With my lease renewal just around the corner, I’m reminded that I haven’t yet acquired my goal of home ownership. Now, this isn’t a bad thing as I’m not quite sure where I want to live within the next 3 years. I’d rather rent one more year (or two or three) than purchase a house and have no other choice than to stay put. Renting gives me a few options: 1. I can move to where the jobs are and 2. I can move someplace a little cheaper. Notice though that the word ‘move’ is inserted into both choices.

I personally don’t like moving. It requires a lot of planning, organization, and heavy lifting even if I do hire movers to help. The last time we moved, it took two large U-Haul trucks and three guys. Thankfully, Mr. LH and I have sorted through our personal items and sold a lot of things we no longer use or need. That limits the amount of storage we need. It also means that the next big move should be easier.

Since I’m anticipating a move in the next two to three years, and one in which the distance might be greater than anything in the past, moving pods might be the easiest way to relocate. Basically, I’d fill up large containers with my boxes and let a moving truck come and pick them up at my convenience. Once they’ve been moved to my new home, I can unpack them on my own time and schedule a pick up when I’m finished. It takes the rush out of moving and gives me a little extra storage while I resort through my belongings.

Believe me, the idea of moving isn’t fun, which is why I’m staying put a couple ofย  more years. But, home ownership is still a goal I will accomplish in the near future, which means a move is inevitable. Any tips to help alleviate the stress of moving are always welcome.

What tips would you suggest?