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​A good reel needs to be serviced regularly and always make sure that you keep your reel free from grit or sand. For smaller rivers and streams a 6' rod is more than enough and it will make it easier to move around especially if there are a lot of trees on the river bank. That's it ... refer to the picture above, "Trout Fishing Rig #4," to see the completed rig. On larger rivers you may need a longer rod. How to Tie the Trout Rig. It is also very prone to wind knots. ​Regardless of whether you choose mono or fluorocarbon line in the 2 to 6 lbs range will be best for small stream trout although on really large rivers you may need to go as high as 8lbs. Rod length will depend on how big a river you are fishing. Best Trout Fishing Rigs You Can Get To Know. Hooks – Depending on the size trout you are fishing you may use a size 4 to 12 hook for this setup. ​The best trout rods will be roughly 6 to 7 feet in length with an ultralight power rating and a fast action. Monofilament is the line of choice when using such small small tackle. Bait can be anything from nightcrawlers to Powerbait or even sweetcorn. The most popular fish targeted by shore fishermen are Kamloops rainbow trout (also called “loopers”), steelhead, and Coho salmon. Tackle for trout fishing. We advise beginners to go for pre-rigged lines. You can reliably land fish up to roughly 10 lbs in weight on this kind of tackle but you'll end up having to give them a lot of line before they tire which isn't ideal. It is available in both clamp-mount or bracket-mount versions. This rods are built to run best with light lines in the 2 to 8 lbs breaking strain range. Fishing for lake trout up north is a different ballgame, as the preferred “cold water” temperature for the lake trout is actually what we call “warm water”, so the fish are at the top of the water column. You can toss on a bobber if you want but it’s not needed. Limit the time fish are out of water to less than 30 seconds. The kind of rod should be a spinning rod as they perform better in terms of casting when compared to a baitcasting setup. Nestled in the northern region of Manitoba is a body of water hailed for its multi-species trophy fishery: Lake Athapapuskow. One of the most common mistakes to to leave your rod on the ground with the reel in the dirt. Look for a 6'6" rod as this gives you a bot more versatility than something as short as 5'6". It’s adjacent to the Saskat… Therefore, it is a perfect time right now, to go and fish for these monsters. The Best Lake Trout Lures: Lake Trout Fishing 101. The best trout fishing setups will generally use monfilament as their go to line of choice. The six-pound test is medium-strong. Your recipe to a fun day on the dock: live bait, a hook, split shot sinker, and a bobber. ​This bedding in can result in poor casting performance and occasionally in a snapped line. Native lake trout are remarkable fish and should be treated with care. When trout plunges to the lake’s bottoms to look for the colder waters during warm days, a sinking bait rig is a ticket. A rod and reel, and a small selection of lures, bait hooks, bobbers and artificial bait is enough to go fishing just about anywhere you might find trout. For a beginner the huge amount of rod choices is often the most confusing as there are so many different configurations of rod power, action and length. Many trout streams have clear water, so you should choose a line that is not easily visible to the trout. Having such lightweight gear meant the bend in the rod was incredible. Over many years of shore fishing, I have learned that simple is better. A fast action has a much softer tip which gives a lot more feedback from the lure or hook and it also allows you to set the hook quicker. The Scotty Lake Troller is a small light-weight down-rigger model designed for use on smaller craft. Rod: 10-12 weight if targeting large lake trout and 8-9 weight for average sized lake trout Tie two 3-foot pieces of line to your three-way swivel. Copyright text 2019 by Lake Ontario Outdoors. These smaller reels are designed to use light lines and have a small drag setting on them that is suitable for trout fishing. Smaller waters definitely require a shorter rod. Of all of your trout fishing gear and tackle make sure to regularly inspect your line so that there is no defects or abrasion marks on it. In this post, I’m going to be showing you the best Powerbait rig/setup for trout fishing. A size #8 or #10 single hook is best when fishing for small trout. There are also good opportunities to catch steelhead, lake trout, pink salmon, lake whitefish and coaster brook trout! Another important aspect when targeting lake trout is ensuring that you are properly setup up with the right fishing tackle and equipment for your body of water and fishing technique. ​Both brown and rainbow trout will be most commonly caught in small rivers, streams and even in stocked lakes or small mountain lakes that have feeder streams where trout can spawn. Temperatures might be low, but the fish are hungry after the exhausting spawning time. That means fluorocarbon or monofilament fishing line, no heavier than 4- to 6-pound test. ​Braid is not that usable in really small weights as it is so thin that it can bed down into the previous layers of line on your spool. Then measure 12-18 inches from the hook and attach the 3/0 split shot. Lighter rods have much more feedback and pairing a heavy rod with light line would be a disaster as the rod would not allow you to feel what was going on with your lighter terminal tackle.

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