One game a week, that’s my limit. On Sunday’s, I veg out for 3 hours and watch one football game. During those three hours I can admit that I’m completely unproductive. Funny thing is, the commercials in between game plays are geared toward couch potatoes who apparently like to pretend they have an active lifestyle.

Case in point: The new PS4 Sony play station campaign, “The Perfect Day.” 

“The Perfect Day” presents two men playing Ps4 and acting out their video game characters as they drive sports cars, take on zombies, and run through a destroyed Las Vegas with machine guns. Here’s a snapshot from one scene of the TV spot:

The "Perfect Day" Ps4
The “Perfect Day” Ps4

Apparently everyone wants to be a hero, albeit from their couch. The reality is probably closer to two grown men spending an afternoon guzzling soda, eating Flaming Hot Cheetos  while camping out in their mom’s basement. And there’s no smokin’ hot Megan Fox playing on the other end.

What the gamers are really doing.
What the gamers are really doing.

I’m sure there are plenty of football fans out there that actually have an active lifestyle, perhaps they play sports or stay in shape and maybe football is the only television they watch. But, considering how frequently the PS4 commercials play during the game, I’ll go out on a limb and speculate there are many more couch potatoes out there than athletes.

So let’s remember the real heroes today on Veteran’s Day and remember that playing a “hero” in a video game doesn’t count.


  1. I love video games, but I can’t play anymore. I just don’t have time. Maybe when I’m 70, I’ll be able to get back in it again.

  2. krantcents Reply

    Commercials and advertising has become much more targeted to the audience.

  3. SuburbanFinance Reply

    I’m neither a video game nor a football fan, but my brother loves video games and is always playing them. I don’t know if it’s because he wants to be a hero or its mindless fun.

  4. You know, even though I’m a huge football fan, I limit my time to a game a week. Even then, I’m multitasking. Zero time for any video games, not for me at this age!

    • @Tie the Money Knot -I never got into video games so it’s hard for me to relate, but the students I work with – that’s their life! It’s hard for them to come up with a creative idea, in writing for example, that doesn’t have to do with a video game. That’s when you know they’re over doing it. 😉

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