Servicing anything around your house maybe a lot easier than servicing something as big as a swimming pool, unless it’s a small hot tub, then it may not be as tiresome, although any body of water that is around the house should be maintained on a regular basis. The best thing to do is to hire a professional company to do a once-off proper maintenance of your swimming pool or hot tubs, and then keep maintaining it yourself until their next visit a year down the line.

It’s never a good idea to leave a pool or any other form of stagnant water unattended. We are talking about things like leaving dirty water in the pool or mold and fungi around the edges, or a broken pump. These can all get a lot worse and lead to health hazards for you and your family, and especially if you have children you need to be extra careful.

First and Fore-Most

When getting your feature serviced, it is always vital to look for a reputable and well-established Pool Service company that can handle everything from fixing broken equipment to cleaning everything from top to bottom.

It’s no joke letting other people handle your prized possessions and a swimming pool is just the same. They cost a lot of money and you want to make sure no one ruins it. Some of the things to look out for when choosing a company are:

  • They have Guaranteed Workmanship
  • They are a fully- licensed company
  • They are a fully insured company
  • Their costs are all discussed upfront and there are no hidden costs or fine print
  • They are known for their customer service i.e. excellent customer service
  • It is always good to find a local operation preferably owned by a local business owner

Which Service Do You Need?

Secondly, it is advisable to know exactly what you need for it. If the water has become murky and needs to be cleaned, hire someone to do this for you. Perhaps it has started to bubble and you need someone to take a look at that for you. If, however you don’t know, then give the services a call and arrange an initial consultation.

Professionals can tell you just by looking at the surface and inside, what is wrong with it and what needs to be fixed. So, knowing this first-hand before singing on the dotted line, is a good idea and will save you a lot of unnecessary expenses. If the pump is not broken, you don’t need to get a new one.

pool maintenance

Usual Things You Need to Get Check

There are several types of services that pool companies offer. Knowing which one you need, as mentioned previously, is vital. Below is a list of a few of the common issues one would have with communal water areas like this.

Water Balance: Not many people know this but maintaining a good PH Level of your pools water is an important element that comes with the satisfaction of having a recreational area like a swimming pool. Three elements that need to be checked are pH, alkalinity and Calcium, which makes the water hard or soft. The pH needs to be over 7.3 and below 7.7.

Chlorine is another chemical used in them to treat the water, however a lot of people opt-out of this and try a better solution such as minerals such as silver or copper and biguanide or bromine instead. Find out more about these various options here.

Energy Efficiency: A very important thing to keep in mind, is the energy efficiency of your area. A lucrative option here would be a Solar Pool, which is also starting to trend a lot more in the past few decades due to environmental awareness issues world-wide. So, if you want to join the club and feel better about helping to save the environment, go this route. This does however depend on where you live. If your living in a country like the UK where summers are short, you may not want to opt for this, seeing as you will be solely relying on the services of the sun.

You could add a back up option of an internal heater if budget allows it.

Treatment or Maintenance: When you get yourself one, don’t forget, we also have various animals and insects that would like a piece of that pie… they too want to lounge in your pool or drink the water, and so its inevitable that you will find bugs, leaves, mud, backswimmer bugs, frogs and birds frequenting the area.

In treating your water so that it is unpleasant to all of the above elements, you will rid them of hoarding up the water and keep it clean. Sometimes the water will need a ‘shock-treatment’ using calcium hypochlorite treatment.

Above are just a few things to keep in mind when getting your hot tubs examined. Point to take home is to know what you want and hire a professional to get it done efficiently so the time in between services is not as frequent.

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