nature and dense by habit, barberries make excellent hedges in spots where you would like to restrict foot traffic, discourage wild animals from entering (or pets from exiting!

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